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Souson Fahim
Souson Fahim
Hala International School
Always Listen To Your Mother
Published On Sep 25th 2013
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Once there was a girl named Sara. She was not polite to anyone .She always misbehaved with her teachers and classmates. She was a very bad girl.  She never read her prayers and Quran daily. Sara's mother was a very sweet, kind and polite lady. So one day when her mother became tired of her rude way she started explaining her that if she kept on going on this way nobody will like her ,neither talk to her and say you are a bad girl, but she did not listen and went away sulkily saying I am a good girl .Her only problem was that she did not realize her mistakes .The next day when she woke up and sat for breakfast , her mother was very angry and did not gave her breakfast so she did not mind and she too went angrily to school angrily(this was odd as her mother was never angry and took good care of her food). At school her teacher and classmates were nice were polite and nice but today they were too misbehaving with her and scolding her and talking impolitely to her. Now she was sad and started crying so she went home and realized about everything she did to everyone , everyone were doing to her and then went to sleep. After she woke up and went downstairs to apologize to her mother. But her mother was confuses that why would she not give breakfast to Sara and be angry .Guess it was just a dream now she was a nice girl just like her mother.
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Comments 17
Zainab But this story is not a winner Zainab
Jan 11th 2018
Aiza Cool Aiza
Jan 5th 2017
sajahir We should listen to our mothers, WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sajahir
Aug 13th 2016
abeera Hahaha.....nice ending Abeera
Mar 23rd 2015
eman Elsa key bachi Eman
Sep 10th 2014
zahra Its nicE Zahra
Jun 2nd 2014
Souson Thanx. Souson
Feb 20th 2014
 Shiza Its gr8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shiza
Feb 18th 2014
Souson Thank u Amna Souson
Feb 5th 2014
Amna Mindblowing one..........good.....keep doing:) Amna
Jan 31st 2014
Souson Thank u every1.Ok Anam thank for telling .Next time i will be sure not to write read but offer. Souson
Jan 24th 2014
Sumiya V.nice Sumiya
Jan 24th 2014
nazish Nyc 1 souson. Nazish
Dec 30th 2014
Eraj Congratulations Souson your story is published on vshine magazine!!! Eraj
Nov 6th 2013
Eraj Very good souson indeed we must listen to our mother!!!!,EXCELLENT!!!! Eraj
Sep 29th 2013
Areeba Well done ... :) Areeba
Sep 29th 2013
Anam Wow nice though pointed out a mistake it should be offer her prayers Anam
Sep 26th 2013

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