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Hamzafarooq. Ch
Hamzafarooq. Ch
Jawahir Int School
Never Lose Hope
Published On Mar 16th 2011
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March 2011

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One bright Monday morning John gets ready for work and when he entered the office there is a pin drop silence. He asks his very good friend Ahmed “what’s going on? Why everyone so quite and looks so tense?”Ahmed replies “company is in loss so they have to fire people in the name of downsizing.”John tells Ahmed that they are good performers so they have nothing to worry about. But Ahmed knows that this time it’s a really bad situation most of them will lose their jobs. Before the lunch break everyone is called for a meeting and they were told about the loss. The management told them that they have to let go of their valuable employees. After the meeting everyone goes to the cafe with worried expression thinking that this might be the last day. John tries cheering Ahmed up who looks really worried and tense. Ahmed tells John that he can’t lose his job now he has to return bank loan on his car and many other expenses. John tells him that he is a single guy and has savings which Ahmed can use till he gets another job if he gets fired. Ahmed with a pale face in fear of job loses staring at his food still is thinking. John tells Ahmed that everything is going to be ok don’t worry and eat something.
        After the lunch everyone get back to work in tense environment its getting hard to focus on work. Then finally, most of them were called in the manager’s office with two options get terminated or resign themselves. Ahmed and John were both called to sign the resignation letter or get termination letter. Ahmed tells John that he is going to the bath room, while John goes to the manager’s office and sign resignation letter. They called Ahmed but he wasn’t there. John goes to the bathroom and sees Ahmed holding a gun to his head and face covered in tears. Ahmed shouts at John knowing that he will try to stop him “stay back.” And he shots the floor twice just to warn John.
        John tries to convince him not to do it and when he mention his wife and son what will they do without him then Ahmed burst into tears and drops the gun. Security guards kicked them both out and John drop Ahmed to his home so that he doesn’t do anything stupid again. The next morning John came to pick up Ahmed up and they both dropped their CV,s in many companies. They also asked their friends to refer them. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months but no luck. Then one day they were sitting and they had an idea to take some old pc’s together and start a website and they started taking orders from small business firms to create their websites and the orders started to grow. They borrowed money from the bank and from friends to start their own organization. Their business started growing and they got rich. One day they were sitting in their office laughing and remembering old times John smiles and looks at Ahmed “see I told you everything is going to be ok.”Ahmed tried to start “but…” and John cuts him off by saying “no but you worry too much.” Ahmed smiles raise his tea cup and say cheers to us where John also does the same.
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Comments 14
yashfeen Congrats Yashfeen
Jul 13th 2017
Ahmed Nice! Ahmed
Sep 17th 2014
Taha Nice Taha
Aug 17th 2013
Tooba Good Tooba
Sep 5th 2012
Menahil Congratz Menahil
Apr 22nd 2011
Zahra Good job!! Zahra
Apr 14th 2011
HamzaFarooq. Thanks Hamzafarooq.
Apr 13th 2011
HamzaFarooq. Thanks Hamzafarooq.
Apr 13th 2011
aisha Yeah u r right!! Aisha
Apr 4th 2011
aisha Wawawwa gud gud keep it up yaar Aisha
Apr 4th 2011
Fatima Nice story.but very big story. Fatima
Apr 2nd 2011
Apr 1st 2011
Aleena Congrats..........! Aleena
Apr 1st 2011
Bint waseem Nyc..... Bint Waseem
Mar 20th 2011

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