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Directioner Forever Assawer T.
Directioner Forever Assawer T.
O-levels(10th)- Al-maarefah International School Jazan
V Shine
Published On Sep 25th 2013
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Dear V SHINE & all my friends here,
Just signed in here to say a massive thank you to all of you, You've really helped me through a lot. I used to come on here like daily or whenever I was depressed and reading all the comments and talking to all the friends I’ve made here made me feel better. I forgot every problem then. Coming on here used to put a smile on my face and it still does. Even if I don't come on here as much as I used to, I'll always remember Vshine. Vshine feels like home since Vshine is the first place where I wrote something for the first time. Vshine actually gave me the courage to write what I really felt like..
And also I'd like to thank Urooj, Mustajab & Ayesha for being the best of friends on here even if we don't talk much now. And you guys if you're reading this I just want to thank you guys and tell you that I love you with all my heart cz you’ve been the best of friends. I really wish the best for you and your future. May you all be successful in every aspect of your life. May Allah shower his blessings upon you, ameen.
 I saw it coming all along though. I guess it’s true honestly that people do move on with their lives but you never actually forget your roots.
And to all those people who read, appreciated & liked my writings on here Thank YOU... You guys really did a lot. I can't even think of any words to thank you guys. And I know whatever I say won't even be enough but still THANK YOU.. This really means A LOT TO ME..
(TO V SHINE ADMIN:::: It would really mean a lot to me if you published this cz this is the only way I can thank everyone)..
-Assawer Xx
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Comments 7
sofia Awwww thx=ank u Sofia
Feb 8th 2014
HAFSA Everyone are you are right and we also love are right kay vshine is are home. Hafsa
Jan 22nd 2014
Salwa YEAH..! I also wanna thank firstly VSHINE then all my new friends whoever appreciated me and liked my poor poems..:) I know that was not as good as you people liked those but I like the way you always make my mind up for doing or achieving something great..thanks again.. Salwa
Oct 20th 2013
Directioner Forever Love u guys.. thank you Directioner Forever
Oct 2nd 2013
Urooj Awww thankss buddy:))) i do have the same feelings 4 u too and ofcoarse vshine izz our home:) Urooj
Sep 27th 2013
Maryam I agree wid u cuz all people in v shine are great. I know my English is very bad. i always get lowest marks of my result in english. they never said about my poor English and they always appreciate me. Maryam
Sep 26th 2013
Aisha Thank you soooo very much Assawer....It's really nice of you to love us all...We also have the same feeling as you have for vshine and everyone else here...and you too..... Aisha
Sep 26th 2013

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