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Bint Waseem Mughal
Bint Waseem Mughal
Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Arab Pak Sch Abu Dhabi
Echoes Of Time
Published On Mar 19th 2011
Total Comments : 20
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Happiness is scarce
love is sparse
values shattered
morals scattered
No one cares
no one spares
for those in need
blinded by greed
Everyone fights
for their own rights
envy and hatred prevail
mercy is an old tale
friends are fame
relations, a name
the end is near
for which no one has fear
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Comments 20
deco Beautifully penned down , I like it. Deco
Jul 16th 2015
Gullasht AOA hi bint don't accept my friend request becuz when i saw ur name i know you a boy so don't make me friend o.k Gullasht
Apr 17th 2013
Bint waseem Am f9 bint little bit busy.....h r u???? n thnx ameera!! Bint Waseem
Mar 27th 2013
Disenchanted. Happy Independence day! Disenchanted.
Dec 2nd 2012
Saba Asslamaolikum ! zuha how ru? hws urgoing on? Saba
Dec 2nd 2012
Bint waseem Thnx parihan n raniah! Bint Waseem
Sep 4th 2012
Parihan Awsome Parihan
Sep 1st 2012
Raniah Nice :) Raniah
Sep 1st 2012
Bint waseem I am here only....was busy in eid... Bint Waseem
Aug 22nd 2012
Saba Where are u ///? now adays ? u even dont rply :( Saba
Aug 22nd 2012
Bint waseem Thnx bint!!! Bint Waseem
Aug 21st 2012
Saba Wah Wah......superb Saba
Aug 12th 2012
Bint waseem Thanx simra!!! Bint Waseem
Mar 26th 2012
Simra Great work!!!!!!!!!! Simra
Mar 24th 2012
Bint waseem Thanx AYESHA! Bint Waseem
Mar 25th 2011
Ayesha Farhan Wow.....Bint Waseem, u really hav d talent 4 writing gud poems! Ayesha Farhan
Mar 23rd 2011
rOcKiNgUrL mInA Very nyc all ur peoms are superb!!!! Rockingurl Mina
Mar 20th 2011
Bint waseem Thanks aleena 4 commenting........ Bint Waseem
Mar 19th 2011
lily Hi aleena...plz comment on haunted house poem... Lily
Mar 19th 2011
Aleena Gud.......... Aleena
Mar 19th 2011

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