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Urooj Usmani
Urooj Usmani
Sms Aga Khan School Karachi
My Idea Of Perfect World..
Published On Sep 25th 2013
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Dear Editor,
My concept of a perfect world would be a united world. Countries would avoid the conflicts and live with harmony. In my perfect world, pen would be the powerful weapon. Instead of blasting bombs and ear-tearing yelling, countries' dwellers would sing merrily. In my perfect world, innocent people would not killed due to racism. Nobody would discriminate on the basis of caste, color or creed. In my perfect world, government would work sincerity to untangle countries' problem. Along with the politicians and leaders, people would be honest too. They would utilize the countries resources positively. In my perfect world, elders would not fight among themselves instead they would become a role model for younger generations.
In my perfect world, children will open their eyes in a peaceful environment. Instead of terrified of blasts, they would happily chase butterflies in the gardens. In my perfect world, education would be for all. In my perfect world people would talk about literature and politics instead of victims of war. In my idea of perfect world, people wouldn't deny their responsibilities.
In my perfect world, there would be no global warming, pollution and green house effect. In my perfect world, ecosystems would not be destroyed and species would not extinct due to human activities. In my perfect world, shining stars would read Tolstoy, Dickens and Shakespeare instead of watching movies which teach them the lessons of fighting.
In my perfect world people wouldn't be selfish. Their emotions would be pure. In my perfect world, everyone would have peace of their mind. People would have the access to basic necessities of life like food, clothes and shelter.
In my perfect world, countries will have harmony among themselves and there would be no world wars. In the nutshell, my perfect world would be UTOPIA (meaning of this word is below), where the morning would begin with chirping sounds of birds.
But how do we create such a perfect world. Though it seems a impossible idea but together we will stand and divided we will fall. If we start our efforts from now throughout the world, no wonder our world would a Utopian world very soon.
Yours faithfully,
Urooj Usmani
Utopia: A word use to describe an ideal place or situation.
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Comments 9
l Hmmmmm.....Nice one..... L
Oct 24th 2013
shumila Good work but try to avoid repetition of words or phrases. You have written "In my perfect world" many times. Shumila
Sep 30th 2013
Ibrahim Urooj we are with u and we will fight till our last breath for poors and needy persons.we will never loot the poor.we stand against dishonesty and we will fight for right which our holy prophet(pbuh) taught.i am with u we are ready to give our life for right..... Ibrahim
Sep 30th 2013
Urooj @affan thankxxxXX:D actually since im in my matriculation therefore im very busy 4 last 2yrs and couldnt get tym for writing much..... Urooj
Sep 29th 2013
Affan Cool,u r still on vshine...... Affan
Sep 28th 2013
Urooj ThanKknnnXxx:D Urooj
Sep 27th 2013
Aisha Nice one.....hope all these beautiful wishes of yours come true..... Aisha
Sep 26th 2013
sadia Goddiiiieee Sadia
Sep 26th 2013
Maryam Cool Maryam
Sep 26th 2013

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