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Fatimah Latif
Fatimah Latif
Pakistan International School (pisj)
The Haunted Island (part 7)
Published On Jul 6th 2013
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I ran, ran for my life, towards James. He was so panic-stricken while he watched my brave act that he didn’t move an inch. I had to grab his hand and pull him in order to make him run. We ran as fast as lightning bolt, I guess, because the trees were just a blur beside us. But those horrible screams and howls of hunger and incense never stopped following us.
I don’t know how long we ran but it seemed to get darker and darker every minute or perhaps we were going deeper and deeper into the woods. I was pretty sure that our time has come, even though they didn’t had us tied to a tree but this was their island and they knew every inch of it. They will find us even if we survive now. Nothing can stop them. No one can save us…. I thought with tears in my eyes. My legs were hurting so much that it felt like dogs or perhaps wolves were biting my flesh off. I knew I would no longer be able to run and would have to give up. I was too tired. I looked at James, his face as white as a ghost but he didn’t give up. I could tell by his face that he had hope in him and that flickered a bit of hope in me too.
I collected all my strength and started to run faster. Then suddenly I saw a light twinkling between the trees. I slowed down a bit to make sure what I saw and there, I saw it again just a few feet further from us. It was as if someone was signalling us, or something.
“Hey James do… you …see that light?”I asked breathing heavily but still running.
He turned to look where I was looking.
“I think we should…”
And without another word we started to follow it. I didn’t know what it was, where was it coming from or who was doing it but I felt relaxed as if a huge rock , laying on me, has been lifted. I felt safe.
We followed it and it led us to an opening and suddenly vanished. We stopped running and realized that the howls were no longer near us. The forest was now behind us and so were those things. I welcomed the breeze sweep through me as I fell to the ground and looked up into the star shinning sky breathing as heavily as a dog.  Same went for James. We lay there for a few minutes until our breathing was even. I sat up to look for that flashing light and then I noticed that we were on the cliff side of the island which, right this moment, felt like home.
“We did it” I said, my voice felt horse like rather than excited.
“Let’s head to our “home” cave” James said leading the way.
We opened two tins of pineapple and ate ravenously without a word. I felt much better after filling my tummy but my legs were sore and still covered in pain.
“I won’t be able to run any more from now on” I said looking at my legs in awe.
“You are not the only one” he said. “Where do you think that light came from? And why did you told us to follow it, I know it led us to the right place but how did you know…I mean...” he was kind of confused as he ran out of words to explain his question.
“Well... I don’t really know where that light came from but I suddenly started felling, you know, comfortable and relaxed by looking at it, it felt like someone or something was signalling us” I said wondering for the tenth time where that light came from.
“Nah, I don’t think it was a person and it couldn’t just be ‘something’” he said.
“Well then I suppose it was an angel” I suggested and he seemed to agree with my theory “Well, at least we got the ropes and everything else is ready. Why don’t we start building a raft?”
“What? Now? But I am totally worn out. Lets rest for few hours and then we could start working” he recommends. It was not a bad idea so I agreed.
James lay snoring on his side. I tried to close my eyes for the last time but every time I did those faces of the monsters would appear in front of me. I was too scared to sleep. Too scared that they would find us. The calm sound of the waves echoed in the cave. I turned and tossed and tried to sleep but this place was very uncomfortable and I finally gave up. It was quiet except from the sound of the waves the crackling fire and James snores. But still it felt too quite. I tried to think of beautiful things in order to get away from this eerie silence. A picture of home flashed before my eyes. My mom, my dad and my little sister, Rebecca. What would they be doing right now? Were they worried about me? Did they think I was ….Dead? Oh and my dog, Sparky. Was he missing me? I wish he was with me right now. Tears were rolling down my eyes as I lay there thinking of my family that I didn’t even notice something move along the cave wall slowly.

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Comments 20
Hiba Good Hiba
Aug 31st 2013
Aug 26th 2013
Arooba Fatimah I have no words to appreciate you keep you. Arooba
Aug 13th 2013
Soha Nice Soha
Aug 12th 2013
Jul 18th 2013
fatimah Ur welco, my dear!!!! Fatimah
Jul 16th 2013
Gullasht AOA thankyou Fatima Thankyou Gullasht
Jul 12th 2013
fatimah Walukum Aslam.Thnx dr.gullasht. Ramadan mubarak to u too. May Allah shower his blessings on u and all my friends. I will always remember u guys in my prayers.happy Ramadan to allllll. Fatimah
Jul 11th 2013
Gullasht AsSalam.0.Alekuim!!... "RAMADAN MUBARAK" Dear @Fatima May Allah give you courage you collect too much NAKIYA and May Allah Bless you in this mouth (AMEEN) keep remember me in your's prays. Gullasht
Jul 11th 2013
fatimah Yeah that dream of mine is lost at this moment but thanx alot. Fatimah
Jul 9th 2013
 яυмαιsα Awsummmmmmm....u should Bcome a writer.....and a poet.....and an Artist....U Rock....:) яυмαιsα
Jul 9th 2013
Rafia Ur welcome dear!!!!!!!!:) Rafia
Jul 7th 2013
fatimah I have send the next part so no need to worry Khadijah Fatimah
Jul 7th 2013
Sana Gr8 story...I simply can't wait for the next part..!! Send it soon... Sana
Jul 7th 2013
Ahmed Please visit and like this page. It has got the cutest cats on planet! Ahmed
Jul 7th 2013
fatimah Well the next part will be the last part and thnx Eesha, Wafi and Rafia....(^_^) Fatimah
Jul 7th 2013
eesha Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!TOO good.Waiting for next part. Eesha
Jul 7th 2013
wafi GR8 1 Wafi
Jul 7th 2013
Rafia Nyc 1........!!!!!!! Rafia
Jul 6th 2013
Khadijah It't toooooooo early to stop the story part............I can't wait. Khadijah
Jul 6th 2013

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