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Rafia Ahmed
Rafia Ahmed
Usman Public School
My V Shine Friends
Published On Sep 25th 2013
Total Comments : 64
Total Views :  41015
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I have lots of friends on V SHINE
They are so great and nice
So I should tell you about them
For me they are such precious gems
Afifah Maryam and Mubashra Ayub are my first two best friends
I wish our friendship never ends
Bushra Hafeez and Nimra Hanif are the other dear ones
With whom I am always having great fun
Eesha Fatima, Izza Waheed
Syeda Maryam and Wafa Waheed
 They are the shining stars in my eyes
They are true frnds and are really nice
Maryam Amir and Fatima Latif are the twinkling stars too
My these friends are really cool
 Rabia Nawaz and Hiba Saad are that nice
That with them I feel wise
Areesa Zainab And Uswah Rasool
Are my best frnds and r really cool
Here are Rabita Tariq and Manal Khalid too
They study with me at my school too
Oh! There are many more
With whom I never get bore
If I haven't written of someone and have left anyone here
Then do tell me my dear
I will again write for you
Yes! My friendship is that true
You all are so beautiful and nice
Your sweet thoughts and comments have made u sweet in my eyes
Thanks Oh ALLAH! For blessing me with such friends
Just don't let our friendship ever ends. 
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Comments 64
Nimra Heyyaa rafiaaaaa my dearrrr whereee u lossttttttt..!!!??? :o :/ miss uu..! :* plzz reply my comments on ur stuff when ever u cum onlinee..!! '' THE OLD WOMEN'' part 2 or part 1 i dnt remeber...! :p bt wl waitt for ur replyyy..!! :) :D Nimra
Aug 24th 2014
Areej A sweet Poem by A sweet Girl :*:*:* Areej
Aug 3rd 2014
Gul Noor Why??? You missed ME!!!!! Gul Noor
Jul 27th 2014
Gul Noor Why??? You missed ME!!!!! Gul Noor
Jul 27th 2014
areesha Thank you for writing my name rafia in vshine you are my best friend and esha and wafa Areesha
May 20th 2014
manahil How lame Manahil
Feb 9th 2014
Hiba Gr8 job + thankyou Hiba
Dec 28th 2013
Hiba Sorry am late..........waisay months baad ligin kia hai mein ny Hiba
Dec 28th 2013
Munkashay What do you mean Azka? Munkashay
Dec 26th 2013
Azka Aaaaaaa............sooo sweet i think u shld write an oter 1 on ur new friends :D Azka
Dec 18th 2013
Munkashay You Too! I will always keep you in a special place in my heart! Munkashay
Dec 12th 2013
Rafia Yeah! dear ...... no matter if sometimes we cant contact but u'll b always there in my heart :):) Rafia
Dec 9th 2013
Munkashay Aww Rafi..... In BFF, the last F means Forever, and I know what Forever means! Munkashay
Dec 7th 2013
Rafia No jani :)) munchey u r the best my dear :):) i want u always with me ... alwaysssss my BFF :))) Rafia
Dec 6th 2013
Munkashay :) Rafia, you are sweet too! Munkashay
Dec 6th 2013
Rafia Thnx dear wafa :)) nd munchey, :) u r soooo sweet :) Rafia
Dec 2nd 2013
Munkashay :D :D :D Munkashay
Nov 28th 2013
wafa Gr8 1 nyc Wafa
Nov 21st 2013
Rafia Ohhh!!!!! love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much my sister :)))))) Rafia
Nov 6th 2013
Munkashay Its OK! Like I said, I don't mind anything, ANYTHING, said by u! Munkashay
Nov 5th 2013
Rafia Thnx alot my dear sister but u know at that time i didnt knew about u :( i was new on vshine nd i send this poem at the month of JUNE! so soRRRrrry honey :))))))) Rafia
Oct 30th 2013
Munkashay Uh..... Rafia, you didn't add me...... But I don't mind! And I loved how u rhymed with the names! Keep it up, sis!!! ;D ;D Munkashay
Oct 29th 2013
Rafia Thnkuu everyone :))) Rafia
Oct 27th 2013
Zainab Awwe so sweet Zainab
Oct 16th 2013
Nimra Oo soo sweet of u well thank u.. :)) Nimra
Oct 16th 2013
Nimra U welcum, thank u and ameen.. :)) Nimra
Oct 15th 2013
Rafia Nimra my dear no need of sorry :))) well, that's a prove of my love for u all :)) nd thkuuuu :))) MAY ALLAH SWT FULFILL UR ALL WISHES :)))) Rafia
Oct 15th 2013
Rafia No need of thnx my dear afifah :))) however ... thnkuuu soooooo much honey :) did u liked it??????????? :)))) Rafia
Oct 15th 2013
Zainab I like ur poem my ... DOST :D... I mean friend Zainab
Oct 15th 2013
Ifrah  (manooo) but u should write a poem on me now;0;0;0;0;0;0;0 Ifrah (manooo)
Oct 14th 2013
afifah Nice:):) and thanks Afifah
Oct 14th 2013
Nimra Oooo soooo sweeeet of u dear rafia u r reallly a nice nd true frnd..!!! :))) well thankx to say me ur bst friend..!!! :) luv u.. nd inshallah our friendship will last forever (ameen) :)) sorrry em late 2 read this poem but i like it..!! :))))))) ;) Nimra
Oct 14th 2013
Rafia But what dear ?????? :) Rafia
Oct 14th 2013
Ifrah  (manooo) Fine BUT ......................................... Ifrah (manooo)
Oct 13th 2013
Rafia Well after all these are my VSHINE best frnds .... u are late!! :) Rafia
Oct 10th 2013
Oct 7th 2013
Rafia U r morely bestest honey!! :) Rafia
Oct 6th 2013
eesha And u r the bestest :)))))))))) Eesha
Oct 5th 2013
Rafia But, em not sweet more than u ....... u R THE BEST :))))) Rafia
Oct 5th 2013
Oct 4th 2013
Rafia AREEBA nD EESHA ....... u frnds are soooooooooooooooooooooo kind nd sweet :))))) love u both!!!! i even love vshine most coz by the help of it i found u ALL as my frnds ...... no words to describe how nyc u all are!!!!! :) Rafia
Oct 4th 2013
eesha Ohhhhhh really really really????i cant believe i didn't comment........sooo sorry Rafia....well the poem is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G simple name is also there...Yaaaaeeeyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!proud to be ur frnd....May God bless u enormously n bring Happy Tomorrows for u :)))))))))))))(Amen)cant believe my name's there :D :D :D :D :D :D Eesha
Oct 3rd 2013
Areeba Rafia I don't like ur poem :p I just LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE it! OMG you are soooooooooooooo kind Areeba
Oct 3rd 2013
Rafia HALEEMA again let me say .... u r awesome, fantastic, superb and all-over great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much that u can't imagine .... well, where is afifah??? i am missing her sooo much... all night i was worried as i didn't got her mail!!!! is everything ok???? plz confirm me haleema dear :) Rafia
Oct 2nd 2013
Rafia Thnx alot Affan :) Rafia
Oct 2nd 2013
Rafia Haleema my dear frnd ..... em soooooooooooooooooooooo happy for ur comment :):):):) thnx alot ....... love u soooooo sooooooo much that u can't imagine honey!!!!! :):):):):) U R AWESOME :) em soo sooo thankful to ALLAH SWT that he blessed me with such a best frnd :) Rafia
Oct 2nd 2013
Haleema Raafi dear.. I am seriously speechless:-) :-) ... you are jussst amazinggg.... love u yaaaarrrrr....:))))):)))).. great work:)))))... carry ON.... :))))))) um lucky to have u as my friend.....:))))))).....!!!!!!!! Haleema
Oct 2nd 2013
Affan Very nice Affan
Oct 1st 2013
Rafia Fariha nd Bushra thnx alot my dear frnds ...... love u soooo much :) Rafia
Sep 30th 2013
feriha Nyc poem........ :) Feriha
Sep 29th 2013
Bushra Hafeez Amazing yr nd nyce idea 2 tell sth abt ur frnds............. its beutiful p0em ... as i didnt like it :( ................ but i l0ved it yawr :) Bushra Hafeez
Sep 29th 2013
Rafia Comeon dear Maryam!! :) u r my best frnd :) nd the person who don't correct his/her frnd is not a true frnd :) JAZAKALLAH DEAR :):) Rafia
Sep 29th 2013
Maryam Coz i dont know ur mood.u would angry or sad may be or happy. so if u were angry then u could mind it or thought that i am writing poem and she just finding my mistakes. Maryam
Sep 28th 2013
Rafia Hey Maryam ... was that a think to mind ???? u r so cute dear :) em sorry.... i will not do that again INSHALLAH nd thnx Manal dear ... u R actually my bestest frnd :) nd Bismah thnx for ur comment honey! nd SERIOUSLY u were late ... i send it many months ago!!!!!!! em soooo sorry .... i didn't knew u that time :) but, U R MY BESTEST ND SWEET FRND :):):) Rafia
Sep 28th 2013
Bismah I guess i was late to enter on v shine when you written this really very awesome poem you forgotten me hahahaha.... Bismah
Sep 27th 2013
manal OMG rafia u actually made me ur best friend!!thnxxx Manal
Sep 27th 2013
Maryam I think u forget to put double 'A' in my name "Aamir". Sorry to say hope u dont mind Maryam
Sep 27th 2013
Rafia JAZAKALLAH my dear frnds :) nd Ajwa, when i send the poem so u were new at that time nd i didn't knew but now i wanna tell everyone that u r my bestest frnd too :) LOOOOOOOOOVE U ALL MY FRNDS EVEN MORE THAN U :) nd Maryam, em ur frnd :) u can ask anything dear!!! :) Rafia
Sep 27th 2013
Ajwa Its really AAWWWWSSUUUUUM.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!simply <3 it.......!!!!!!!!!! Ajwa
Sep 26th 2013
Maryam I want to say something if u dont mind bcoz i dont want to be rude or hurt u Maryam
Sep 26th 2013
Maryam I am really proud to be ur frnd. i dont know what say thats an amazing tribute to our FRIENDSHIP. love u too dear. Maryam
Sep 26th 2013
Areeba Great Poem! Rafia! Keep it up! I cant help admiring ur beautiful work! And my dear, I love u loads as well! Your comments and emails, make my day! Inshallah our friendship will last forever (Ameen) Areeba
Sep 26th 2013
Hiba Rafiaaaaa this is so nice my dear but I am missing :( thank u Allah for a friend like u Hiba
Sep 26th 2013
Rafia OMG!!!!!! TAHTZZZZZZZZ SOOOO OLD POEM ..... I SEND IT IN VACATIONS! it approved now?????? well, frnds there r 3 more people whoM I didn't added coz i didn't knew them before .... HALEEMA SADIA, HIBA AHMED ND AREEBA AHMED :)) I LOOOOOOOVE THEM ALLL!!!!!!!!! Rafia
Sep 26th 2013

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