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Sameen Hassan
Sameen Hassan
Wild Teen Factors
Published On Mar 12th 2011
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The entice of becoming a teen is felt only when you turn out to be a teen. This is totally an unpredictable feeling that does not dawn on you the moment the clock strikes twelve and you become thir-Teen but the gradual changes of your life style and your choices that become distinctly averted depict your being transformed into a wild teen. You began to feel the oil spurting out of the land where you step. The feeling is absolutely abstruse and you become extremely exuberant even about little matters. You feel much more mature and grown up that is in fact a huge fallacy as wise say that teen is the most insecure and amateur age of ones life time.  The ecstasy of being self dependent and older envelopes you and you feel as if you are always right in every matter. A strong craving to be some one distinct borns in your heart and the craving to get all that your heart desires comes out in a manner that is intensly eager or you may say Wild! When you enter your teen, you go through dominant changes that your parents not only regard sickening but often get completly lost about your irritant behaviour. Frequent dispute particularly with mothers become obligatory and the fight of winning your final verdict in any conversation win you the title of an arrogant person. Your priorities change to friends, parties and fashion. You are not any more the "Mummy-Daddy" kid as you were back in early age but a crazy wild teen. The few things common in the behavour of most teens are as follows:
1) Fashion Slaves: You become wild fashion slaves running after crazy sorts of fashion saying "this is how Angie does". You can go after anything trendy either it suits you or not. Freakily crazy hair styles and the long hair phobia strikes the boys like an epidemic disease. Even your mum, calling you an African native has no effect on you all that matters for you are trends and demands of cool looks. Extra ordinary expenses become your emblem of highness and dignity. Very suddenly you parents flared jeans make a valuable fashion statement.
2) Phone-The Private Domain: For you even three hours of telephonic chat seem less. Once you hang up after an hours long chat and turn around you just remember that you forgot to mention the most important thing and. There you go again dialing up your friend's number busy for the next couple of hours. In some cases even when your prolix chat is over you remember that your broad band is not working and there goes the cable in the slot and on you are for the next couple of hours surfing the net, after all the phone is now your very private domain.
3) Messing Up Rooms: There's no time to settle the mess you have created in your room. The floor of most teens' rooms is flooded with goods of all sorts from magazines to DVDs to clothes leaving no vacant space to step on and the sheets? they are in the worst imaginable condition. Cosmetics, in case of girls, lie all around the room and in case of boys worn out t-shirts and their sports goods find their way to every corner of the room.
4) The SMS Obsession: All those unlimited sms packages are too less for you, as you have to share every moment that you spend, with your friends. The cell phone credit consumption increases like never before and every time you are on to the cell typing sms for any of your friends and even when you are asleep your thumbs are at work. Sending jokes and poetries to your friends is your most favourite time pass. Often people get irritated with you being so much engrossed in to the cell and one thing for sure is that most of the teens keep their cells on silent other wise they would never stop beeping as they never stop BUZZING!
5) Indignant Attitude: You become wild and frenzied about little matters. Your parents' questioning you about you being staying out too late at night or about your increasing expenses on your cell phone drive you nuts. You become wild and in most cases it becomes extremely difficult for your parents to rein you. You feel your independence being hindered upon being asked about your routine. The excuses you give are totally lame but you are never out of them. Even your elder brother keeps telling you "beta topi kisi or ko ghumana'"and you return your answer with a sharp glare. You always fight to win the final verdict. Now slamming doors and flouncing out of rooms become obligatory and you play your part, the best.
6) Change of Priorities: A distinct change you go through is the change in your priorities. They get totally opposite to what they were previously. You begin preferring loud Linkin Park kind of music with shrieks and bangs in place of the slow relaxing tunes of Bryne Adams. Bright and bold colours of your choice depict your teen-y wild nature.  For you friends matter more than any one else. Parties with friends become more important than any one else and studies are the last thing you care about. Friends become of extreme importance to you even more than family. You believe more in friends than in family and the advises? Friends are the best advisers you could get in your opinion. Wise say blood is thicker than water that is to say that family relations are more reliable than friends but being a teen how you can follow the rituals and in most teen cases water becomes the most viscous. They regard friends far more reliable than family.
7) Hangouts and Parties-your hobby: Late night parties and sleep overs become your emblem of coolness. The day time combined studies programs suddenly seem too dull and boring. Sleep overs at friends place and hang outs with a bunch of friends is what you are ever ready for. Sleep overs at friends’ places on weekends become obligatory and you feel your life jammed if not allowed to any one of these places. Girls get crazy about shopping and visits to malls and guys are always after drifting late at nights and hanging around on roads and in gaming zones. When ever there's a concert around in town you are the first one to get the tickets infact it won't be wrong to call you a party addict.
8) Relationships: While surfing through various blogging sites, I found out that most of the blogs were regarding relationships, some in search, some having lost and some trying to make and most authors were teens. Once you are a teen you are tagged with a title either of "boring" person or a "mummy-daddy" person if you are not into a relation ship. Guys particularly get nuts about having a girlfriend in fact now multiple. It is not only their hobby but in certain cases guys compete in how many relations at a time do they have. The girls are no different; the most exciting gossip among a group of girls is about the guys at School College or anywhere around. Parents get the most annoyed with this relation phobia and often ground you for week or so but you begin to fly in air considering this relationship phobia as a matter of true coolness.
With all these symptoms read, I guess the next time you are in a crowd you will be sure to guess the wild teens!

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Ayesha Sameen Baji i know u..u r a smasher RIGHT ??!! I'm in lv wid ur articles <3 Ayesha
Jun 25th 2015
taskeen Good:p Taskeen
Oct 21st 2013
Maria Its fantastic cuz its reality....:) Maria
Apr 13th 2012
Syed Saad Great Job Friend Syed Saad
Mar 16th 2011

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