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Saad Salman
Saad Salman
Beacon House School System
The Revenge
Published On Jun 30th 2013
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George was on his way for revenge against a knight named Charlie. Charlie was called the monster because he was very powerful and his face looked like a monster too. He kidnapped George’s friend. George was a great warrior and he was not afraid of Charlie. When he reached Charlie’s castle, he was shocked to see his friend’s dead body. George went inside and started fighting with Charlie with his sword. Charlie warned George that he can kill him if he wants. George didn’t listened to Charlie and cut off his neck. A lot of blood came out and he died. After two days, George was roaming around in his cousin Dr. Bob’s lab. There were many big transparent tubes inside the lab. The tubes were filled with a chemical and there were powerful warriors inside them. The warriors were getting healed. Suddenly, George saw Charlie inside a tube. He was looking so strong. George went closer to the tube. Charlie opened his eyes and stared angrily at George. George told Dr. Bob to stop healing Charlie but the buttons were not working. Dr. Bob told George that a doctor collected Charlie’s blood and poured it in the machine. George tried to break the machine but the machines were very hard. Charlie broke the tube and came out. “I warned you but you didn’t listen to me so today you will be finished”, said Charlie. He came closer to George. George was shocked to see Charlie because he was so tall. He was turning into a wolf. People were right, Charlie was a monster. Charlie started attacking George but he defended himself with his shield. Charlie grew bigger and bigger. Acid was coming out of his feet. George’s shield was finished in the acid. All the doctors were dying. Dr. Bob went to another city so he could be safe. The acid finished everyone in the lab. Only George and Charlie were left. George was also trying to get out of the lab but there was no way. All the ways were blocked by Charlie. George attacked him with his sword but Charlie was very powerful. He hit George two punches and he fell down. George thought that he was close to death so he closed his eyes, but closing eyes wasn’t the solution. George opened his eyes and ran to Charlie. He used all his weapons to kill Charlie but Charlie was not hurt a little bit. Charlie hit a slap on George’s face and George became unconscious. Charlie turned into a wolf and he went to the forest. When George opened his eyes, he saw that he was inside a tube. Dr. Bob was standing in front of George. George was getting healed. He felt powerful so he broke the tube. “You have got fire breathing powers now”, said Dr. Bob. George was very happy. He went to the forest and found Charlie eating meat. He used his fire breathing powers to burn Charlie but it didn’t worked. Charlie ran to George and cut off George’s hand with his sharp teeth. George was feeling very angry on Charlie so he ran to the gas station and bought a box of petrol. George spilled all the petrol on Charlie’s face. Then he used his fire breathing powers on Charlie and he was burnt. George’s revenge against Charlie was over.
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Comments 8
Laibah Nyyyccccc story but dont u think revenge is bad ??? :-< Laibah
Jul 6th 2013
Maarij Maqsood Amazing Maarij Maqsood
Jun 30th 2013
Saad I have took idea from Dragon Ball Z Bio Broly (Movie) Saad
Jun 30th 2013
Ahmed Brilliant Ahmed
Jun 30th 2013
Saad Thanks everyone!!! Saad
Jun 30th 2013
nazish Gr8 story saad.always luv your story. Nazish
Jun 30th 2013
Saad Thankyou!!! Saad
Jun 30th 2013
Tooba Nice story....... Tooba
Jun 30th 2013

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