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Ribat Navaid
Ribat Navaid
The Beginers
Drawing Of A Girl
Published On Mar 10th 2010
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Comments 7
Fatima Ahahahahahahahab Fatima
May 22nd 2017
duaa IRTAZA! sorry but i have to tell you that khan is right i asked my nano and Qari saab about this both said that if we make of clay or mud etc and we say lord to them (like hindus) and prey them and say that they make us that time ALLAH will say us to give them life other wise ISLAM is not such rude or difficult. OK! As we prey ALLAH and say that he is our creator, and everything he made and believe in ALLAH and his prophets and in PROPHET (P.B.U.H). actually you dont know anything khan dont know anything and you don't know infact no ones know what is real basic but yes islam is not so difficult or rude they allow us but no to prey or donot say lord to them ok! Hope SO YOU DON'T MIND :-) AND YES ALWAYS RIGHT ALLAH NAME IN CAPITAL LETTERS Duaa
Jan 8th 2016
duaa Nice very cute haha Duaa
Jan 8th 2016
KHAN Irtaza,if Allah has commanded such a thing.Why would schools teach books that have animals and other living things drawn in them.This cannot be true.There is no hadees saying such a thing.Well it is not true at all.Animals are drawn all over the world,even in Saudi Arabia.The Prophet did only do that when The Quraish were maltreated him.There are pictures in our homes of living things.All what you said is all fake. Khan
Jan 22nd 2014
Emel Good effort keep it up! Emel
Jul 9th 2013
Ayesha Yes Irtaza you are right,every gunnah IS attractive but we need to run from all those gunnahs... Ayesha
Mar 11th 2012

Ribat, that girl you made is excellent. But have you ever read that Hadees that our prophet has not allowed us to make pictures. in fact, when we make pictures. on the day of judgement Allah will say us to give them life. Ok hope you will do this work & forward it to other friends

Feb 24th 2010

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