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Azka Saad
Azka Saad
Jaffar Puublic School
Published On Aug 2nd 2013
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The earth is like sphere
The tyre is like cylinder
The dice is like a cube
The match box is like cuboid
The ice cream is like cone
The house roof is prism
Egyptian tombs are like pyramids
Shapes are just very interesting.
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Comments 57
Azka Congratulations Marwa Azka
Jun 3rd 2014
Azka What bat surah insha In that I gotv5/5 too Azka
Feb 8th 2014
Azka Good!i too got 5/5 masha Allah Azka
Feb 8th 2014
Marwa Hey ! Islamiat ke Surah e Masad ke translation main kitne marks aye ? I got 5/5 . Marwa
Jan 19th 2014
Azka What oroblem marwa ??? Azka
Jan 6th 2014
Marwa Azka u know there is a kind of problem in my result ! i am going to make it change with my father ! Marwa
Dec 28th 2013
Dec 18th 2013
Dec 18th 2013
Marwa Very Imfromative ! Marwa
Dec 15th 2013
Azka Thanx Azka
Nov 20th 2013
Bismah Good Bismah
Oct 11th 2013
Azka Ive already liked Azka
Oct 8th 2013
Zuha Plz every 1 like my stuff.. Zuha
Oct 8th 2013
Azka Thanx :D :D :D Azka
Oct 7th 2013
Ajwa Ok.... Ajwa
Oct 3rd 2013
Ajwa Ok.... Ajwa
Oct 3rd 2013
Ajwa Ok.... Ajwa
Oct 3rd 2013
Azka Whats k? Azka
Oct 2nd 2013
Ajwa K.. Ajwa
Sep 22nd 2013
Azka Ajwa please...........I said I'm sorry.....I'm really sorry if I hurted u......I trully loved the 5th comment and didn't kew that it was the hacker.....and y shouldn'd I talk to u ...u r my best friend .........sorry...sorry...sorry..dear I'm asking 4 4giveness plzzzz 4give me...... Azka
Sep 21st 2013
Ajwa Azka!!!I really don't understand!!!!=C.....why?.?.? don't u like the 5th comment....I appreciated it!!!!and the20th comment....that wasn't mee!!!it was the hacker.....I ve made ma decision....I just don't wanna talk to u!!!! plzzz don't comment after this.....I beg uuu!!!'ve hurted me already!!!!...=C....:___( Ajwa
Sep 20th 2013
Azka I'm sorry 4 being rude.......just read the 5th comment and the 20th comment.....see if u can understand...... Azka
Sep 18th 2013
Ajwa Yeaah!!!...talkin' to Ajwa
Sep 16th 2013
Ajwa Whaaat?!?!?!?!?!?!...........I don't get it????why r u sooo rude to me?!?!?!?!?/:| Ajwa
Sep 16th 2013
Ajwa U asked me not to fight on ur picture and now ur fighting on my article...........its the 5th comment of this article in which u only r saying that its gr8 u loved the way i dont wonna fight .............................what was that all about?!?!?!?!?!!?? Ajwa
Sep 16th 2013
Azka Mujhe keh rahi ho Azka
Sep 13th 2013
Hiba U rrrrrrr soooooooooooo gooooooooood Hiba
Sep 13th 2013
Soha Oh your welcome dear :)! Soha
Sep 10th 2013
Azka Thnx soha Azka
Sep 10th 2013
Azka Ajwa I don't understand what r u talking about Azka
Sep 7th 2013
Ajwa What do u mean by 5th time???? Ajwa
Sep 4th 2013
Soha Nice! Soha
Sep 4th 2013
Ajwa ??????azka ...u don't know the main cause!!!!!!!!!!!...........ur just saaaddd!!!!!!!!..... Ajwa
Sep 3rd 2013
Azka U asked me not to fight on ur picture and now ur fighting on my article...........its the 5th comment of this article in which u only r saying that its gr8 u loved the way i dont wonna fight as today i am really very happy cause today in the september issue of vshine magzine my poem on I love to read books and my sis hiba saad's poem on so many questins is printed :D YAHOOOOOO!!!! Azka
Sep 3rd 2013
Rafia Ajwa em exteremely sorry :( i didn't knew taht and u should change ur password before it's too late :) Rafia
Sep 3rd 2013
Ajwa Y cant the hacker just stop!!!!! Ajwa
Sep 2nd 2013
Rafia Itz not that bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ajwa dont b rude...... Rafia
Sep 1st 2013
Ajwa Sooo baqwass !!!! Ajwa
Aug 31st 2013
Iraj Just king......its absolutely great :) Iraj
Aug 21st 2013
Iraj This poem is not sooooo good Iraj
Aug 21st 2013
Aug 20th 2013
Rafia Poem to hai na ..................... RIZWAN BHAI :) Rafia
Aug 19th 2013
rabia Good................ Rabia
Aug 17th 2013
rizwan BAchon ke lie hi hai!!! Rizwan
Aug 17th 2013
Khoula Hmm boht bachon wala hai.. :P Khoula
Aug 15th 2013
Ibrahim Nice keep it up()()()()()♥☻ Ibrahim
Aug 15th 2013
Marwa Yep I know 2 ! One of them is I guess Sana ! and the other one I guess is Afeef ! I am not too sure but I remember ! You can even confirm with someone else . And please tell me that is someone of our level like you or someone on Vshine ! Marwa
Aug 14th 2013
Azka No u know any 1 in b??? Azka
Aug 14th 2013
tehreem Good article.... Tehreem
Aug 12th 2013
Marwa Do you know any of your or my friend which are in D ? Marwa
Aug 11th 2013
Azka I went in b and sorry I just can't explaine how I got them posted plz like my stuff marwa Azka
Aug 9th 2013
Marwa Nice Imagination! Azka what's your Section and how did your things got posted ? :P Marwa
Aug 7th 2013
Ajwa Its gr888........luv it!!!! Ajwa
Aug 7th 2013
Rafia Goooooooody good :) Rafia
Aug 6th 2013
Hiba Good imagination Hiba
Aug 5th 2013
Azka Thnx wafia for to like all my stuff inshaallah as soon as ur stories will be there ill like them all and BUSHRA I'm surely happy that u added me as ur friend but dissapointed that u didnt liked any of my stuff and thnx Talha and my best cousins hoora :p Azka
Aug 5th 2013
Hoora Good :D Hoora
Aug 4th 2013

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