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Sidra Abdul Rauf
Sidra Abdul Rauf
Pakistan International School
The Hold-up
Published On Sep 11th 2013
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It was Tuesday, just like any other normal night at work. This was my part-time job in KFC.I had worked here for around two years at this stage. The night passed quickly; it was busy during tea-time and then it gradually began to die down towards the end of the night.
I closed up at 11 pm that night and put the money in the safe. I went to take the rubbish out through the back door. As I extended my hand to open the door, someone from the other side pulled it open and shouted, "Hands where I can see them!"I immediately dropped the rubbish bags and put my hands in the air. There were four men, all wearing the same clothes: black boots, green coats and dark-brown masks. All of them had guns. A guy carried a sack. He threw it at my feet and said "Quick, fill it up, and don’t try to be clever. "It was stern, so I quickly grabbed the sack with my heart crawling into my throat. I caught a glimpse of a black car standing outside in the dark and started walking inside. Three of the men followed me while one stayed at the door."He's on guard" I assumed.
"Is there anyone else here?"One of the men asked me."No, I'm here alone. I was supposed to lock-up the restaurant tonight. I said in a small voice, feeling sorry for myself. And then, as if on cue, I heard the gatekeeper's voice" Did you leave yet?" and then 'Burglars!!! I heard some gun shots. The three men tensed and told me to hurry up. I went up to the safe and mentally slapped myself for forgetting the gatekeeper was there. I could've called for help. But, now it was too late to think about that. I had to take what was coming to me though I hoped the gatekeeper was alright.
"Boom" "Shoot" "Thwack". I heard a lot of gun shots. And then "Hands up and freeze". The sound of crunching wood and then I saw them. The police. I swear, I have never ever been so happy to see the police. The police cuffed the robbers up and took them away in their police car. I saw some other police men put the other man into a second car. I saw an ambulance. And then a stretcher on which the guard was lying "He's gonna be Ok" The guy said; well my zombie look gave it away. I gave a nod and left the place, to a milkshake shop. The one that sold the best milkshakes in town. Because, you see, no matter how messed up my life is, how scared I am, I still have my appetite.
Cheers to the milkshake!
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Comments 30
Jul 24th 2014
Arooba What like you best in one direction sidra? Arooba
Mar 14th 2014
Sidra Yeah sure, why not? Sidra
Dec 19th 2013
mahnoor The best story ever will you be my friend I also love one direction!!!!!!!!!! Mahnoor
Dec 19th 2013
Sidra Thank you :D Sidra
Oct 26th 2013
Arooba Very good Arooba
Oct 24th 2013
Sidra :) Sidra
Oct 20th 2013
HAFSA Khadijah youre right. Hafsa
Oct 16th 2013
aliya Np Aliya
Oct 8th 2013
Sidra Thankssss Sidra
Sep 24th 2013
aliya Awesome, speechlessssss!!!! Aliya
Sep 23rd 2013
aliya Awesome, speechlessssss!!!! Aliya
Sep 23rd 2013
Sidra Awwwww thanks Sidra
Sep 22nd 2013
 яυмαιsα AWSUM StORY...AND THE ENDING WUZ COOL........;)!! яυмαιsα
Sep 20th 2013
eesha Great...really amazing story...Cheers!!! Eesha
Sep 20th 2013
Sidra Thanks :D Sidra
Sep 20th 2013
Usman Awesome!!! Usman
Sep 19th 2013
Fatima Love It <3...........thnx to share. Fatima
Sep 19th 2013
Ibrahim Nice story Ibrahim
Sep 19th 2013
Sidra Thank u all :) Sidra
Sep 18th 2013
rehan Nice one Rehan
Sep 18th 2013
Ajwa I like it...(kinda) Ajwa
Sep 16th 2013
Rafia Welcome :)))) Rafia
Sep 15th 2013
Irum Awesome! Irum
Sep 14th 2013
Ibrahim ╦ôNICE STORYô╤ Ibrahim
Sep 13th 2013
Sidra Thank you :) Sidra
Sep 13th 2013
Anam Really nice Anam
Sep 13th 2013
Aisha Nice one..... Aisha
Sep 13th 2013
Khadijah Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww Khadijah
Sep 12th 2013
Rafia Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww ...........tahtz really really well written :):) Rafia
Sep 12th 2013

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