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Sana Raheel
Sana Raheel
Pakistan International School, Riyadh
The Lonely Girls Part 3
Published On Jul 1st 2013
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“Hey! What’s up?” shouted Emily as Chloe and Carly recovered from their daze. ‘We were waiting for you. What are you doing standing here with your mouth wide open? Did you talk to that Kate?’ asked Mary, asking a lot of questions at once. ‘Um… lets go.’ said Chloe. ‘Y-ye-yeah. L-lets go.’ said Carly.
The next day, the Headlines of all newspapers and news channels was the same: Kate Mike; Kidnapped!  
Emily and Mary went to the park, and as soon as they were gone, Chloe called Carly over as her parents were at the shop for grocery. Carly asked Chloe: ‘Why didn’t you tell Emily and Mary about all this?’ Chloe said ‘I know Mary well. She may be sweet but is HORRIBLE at keeping secrets. I may sound rude but it is the truth.’ ‘Yeah—all that at its own place, but what shall we do?’ asked Carly. ‘I have no idea.’ ‘How about—well—we tell Emily and Mary, and you know all four of us can solve this case. ‘Well, let me think about it.’
As Emily and Mary were being discussed by Chloe and Carly, Chloe and Carly were being discussed by Emily and Mary. ‘Don’t you think Chloe and Carly are hiding something from us?’ said Emily. ‘I have the same feeling.’ replied Mary. ’Well—should we ask from them that tell us what are they hiding?’ suggested Emily. ‘Yeah, I agree.’ said Mary in a hopeful voice. ‘Hey! Look at that man! He clearly looks suspicious. Let’s follow him!’ Emily and Mary followed that man and were shocked to see the man open a door of his house that was right next to Carly and Emily’s house. ‘Let’s tell Chloe and Carly!’ whispered Emily. ‘Quickly!’ said Mary in an urgent whisper.
When Emily and Mary came to Chloe and Mary’s home, Chloe and Carly were waiting for them. ‘Okay, we want to tell you both something.’ said Carly. ‘Uh- huh.’ said Mary. Chloe continued ‘that day in the mall when we saw Kate, we were going to apologize, we er—saw her being kidnapped.’ ‘Yeah but you are not to tell anyone. Especially YOU Mary.’ ‘Okay’ replied Mary. ‘But we also have something to tell you.’ ‘What?!’ said Carly and Chloe together. ‘We have a suspect of the kidnapper. We were following him, I mean Mr. Peters. When he opened the door we also heard a small and weak voice saying: Let me go!’ ‘Really?’ said Chloe. ‘Yeah’ agreed Emily. After discussing their plans, they went to their homes.
The next day, they went to a nearby forest as they were following the Mr. Peter They followed at a distance, with safety precautions. He went to a forest and opened a door to the hut. He put a sac inside and they heard a low and weak voice saying: ‘Please let me go! I want to go home! What do you want with me?’  To an answer to these questions, Mr. Peters let out a hideous laugh. Sometime later, Mr. Peters left. The girls sat on a log and discussed all they saw. ‘Mr. Peter looks like the kidnapper.’ said Mary. ‘I agree’ commented Emily. ‘But what should we do?’ questioned Carly looking at the puzzled faces of Chloe, Maria and Mary. ‘Maybe---‘‘Maybe, we can just sneak in after he leaves this place.’ said Emily. ‘Brilliant plan Em’ said Mary. ‘But how can we get the key?’ said Carly. ‘Yeah—good point’ said Carly, disappointed. ‘That’s a failure to a perfect plan......’ said Mary. Just then, they saw a shadow. They quickly hid behind the trees on the opposite side of the hut. They were just in time and soon they saw Mr. Peter, looking around and picking a flowerpot. He quickly slid a key inside and hurriedly went in. ‘This is just the moment’ thought Carly. But, sadly enough, Mary had prepared a message ‘Pick us’ to her Parent’s and by mistake she sent it without noticing. Her message was received with a call by her parent’s that they were coming in two minutes, come to the start of the woods. Mary had pressed the send button without knowing, and when she received the call, she was shocked. She told the others, and everyone was angry. ‘Mary that’s a dumb thing to do!’ said Chloe growing red in the face. ’Mary, I can’t believe you!’ said Emily. ‘Why Mary, why!’ said Carly. Everyone was extremely disappointed. Mary just couldn’t explain herself. ‘I didn’t know when I pressed the send button! I – I --’ but no one was ready to understand her. She went home, so did everyone else, not talking to Mary. At night, Mary said to Chloe ‘Are you still mad at me?’ ‘I can’t believe you did such a dumb thing. Just don’t talk to me!’ exclaimed Chloe. ‘But-‘‘just keep quite!’ Mary went to bed and cried softly to herself. Then a plan formed in her mind.

What will be her plan??? Wait for the next part, coming soon!!
(Writer has emailed for removal of this part. The writer is required to confirm that email by sending that email by submitting it through my Page (may be in category of story) to make sure that the writer wants to remove this part no. 3…..Thanks: Admin)
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Comments 11
wafa Good try Wafa
Aug 21st 2013
Marwa An amazing one Marwa
Jul 22nd 2013
unaiza Too wonderful for words....!!!!!!!!!1111 Unaiza
Jul 11th 2013
raveeha Sana, u r an AMAZING writer!!! Raveeha
Jul 7th 2013
Uswah Sana thanx for adding me I love u Sana! ;) Uswah
Jul 5th 2013
Sana Thank you to all.i might send the next part soon or maybe after a month.... Sana
Jul 1st 2013
tehreem Getting interesting day by day...... send the next part Tehreem
Jul 1st 2013
Ahmed Gud one Ahmed
Jun 30th 2013
eesha Good story!!!! Eesha
Jun 30th 2013
Tooba Nice send the next part soooooon Tooba
Jun 30th 2013
Khadijah I wished they had gone inside the hut. I can't wait for the next part . Khadijah
Jun 30th 2013

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