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Bismah Shakir
Bismah Shakir
Beaconhouse School System Palm Tree Campus
Poem On Father
Published On Jul 30th 2013
Total Comments : 63
Total Views :  1141
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July 2013

Rank 9 Out of 10
Source of light is the sun,
Without father life will burn,
Shine stars brightly in the sky,
Your help can make me fly,
You pray for success of mine,
With your help I can shine,
Dangerous is life, but your love,
Protects me like a dove,
In life while playing any role,
You guide me, to purify the soul,
Nothing I want to do,
Just heartily pray for you,
Thank you Allah for such a light,
Raise my father in your sight.

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Comments 63
Bismah What was the gift saman Bismah
Jul 23rd 2014
saman Dont know i havent read the magzine Saman
Oct 13th 2013
Bismah Yes me too kya tumhari paintingmagazine may aai? Bismah
Oct 11th 2013
saman Yes i got the gift Saman
Oct 8th 2013
saman Did you get the gift? Saman
Oct 8th 2013
Bismah Have you got any gift saman... Bismah
Sep 26th 2013
Bismah I cant find can you please tell me saman Bismah
Sep 14th 2013
Momina Very nice! Momina
Sep 13th 2013
saman The mumber ig given in the magazine Saman
Sep 12th 2013
nooria Great poem i uv it be my friend Nooria
Sep 9th 2013
Amna Excellent poem! Amna
Sep 8th 2013
Bismah Insha ALLAH you'll get good marks and please also prey for me too and please tell me the number of vshine. Bismah
Sep 8th 2013
Bismah I dont know the number Bismah
Sep 7th 2013
saman Insha ALLAH and prey for me that i get good marks in my tests Saman
Sep 7th 2013
saman Simply donot do any thing just call them i aloso called them so they said that you will get now adays deliveries are late Saman
Sep 6th 2013
Bismah But where i am going to write this email Bismah
Sep 5th 2013
areeqa Pretty u ... <3 and ur poem was amazing! :) Areeqa
Sep 4th 2013
Rafia U will get it saman INSHALLAH :) Rafia
Sep 4th 2013
saman But we didnt get any prize Saman
Sep 3rd 2013
Rafia Yup!!!!! prizes r same :) Rabia api also got the same :):):) Rafia
Sep 2nd 2013
suhaib Good Suhaib
Sep 2nd 2013
saman I have sent them email hope they will take any action Saman
Sep 2nd 2013
saman this is the email address Saman
Sep 2nd 2013
Taibah GOOD Taibah
Sep 1st 2013
talha Prizes are same...i also got stationery Talha
Sep 1st 2013
aleena Congratulation Aleena
Sep 1st 2013
saman Did you get the gift Saman
Sep 1st 2013
Hoora Congrats bismah and plz all of u add me as frnd and send me some rqsts Hoora
Aug 31st 2013
bisma Nice... Bisma
Aug 25th 2013
fareeha First of all I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You have done a Excellent *** Fareeha
Aug 22nd 2013
Rafia Oh right!!!!!!!!!! well CONGRATZZZZZ soha :) Rafia
Aug 17th 2013
Soha Yep.. I got stationery too! Soha
Aug 16th 2013
Soha Yep, they do.. They send same prize to everyone! Soha
Aug 16th 2013
Bismah I hope they send everyone the same prize Bismah
Aug 16th 2013
Rafia Did they send same prizes....?????????? well I didn't knew !!!!!! nd yup my sis got the prize....... there was stationary in the prize my frnds :) Rafia
Aug 14th 2013
Bismah Rafia i wanna ask did really your sis got the prize? if yes so what was in the gift Bismah
Aug 13th 2013
Soha Rafia, your sis got the prize in December so don't u know the prize? Soha
Aug 13th 2013
dfg Excellent!!!!!!! :) Dfg
Aug 13th 2013
Rafia Yup!!!!!!! same question from me :) Rafia
Aug 13th 2013
Hijab Awsome poem & What prize you got?? Hijab
Aug 12th 2013
Mahnoor Good one :):) Mahnoor
Aug 11th 2013
Soha Brilliant and congratz! Soha
Aug 11th 2013
nazish Great poem.and congrats for winning my dear. Nazish
Aug 9th 2013
talha It is like ur other poem on mother.. Talha
Aug 8th 2013
Bismah Thanxxxxxx Bismah
Aug 8th 2013
talha I really like ur poem.....great:) Talha
Aug 8th 2013
Rafia Thnx Eesha dear........... u r really goooody good :) nd Bismah congratzzzzz :) Rafia
Aug 8th 2013
afifah That's brilliant and congrats for winning! Afifah
Aug 8th 2013
talha Congratulations bismah......... Talha
Aug 8th 2013
eesha Congo Bismah.... :) :) :) :) :) Eesha
Aug 7th 2013
eesha Sooo sweet of u Rafia.....BTW nYc profile....tooo gud Eesha
Aug 7th 2013
Rafia Shoooooooooooooo shweeeeeeeet of u Eesha :) Rafia
Aug 7th 2013
eesha Yes i read it rafia........m lucky to have such frnd..... Eesha
Aug 6th 2013
Rafia Did u read it Eesha??????????? well I seriously am lucky to have frnds like u all :) Rafia
Aug 6th 2013
eesha Surprised to see my name in someone's profile....... Eesha
Aug 6th 2013
Rafia Welcome............. u will really find it nyc with some brilliant people like Afifah Maryam, Bushra Hafeez, Eesha Fatima and all whom I have written in my profile :) Rafia
Aug 5th 2013
eesha Welcum to v shine my frnd Eesha
Aug 5th 2013
Bismah Yes i am new on vshine Bismah
Aug 5th 2013
Rafia Very nyc............ wese kia ap new hain vshine pr????:) Rafia
Aug 4th 2013
Bismah THANXXXX you all even i don't know you all Bismah
Aug 3rd 2013
eesha Amazing...... Eesha
Aug 3rd 2013
Bushra Hafeez Amaznggg Bushra Hafeez
Aug 3rd 2013
talha Great....:) Talha
Aug 3rd 2013

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