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Shehryar Larik
Shehryar Larik
Bay View Academy
Published On Jun 26th 2013
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Honesty is an important virtue that everyone should employ. Honesty helps in the development of trust of others. Honesty enhances the person's character and evolves him to be respectful figure in the society. Islam puts in a significant importance on honesty. Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) told the identities of a hypocrite and dishonesty was one of them. Thus a true believer is honest. Honesty means to remain trustworthy and do not deceit others. Honesty is an act of sincerity toward others eg: If a person A leaves behind his possessions on the responsibility of another person B, this means A trusts B. So B should fulfil his responsibility and instead of betraying A he should take care of A's possessions by heart and soul. This way he would be called as an honest person. This example clarifies the definition of honesty. Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) is the true guide for all the Muslims and he showed a great example of honesty. People (believers and non-believers) used to keep their belongings on the trust of Prophet (Peace be upon him) because they knew he will remain honest and trustworthy. So following our Prophet (Peace be upon him) we should apply honesty in all spheres of life. We should not deal with telling lie or either deceiving others but instead be honest. "Honesty is the best policy", this maxim clearly deciphers the significance of this attribute. An honest person is seen in high esteem in the society. Honest person is always appreciated and praised by the people. The conscience of honest person never leads him to indulge in evil. An honest person lives a pure and chaste life and Allah loves the honest. Honesty leads a person to paradise. Honesty is a virtue if applied makes the life easy and full of joy so we should remain honest in all dealings of daily life.
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Comments 9
Ajwa Its very gud!! Ajwa
Aug 13th 2013
unaiza Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unaiza
Aug 10th 2013
Ajwa Totally tru.... Ajwa
Aug 5th 2013
Allama Inaam Masha allah . . . . inaam Allama Inaam
Jul 31st 2013
Marwa @ Sheyar i totally agree with Tooba your way of explanation is awesome. It almost made my day. Love it :D :P Marwa
Jul 13th 2013
Rafia @ Abdul Ahad........... u r right!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rafia
Jul 10th 2013
Abdul Ali Honesty is what is needed to make the world peaceful. A really nice article. Keep it up!! Abdul Ali
Jul 7th 2013
tooba You have written this article on avery unique topic and the way you have written it cannot be explained in words so keep it up Tooba
Jul 4th 2013
Rafia Shehryar u have choosen a very nice topic...the way of explanation was awesome...keep it up!!!!!:) Rafia
Jun 26th 2013

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