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Sunshine Blue
Sunshine Blue
Ladybird Grammar School
Published On Sep 25th 2013
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Life is mysterious and yet so beautiful, it is completely filled with magic. There are times when we think that it is horrible and terrible, but this happens only for a matter of time and soon we realize this for ourselves that it is beautiful and magical. There are times when we feel alone and it mostly happens when our hearts are broken and when this happens we just feel alone as if no one wants us and everybody thinks of us as a useless burden on their shoulders but as long as we know that who we are and what we really want nothing will affect us and soon we will be back to life. Albus Camus once wrote that "Blessed are the hearts that can bend, they shall never be broken" but Lucas Scott and i wonder that if there is no breaking then there is no healing and if there is no healing then there is no learning and if there is no learning then there is no struggle and life is all about struggle because without struggle we cannot achieve the aim of our life and then we certainly will never be able to reach our destiny. The main point of writing this article is that we get life only once and that we should enjoy it.
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Comments 10
Sayed Mohammed Nd sorry if u mind Sayed Mohammed
Dec 13th 2013
Sayed Mohammed I totally agree wid u ......btw it was just a joke...........without stuggle therez no progress....... i would like to share that enjoy your own life without comparing it with other Sayed Mohammed
Dec 13th 2013
sunshine @sayed what our parents used to say is right. life is about struggle but be have gotta enjoy it too. i m not saying that "its an ice cream eat it before it melts", i m just saying that we should struggle to reach our destiny but we should also enjoy our lives, we should also enjoy our victories. b'coz happiness gives inspiration to face every next challenge that life puts in our way. "Past failures and disappointments, even victories takes hold of us. They haunt us like ghosts, or visit us like old friends." Sunshine
Dec 3rd 2013
Tooba Nice Tooba
Nov 14th 2013
Sayed Mohammed Nyc Our parents used to say "LIFE IS THE NAME OF STRUGGLE" but sadly....we say "LIFE IS AN ICE CREAM ENJOY IT BEFORE IT MELTS" Sayed Mohammed
Nov 4th 2013
sunshine Eid mubarak! i know its a little late to wish, but as i was so busy being mad with my friends and cows and goats (i am a mad animal lover, and its not just me who is mad, my friends nd my brother also includes in this category) that i barely had time to eat food. but, whatever, HAPPY EID MUBARAK!!! Sunshine
Oct 18th 2013
sarah You are right tension is not good so even if in society it is our job to provide the society with joy, who else will? Sarah
Oct 4th 2013
shumila Thought provoking!! Shumila
Sep 30th 2013
Ibrahim Zaria according to me u r a little rong because u r saying life should be passed in happiness but when every one is sad in the socity then u shouldnt be happy....... Ibrahim
Sep 30th 2013
sadia Goddeeee :-) Sadia
Sep 28th 2013

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