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Dawood Junaid
Dawood Junaid
Beaconhouse School System
The Cow Beloved
Published On Sep 25th 2013
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Once upon a time there lived a farmer named Hadi. He had a cow from which he would receive milk and would sale it to the market to afford a meal. One day the cow gave a baby and suddenly died. Now the farmer had no money and was worried. He sold his dead cow skin and earned some money enough to keep him running for 5 days. As 2 days passed the farmer got worried that what will happen when his money will be finished? He looked at the calf and thought that I will make some money by the milk and remembered that the calf was too small. As he was going to the market to see how much money will he get to sell the calf he suddenly lost the calf. Now Hadi was very worried and tried his best to find it. As he was doing that he saw the calf being dragged in a house and ran towards the house. When he reached there he slammed the door open and all the thieves were surprised. He kicked one of the thief so hard that he bumped with the other and fell on a table. Now only one thief was left. Hadi finally remembered that he was the man who had stolen all the money his father had. He was so angry that he took a chair beside him and slammed it on the thief's head. He took all the money back that was once stolen from his father and the calf. The money was enough for the farmer that he bought a house and 10 cows and lived happily ever after with the calf.
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Comments 7
KHAN Awesome though Khan
Nov 21st 2013
KHAN Why is your picture so small anyways that was a good story Khan
Nov 18th 2013
Dawood Thanks everyone Dawood
Nov 8th 2013
Anam Great Anam
Oct 2nd 2013
Laibah Just gr8!!! Laibah
Sep 28th 2013
Ajwa Awwsuum Ajwa
Sep 27th 2013
Irum Awesome stoooorrrryyyy Irum
Sep 26th 2013

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