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Habiba Hamid
Habiba Hamid
Jaffar Public School
Places And Their Names
Published On Mar 15th 2011
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BLACK SEA is so called because of the dense fog that prevails there in the winter.

EQUADOR is so called as it lies on the equator.

HOLLAND literally means 'hollow land'.

QUEENSLAND was named by Queen Victoria in 1859.

WASHINGTON was named after George Washington, the first president of U.S.A.
MEDITERRANEAN, it was so called as the ancients believed that it was situated in the middle of the earth.

COLUMBIA is named after its founder Columbus.

BALTIC SEA, the name is supposed to have derived from the belt by which it is entered.

WEST INDIES is so called because Columbus discovered it by sailing west wards and thought that they were some islands of India.

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