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Saad Salman
Saad Salman
Beacon House School System
The Mystery Of The Haunted House
Published On Sep 25th 2013
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Last night, a sailor was doing a sea adventure. He stopped at an island and sat down for some rest. He phoned his partner who was waiting for the sailor to come and sell goods that he will come in one hour. His partner asked the location from the sailor but he didn’t reply. The partner kept saying “Hello, Hello” but the sailor wasn’t replying. That was strange. The sailor’s partner went to the police and told the police all about it. The police tracked where the mobile phone of the sailor was. It was an island. The police sent some officers to solve the mystery. Many hours passed but the officers didn’t come. The police tried to contact them but they were not responding. It was a great mystery so the police sent some helicopters to the island. Many hours passed but the helicopters didn’t return. The police sent a big army of one thousand soldiers to solve the case. Many hours passed but the army didn’t return. A soldier from the army survived but he was close to death. His shirt was turning red because of bleeding. He came to the police and tried to say something. All the officers ran to him and carried him. They took him to the hospital but he died when he was being taken to the hospital. Before dying, He said painfully, “Skell...” and then he died. All the police officers told their head about what the dying officer said. The police couldn’t solve the mystery so they asked the rangers for help. Now it was up to the rangers to solve this mystery. The rangers went to the island. A war occured of guns and bombs. People could hear it but no one knew that who was the enemy. The rangers had only one clue and that was ‘Skell’ said by a police officer. That sounded like Skeleton. It was the biggest mystery of the world. Some fighter planes went and zoomed their camera to the island. The people inside the planes saw a big black house and some green skin people. The fighter planes shot at the green skinned people. They died. The plane landed and the people came out. They were recording all the thing they were watching. They went to the green skinned people. They were Zombies. Everyone got scared and ran back in their planes but a person stayed there. The person who stayed was a secret detective working for the government. He sent the video to the rangers. The detective went inside the house. He switched on the light and then saw many dead bodies. The wall was covered in blood and there were some sarcophaguses. The walls turned into doors and some skeletons came out. The detective took out his pistol and shot at the skeletons but it was not working. The detective ran outside the house and sat in his plane. He tried to start the machines but the zombies had eaten all the machines. He sent the video to the rangers and started fighting the skeletons and the zombies. The skeletons were too much so the detective died. The rangers received the video and watched it. Now the rangers had a plan. They created some robots. The robots were looking like the skeletons in the video. The robots went to the island. The zombies and the other skeletons saw the robots but they didn’t attacked them. The robots went inside the house and saw many rooms. They went in the first room and saw a box. Many zombies were coming out of the box. The robots went in the second room and saw a box. Many skeletons were coming out of the box. The robots went in the third room and saw a human. He was laughing loudly. The robots went to the person and attacked him. Then the robots carried him and took him to the rangers’ base. The rangers asked the person that why was he laughing. He replied, “Do you think that I am a fool that I will tell you my secrets.” The rangers hit him with a knife. He screamed and said, “Haha! I will never tell you my secrets even if you kill me.” The rangers thought that he is mad so they kept him in prison. Every day the rangers hit him with a knife and asked that why was he laughing but he didn’t reply. Many years passed. The island was empty and the black house was now just a normal house. All the skeletons and zombies disappeared. That was also a mystery. The island sank and people thought that the mystery was over. Many months passed and everyone forgot about the island. The mad person got freedom as his prison time was over. After some days, a ranger came and told that the island has come again and now it’s full of zombies. The rangers sent their robots but they didn’t return. All the rangers went to the island and started their wars but the zombies were coming again and again. Some rangers went inside the house and started shooting the zombies. They saw the mad person standing there. He said loudly, “You stupid rangers can’t catch me now.” The rangers ran after him. The person went in a room and disappeared. All the rangers went inside the room. The door disappeared and the oxygen were finishing in that room. There were no windows or fans. Air was a little bit inside the room. Some zombies appeared in the room and started hitting the rangers. Oxygen was finishing and the zombies were also hitting. Other rangers outside the room were trying to break the wall of the room. The rangers outside saw the mad person. They went to the mad person slowly and caught him. Now it was true that the mad person was behind this mystery. The rangers arrested him and killed him. The rangers went to the black house again and saw a door behind the sarcophagus. They went inside it and saw that it was a lab. It was used to make zombies and skeletons. The zombies and skeletons were robots that are why they survived in low oxygen. A board said ‘Doctor Bob’s Lab’ so that meant that the mad person’s name was Bob and he was a doctor who made robots. The case was solved.
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Comments 11
KHAN Long but great Khan
Nov 18th 2013
manal Cool story but u stole my ending coz i wrote a story and thatz the exact ending. :). Anyways, smashing idea. Manal
Oct 19th 2013
eesha Mind blowing...... Eesha
Oct 5th 2013
Anam Goody good i loved it Anam
Oct 2nd 2013
Laibah Saad, your stories are always the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laibah
Sep 28th 2013
Laibah Hahaahahah Laibah
Sep 28th 2013
manal Impressive saad.realy nice..... Manal
Sep 27th 2013
Ajwa Fabulous.... Ajwa
Sep 27th 2013
Sidra Amazing! Sidra
Sep 26th 2013
Rafia WOAH!!!!!! SOOOOOOOO000oooo great!!!!! :) Rafia
Sep 26th 2013
Irum Gooooood Irum
Sep 26th 2013

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