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Sana Raheel
Sana Raheel
Pakistan International School, Riyadh
The Lonely Girls Part 4
Published On Jul 2nd 2013
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The next morning, when Chloe woke up, she felt slightly guilty. As soon as she had done breakfast, she called Carly and Emily. They came in two minutes, and asked Chloe ‘Why did you call us so early? Any news? Any hope of going to the woods again?’  ‘No, no and No.’ replied Chloe glumly. ‘I just wanted to tell that maybe we were too hard on Mary. I know it was dumb of her to send the message, but I am awfully worried about her. She is very emotional.’  ‘Yeah, I think the same. Where is Mary by the way?’ asked Emily anxiously. ‘I don’t know... we didn’t talk at all--’ said Chloe. That woke them up and they were all over the house shouting Mary! Where are you? But no one answered them. When Chloe’s mom heard them, she asked ‘What happened?’  Emily said ‘Where is Mary, Mrs. Louie?’ ‘She is at the park, she woke up early and said that she was going to the park for a day, and she sounded unhappy.’ ‘Mom, are you sure that she went to the park?’ ‘Of course, she was wearing good strong shoes and had a backpack that had some food and drink.’ ‘Okay’ finished Chloe and went to her room. She said ‘Let’s go to the park and find Mary.’  ‘Good idea. Let’s go!’ said Carly, excited.
The three went to the park and couldn’t find anyone. They found Mrs. Matilda and asked about Mary and got to know that she was going towards the bus that leaves the people to the wood. Chloe, Carly and Emily stared at each other with amazement. Without wasting another second, then went to Carly’s home, got some good shoes, food and went off to the woods.
What happened to Mary? As she lay down to sleep, she thought to herself ‘way to go Mary, you blew everything up. You all were few seconds from rescuing Kate and you finished it all.’ Then suddenly Mary felt that she was getting an idea. ‘How about I go to the woods tomorrow morning and rescue Kate by myself! This way, I can prove myself to everyone and cancel out my mistake. As soon as Chloe falls asleep, I will take out my backpack, get some things to eat, wear strong shoes and take the morning bus to the woods.’ Sometime later Mary heard the sound of Chloe sleeping. She did as planned and told her mom that she wanted to spend the day in the park. So she left.
Soon Carly, Emily and Chloe reached the hut. They heard a voice and they suddenly ran in the trees. They saw Mr. Peter going to the hut. Then, after 5 minutes, he came out. But he saw Carly’s shoe and went to investigate. Fortunately, Chloe noticed him and they all ran away. He started chasing them and they ran all over the woods. ‘I hope we don’t get lost! Split up!’ yelled Emily to the others. They split up and after 15 minutes, lost Mr. Peters. They met at a clearing but couldn’t find the hut. It took them 15 more minutes to relocate the hut. They heard a tic-tac sound. They looked around the clearing but couldn’t see or find someone. They went to the flower pot and to everyone’s shock and amazement, there was no key there! Then Carly suddenly had a brain wave. ‘The tic-tac! It’s Morse code!’ she said. In utter amazement, Chloe took a notebook and wrote the letters that were formed. ‘It says: We are trapped. Please help us. The key is under the soil of the flower pot next to the door.’ said Chloe, fluently reading the Morse code. ‘Come on! Find the key.’ said Emily. They dug the key out and opened the locked door. They looked in and found Mary and Kate tied together, mouth, hands and all. They quickly rushed to their help. As soon as they were free, Mary said: ‘Run! Quickly! Trust me, just RUN!!’  They ran and hid in the trees while Mary hid beside the hut. As soon as Mr. Peter opened the door and went in, Mary closed the door and locked it. Emily got a policeman and they captured Mr.Peter. Meanwhile Mary told all that happened (about leaving the house) to Kate, Chloe, Carly and Emily. They shared stories and Kate’s parent’s arrived. But two minutes before Kate’s parent’s arrived, Kate talked to them. “Actually I just wanted to say that I am sorry. About that day in the mall. I just know that everyone hates me because I am spoiled and rude. So it hurts me to think people hate me via a reason that’s not my fault so I give them a reason to hate me. I hope we are friends.” ‘Of course we are.’ Said Mary, Emily, Chloe and Carly. ‘I also wanted to tell that I am going to live in an island. My island. Come to meet me.’

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Comments 17
Aug 26th 2013
Tooba Nice stories Tooba
Aug 20th 2013
Ajwa Love ur stories sana !!!<3 btw whos admin????? Ajwa
Aug 5th 2013
Sana Ask the admin...he/she doesn't even answer the contact us q's Sana
Jul 28th 2013
tehreem Why new stories are not coimng????????????? Tehreem
Jul 26th 2013
Sana Thanx everyone.......i was wondering, should i send the next story in parts or altogether?? I have sent the first part a lot of times but the admin doesn't accept my stories. I think none of the stories are being accepted. Sana
Jul 25th 2013
Marwa An excellent one loved it <3 awesome! Marwa
Jul 22nd 2013
FIZZA Nice=) Fizza
Jul 22nd 2013
tehreem Ramadhan mubarak everyone..... Tehreem
Jul 10th 2013
tehreem Great sana..waiting for da next part Tehreem
Jul 6th 2013
Sana I will send the next story as soon as i write it--i just thought the idea of the story Sana
Jul 5th 2013
Uswah Sana i sent u friend request plz accept it i really like ur stories and writings u are the best writer ever! :) :) :) <3 Uswah
Jul 4th 2013
Khadijah I have no words to explain that I AM WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Khadijah
Jul 4th 2013
Sana Actually it was a different story bt after the first part I changed the story. So its not the exact name now.... Thanx to u all who commented on my stories. AND look out for a new story; The Fabulous Four: Marooned starring Chloe Carly Emily and Mary, coming not very soon!! ( I mean it) Sana
Jul 3rd 2013
Emel Great.Sana please add me as freind Emel
Jul 3rd 2013
eesha GREAT Sana!!!!!!!!!!!! Eesha
Jul 2nd 2013
Khadijah It was great but how it is the lonely girls? Khadijah
Jul 2nd 2013

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