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Danyal Salman
Danyal Salman
Beaconhouse Pechs Campus
Homeless Not Hopeless
Published On Sep 25th 2013
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Lost in the middle of nowhere
“Excuse me mate, I think you dropped your wallet here!” A strange voice from the back stopped David who was stepping up towards the door. “Yeah, just keep it with you. It neither had nor will have anything inside.” The guy gave David a strange look and replied,” Are you sure mate? I’ve seen you singing a lot of times in bars, and believed you were a professional singer.” David stared back at him and said, “Unfortunately life taught me one great lesson, you can’t live your dreams to earn a living, you’ve got to do something vainglorious to have that wallet full of dollars!” “But life gives a lot of opportunities; you just have to grab.” The man replied with a smile on his face.”Oh! you are saying it, pardon me but I and you were at the same bar of Alaska, the cheapest one! Didn’t life give you opportunities to earn a bit more than this?” David asked this playing his guitar. “Brother, that’s because God’s unhappy!” David looked at him, surprised and said,” Why is he unhappy with you? You look like a fine man who plays Cricket too and does nothing wrong.” The stranger nodded and said, “Everyone has inside stories, my friend. In addition, I have an interesting one, and I think so as yours. Would you like to listen to that?” David looked at him and said, “Why not, I don’t have to anything otherwise; it would be a good time pass.” The stranger started with his story, “See, My name is Alexander Einstein. I was named my father, who wanted me to study like Albert Einstein and do something as big as Alexander, the great. My father was a poor farmer but still provided me with proficient education. The equation was simple, I wanted to live my passion to be a cricketer but he wanted me to study. We argued upon this a lot of time but in the end, it was me, who did the right thing and left my house, and no here I’m as the captain of a local team here in Alaska living in a quarter just because life gets unfair when God’s unhappy.” David tapped his shoulder and said, “Dude, my story is more appalling.’ Alexander gave him a strange look and asked to elaborate it. David started, “You know Orchid, that billionaire in Alaska? He wanted me to work in his company and become something like him but I wanted to be a singer and he believed that these are the dreams of our middle class people. We argue on it many times and then at last they had enough of it. The female version of Hitler, My Mom kicked me out of the house. And just before leaving the house I said something which made my coming back possibilities go to zero, I said that you’re kicking me out of the house today, but I’ll become something one day that you’ll come to me, I won’t!” Alexander was surprised and said, “Well your words can cost you a lot, I quietly left my house so that If I come back then I could easily make up stories of being kidnapped and all!” They both stooped up and started walking and discussing their stories walking with no destiny, in the middle of nowhere.
Mr. Orchid was a fine man and yet never felt sad with his life. He used to travel from place to place in his private jet wherever his companies had franchise. However, from past two days he was concerned over something and had called up for more security than ever. He never left his house until the third day when he just sat in a taxi early in the morning with a briefcase in hand. He had been receiving calls from a kidnapper who claimed that he had kidnapped his son for ransom. Mr. Orchid was angry over David but just for the re-uniting of the whole family, he had decided to bring him back.
David had apologized to his parents and his father had decided to throw a party to him that afternoon. The cake was ready and everyone was waiting for David to come. At the same very moment, the gatekeeper came and said,” Mr. David has left this note for you, Sir!” Mr. Orchid read the note, smiled and said, “Never mind” The note said, “Dear Dad, I’m sorry but I had to do this, Thanks for the money for investment. I will be a billionaire soon. Yeah, it’s the money game Dad!’ The happy faces had turned into squad ones and the party took the shape of a funeral. Meanwhile David had joined Alexander in his apartment and they both were quiet happy upon their success! They were planning what to do with those 10 million dollars. Alexander wanted to invest them all but David wanted to travel the whole world and become a classical singer. They both ended up deciding to open a stadium where matches and singing concerts would be held. When they both started counting the money, David had soon realized that those dollars were nothing but fake ones. Alexander was completely perplexed and could not resist it but David just smiled and said, “See the billionaire won the money game again. It’s all about luck mate!” Alexander picked up some dollars and said, “Well we aren’t that unlucky, and the dollars on the top are real. It’s about 10,000 dollars.” David suddenly took out of his phone, called someone and said,” 10,000 dollars on England…10,000 dollars? That’s all we’ve got mate,” asked Alexander. David replied,” I like to take risks and believe me, I’ve been always lucky with football.” David’s phone ringtone stopped him in the middle. He picked it up and the caller said, England has just now fortified from the match. Bring the money in hours.” David felt shock waved and said,” Isn’t this Mega bad luck?”
After using so much on that day they both slept in Alexander’s quarter feeling more frustrated than ever. The next morning was even a disaster. David’s guitar had been robbed from the quarter in the night. They both had been on a search operation of it in every place of Alaska. It was morning when they left the quarter and it was almost dark then. They both went back to the quarter feeling stressed, but this wasn’t enough for the day. There were people shifting into Alexander’s quarter that made both of them turning into angry young men. Alexander went inside the quarter and was shocked to see his coach there, “What’s all this, Sir?” Alexander asked. The coach said nothing but gave Alexander a legal notice and ordered him to leave. The notice said,” You have not paid your bills since 3 months. This quarter was equal to that amount so we took over it. You are now no more a player of our team. Thank you!” This had seriously been the shocking news of their lives. David had lost his guitar and now they didn’t have a roof. They both discussed where to sleep and David suggested sleeping in the national park where he slept for few days after he left his house. They both laid down there and started talking about miseries of their lives.” I shouldn’t have left my house, It was 5 times as bigger as that quarter” said Alexander. David laughed and said,” Never say that mate, My Dad owns 4 houses all 90 times as bigger as that quarter!” they both murmured things like that and soon slept!
The next morning they went to the seaside deciding that they’ll make up their mind about what to do in life together. After sitting there for hours in silence, David finally said, “What I believe is that the good man always suffers while the bad ones....” He was about to finish his line when a man standing at a high pole shouted, “People If anyone of you knows my brother, tell him I’m committing suicide because of him, my parents died and he took all the money and houses, I’ve been homeless for last one week and that’s it.” “Why do you want us to tell this to your brother?” a man asked. ”Well, because I want to make him feel guilty.” The man replied, “No one feels guilty mate, I did Masters in philosophy but still I’m jobless, the system never felt guilty.” This sentence gave the person more motivation and he jumped and died there only. Alexander murmured, “Just like my father.” Upon David’s insisting, he told his father’s story that his grandfather was a really rich landowner and when he went into coma, his second son took over all the land while his father had to work in those farms. “See, in life to do something big, you’ve got to be a little on the bad side because that’s the only key to success. Hard work is the key to success only when you’re writing a book and want it to get published!” said David. “So what can we do? Any plans?” asked Alexander. David smiled and said, “Yeah, I actually have a plan, It’s less work and definitely more profitable.” They both discussed the plan and looked quite confident upon it! The next three days they slept in the National Park at night but also arranged a day night cricket training camp, which was quiet unusual in that city. They had made it up to 30 students whom they were training and all of their advance three month fee was collected. On the fourth day there was no sign of the camp, the students waited up for 2 more days but then when they were quiet sure that they would not come back, they went to the Police Station. The police couldn’t help them anyway as they were busy with the preparation of World War Z.
Alaska was an independent state therefore they never maintained good relations with neighbouring states. As planned David had taken International Trains and had moved to America’s richest and most populated city, Atlanta. They had moved here because it was obvious that Alaska’s police will hunt for them in few days. Luckily, Alaska had no foreign relations with Atlanta, they both were safe living in an apartment with next 4 months rent already paid. They were now about to start a new life, But this time with a different perspective as they had partially won the game as THE BAD ONES!
“No David, You’re not just doing it right. You have to sing that with a higher tone and play that guitar with happy tunes. Remember the theme is to describe a happy family.” The music composer said this to David who was already in the final round of the Audition. “Sir, it’s just because of a new guitar. Maybe the hand isn’t used to it,” David clarified. “We haven’t got any time for excuses here but there’s good news for you. You have been selected for our next theme songs. Keep the guitar with you, and come prepared tomorrow, here is your advance. You’re a lucky man for sure.” The manager said this and David felt an opening to his dreams. David went back to his apartment quiet happily but there was some bad news at the footstep, which he had to digest. David felt a terrible shock when he went to his apartment. The person who they gave rent to, was sitting in the apartment himself and there were no signs of Alexander.” What is all this? Where is Alexander?” David questioned. The person smiled and replied, “It seems like your best friend betrayed you.” David looked puzzled and asked, “What is the matter?” The man replied, “Alexander called me up from a police station and said he is selling his house back at half price if I come and give the police money for my bail. It looked like a fair deal to me so I accepted it.” Housekeeper said. “And how the hell did police get to him?” asked David angrily. “Well, Mr. Alexander Einstein is all over television now. The Canadian cricket team has selected an American player for their team and it’s David and by now he probably would’ve left for Canada too!” David looked devastated and banged his head in the wall. “Look mate, I feel pity for you, But in life, to be lucky, you’ve got to play big and he did it!” said the housekeeper. David left from there.
After reaching Canada, it was clear that Alexander had somehow achieved his target and he only had to work hard to maintain this status where he owns a Lamborghini and a luxuries house, all government given! All of the people there were amazed to see his performance and what he needed to do was only concentrate.
It was morning already, when David woke up he realized that the last night he had gone far away from the city and was now in farms. Luckily no one had attacked to his guitar here and then he remembered something, stood up, looked for a taxi and went somewhere in a hurry.
Alexander had to play some local matches before the international tournaments; he played but unfortunately didn’t perform in any. He was constantly getting flashbacks of his family life and things he had been through in past. He couldn’t even sleep well, because of that he consulted some physiatrists, and they all said the same thing. All his past was not letting him live in his present and could truly affect his future as well!
David was standing outside the studio in which he had to perform. He knew he had already been late and could feel some serious shocks. In addition, when he went inside he saw a completely different scenario, in the room he had to sing was having another singer whose voice was surely terrible but people were enjoying it, fake feelings maybe. He just stood there staring at the manager who completely ignored him. For the next two days David came their and sat with one hope of talking to the manager. On the third day, he talked to him at last, “Why are you doing this to me? I was just an hour late. “The manager replied, “It’s not about being an hour late, it’s about something that you must have understood by now. The person who’s singing in there is the son of that person who owns this studio. Got it?” explained the manager. “But you should’ve kept a soft corner for me. You know my story.” David confessed, “Yeah, that’s why I haven’t asked for the advance payment and the guitar back, now you may count your footsteps out of this place.” The manager said that and waved for security. David went outside with heavy steps. Once again, he was betrayed but this time, it was fate. Outside the studio, he saw a young lady talking to some staff men. He moved on a bit but the suddenly stopped, and looked back. The staff men were gone. He spoke,” Is that you…Sarah?” the girl turned around and was shocked to see David. He hugged her and said,” David Orchid, my best friend from university, where have you been?” David looked into her eyes and said,”I think I should tell you my story, It could be written in one of your magazines.” “Is everything okay?” asked Sarah. “Well, you’ll get to know when I’m finished up with the story. David told her all the things he had been. “I suppose in the end you aren’t that unlucky though, you met me,” said Sarah. “And how’s meeting you will help me anyway?” questioned David. “Well you know my father, he’s a very honourable person and what he does is you know, he’s a music director. I am sure he’ll get you a job. He does not go for undue favours and has no belief in politics. He can make your life provided you really have the talent. They both hanged out the whole day after this great news and David in the end slept in Sarah’s old house. What they were waiting was, the next Monday!
David had already finished some short courses of the physic things and now he felt comfortable every time. His form was back and now he had been gone for The International Tournament. He also tried to make calls to his family, but probably it was too late. They never responded and David was standing up there all alone with all of the luxuries, with his dreams fulfilled but no true person to whom he could celebrate. Perhaps he realized how much he had left behind being in the race of this luxury and dreams.
David had met Sarah’s dad who coincidentally turned out to be the manager of the same studio from where he was kicked out. Sarah was his only daughter and not to disappoint her and let her know who he actually was, he signed a 5-year contract with David and David in no time got into all Media highlights and became well-known. He married Sarah because he never had anyone to share his good things. David and Alexander also met up one day and decided to make up their own stadium where free cricket matches and songs auditions would be conducted. They both had money and fame, but the only thing, which was missing, was the family, which they both had lost back. Nevertheless, there will power made it up to here and they both lived the best moments in life but with no best people around! 
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Comments 6
Aiza Awsummmmm!!! I loved it Aiza
Oct 13th 2013
Minahil Yeah same quest. as eesha:: Minahil
Oct 9th 2013
eesha Ithis is the best story i ever read on it really written by u?? Eesha
Oct 5th 2013
Ajwa Reallyyyy loooong and really gooooood!!!!!!! Ajwa
Sep 27th 2013
Irum Awesoooooonmmemeememmeme Irum
Sep 26th 2013
Irum Awesoooooonmmemeememmeme Irum
Sep 26th 2013

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