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Nimra Sohail
Nimra Sohail
Aga Khan Karimabad
A Rainy Day
Published On Sep 25th 2013
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It was raining and the gardener was giving water to the plants of the houses, suddenly the owner of the house came out to enjoy rain, when he sees that the gardener was giving water to the plants so he went to talk to him. He said to the gardener that why are you giving water to the plants? The gardener said so said to give water to the plants everyday so I am giving. The owner said that it s raining so the plants will get water by themselves, The gardener said that I will give plants water because I am handling an umbrella.  
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Comments 15
nazish Raveeha it would b better if u dnt interrupt in ma matter n btw our argument is end n now we r it? Nazish
Dec 26th 2013
raveeha Nazish,Munakshay is right,if you didn't like the joke than you should not call people names and by the way Nimra the joke is very good. Raveeha
Dec 24th 2013
nazish Hey u munkashay just mind your own business i will do whatever i wanna do and this was nt a joke at all n next tym never interrupt in my matter.understand? Nazish
Oct 28th 2013
Munkashay Nazish you are so rude I remember u wrote 'Its copied' on Haiqa's joke. Why don't u appreciate someone instead of Calling them names???? Munkashay
Oct 26th 2013
nazish So bad joke just like da writer.stupid joke and stupid writer. Nazish
Oct 23rd 2013
nazish There is no need 2 laugh at this joke.foolish and very bad joke i just hate it ewwwwwwwwwwwww. Nazish
Oct 18th 2013
HAFSA Dont boastttt;))ayesha Hafsa
Oct 8th 2013
eesha ???????didnt get it :(((((((((( Eesha
Oct 5th 2013
Laibah Sorry ayesha!!! Laibah
Sep 30th 2013
Maarij Maqsood GOOD Maarij Maqsood
Sep 29th 2013
Laibah Hahah and ayesha ur the 3rd one!!!! Laibah
Sep 28th 2013
Hamzah Hmmm! Whats so fumny in that Hamzah
Sep 26th 2013
Gul Noor Hhhmmmmmm.......... Gul Noor
Sep 26th 2013
Zainab Ok its fine Zainab
Sep 26th 2013
Irum GGGrrr888. 1st one to comment .. yYeahhhhhhhhhhh Irum
Sep 26th 2013

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