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Sana Raheel
Sana Raheel
Pakistan International School, Riyadh
The Lonely Girls Part 2
Published On Jun 26th 2013
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........Suddenly Emily started laughing. So did Carly. Mary stared at Emily through her blue eyes… What was so funny? Why did Carly say no? Mary was surprised and shocked. Then Emily explained: ‘She is just joking; Of course we will see each other around.’
Chloe was relieved, and Carly, who had finally stopped laughing, said: ‘I was only joking! Of course we will see you around, just like Emily said.’ Mary said: ‘Okay, let’s go, mom might get worried.’ Chloe: ‘Bye!’
As they went back to their houses, they were happier and as Chloe and Mary went to their house, they saw that the house next door was for sale. The woman who lived there was a nurse. They wondered who was moving in, and talked about it during dinner that was macaroni and cheese.
The next day, Carly and Emily were quite happy. They were meeting in the park and Emily suddenly exclaimed: ‘we are changing our house; YAY!’ Mary asked: What is so good in changing houses?
Carly answered: ‘We are happy because we have lots of rodents in our old house. But our new house is quite new, and is half furnished.’ Chloe asked: So... where are you going to live now? I mean which street and house? ‘Um… the street behind the park’s fountain, house#35.’ answered Carly. Suddenly Mary screamed with joy.’ We live in the same street, house# 34! You are going to live in the house next door!’ Suddenly Emily said: Oh no! It’s 5 o’ clock already! We must go home; we have to help mom with the packing!
Soon Carly and Emily move in with their parents. The two families were like family friends. One day, when Carly, Chloe, Mary and Emily went to the mall to look at the latest fashion, Mary ran into a good looking girl. She was the height of Chloe and was wearing a pink shirt with a long white skirt. She was wearing high heels and had a sun hat over her long yellow hair. She wore a bracelet and pretty pink earrings. Mary and Emily were racing and during the race, Mary ran into a girl. The girl went red in anger and shouted at her: ‘you clumsy girl! Can’t you see? You threw my juice over me and my shirt is ruined! I can’t understand why people are so clumsy!’ Mary started to cry as she was a soft hearted person. Chloe ran up to her and said:  ‘You should be ashamed of yourself! Shouting at someone who just bumped into you! And she did not do it on purpose! You are the rudest person in the world!’ With this, Chloe took Mary and went to Carly and Emily. ‘God!’ said Chloe ’some people are so rude! Why, Mary bumped into a girl by mistake, and the girl spilled some juice over herself, and she started shouting at Mary for no reason!’
 ‘Cool your anger Chloe!’ said Emily ’Mary! Please stop crying! Think about---Well—the girl falling in a cream pie!’ After hearing this, all four girls started giggling. Mary said between giggles: Why a cream pie?
 Then, a woman came and said: ‘I am deeply sorry for the behavior of Kate. She shouldn’t have shouted at you. I am her nanny. Actually, Kate is the daughter of Tim Mike, the millionaire.’ Chloe said: ‘No matter who she is, doesn’t she have manners?’ after a pause, Chloe continued: I am sorry if I sound rude, but I am quite protective of my sister…’ The old woman said: It’s okay dear. I should go now. Take care my dears.’ With that she left.
As the girls went outside to go home, they saw Kate going towards her car. Her car was across the street and Chloe felt that she had been too much rude. She said to Mary: ‘I think I have been quite rude. I will go and apologize.’ Carly said: ‘I will go with you.’
The street where the car stood was deserted and Kate’s driver was in the coffee shop, across the road. Then a black jeep came and stopped in front of her. The door opened and two men, with masks, put a dirty looking handkerchief on her mouth. As they pulled her in the car, the last thing the girls saw was Kate’s eyes rolling up and fainting.
Chloe and Carly stared at each other, with their mouths wide open, their medium brown hair blowing all across their faces, their chocolate ice-creams dripping down to the street.

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What will happen next? Wait for the next part, COMING SOON!!

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Comments 21
Anam Sooooooooooooooooooooo Awesome Anam
Aug 24th 2013
wafa Aowesomexx Wafa
Aug 21st 2013
Ajwa <3 it..... Ajwa
Aug 5th 2013
HAFSA I love your stories very muchhh keeeep it uupp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hafsa
Jul 28th 2013
Marwa Sana loved them . Just going on for the next part. !!!!!!!!!!! Awesome ones Marwa
Jul 22nd 2013
Uswah Sana but they are not LONELY from anywhere!!!!! Uswah
Jul 14th 2013
unaiza A very nice story. there is suspense at every end of each chapter , which is good as a writer.:) Unaiza
Jul 11th 2013
Uswah Sana ur stories are always amazing! I truely love them! <3 ur stories sana! ;) Uswah
Jul 3rd 2013
Tooba Sana, How many parts have you written???? Tooba
Jun 29th 2013
Sana Stop being cranky---i am sending the next part.....;) Sana
Jun 29th 2013
Ahmed I have joined vshine readers and writers group at facebook. They say it’s for boys!!! You just type “vshine readers and writers” and an open group you see. Join it Ahmed
Jun 29th 2013
Irum W8ing.. tick tock Irum
Jun 29th 2013
tehreem Great story SANA ....keep it up...:) Tehreem
Jun 28th 2013
nazish was so nice. Nazish
Jun 28th 2013
Sana There are four parts by the way... Sana
Jun 27th 2013
Sana I will send the next part in two to three weeks Sana
Jun 27th 2013
Khadijah I mean that when you sent the 1 part I did not notice it, that's why I did not comment but now for the next part plz, plz, wriye it soon............ Khadijah
Jun 27th 2013
eesha Nyc story Sana.Waiting for next part desperately!!!!!!!!! Eesha
Jun 26th 2013
Khadijah I did not notice the first part but now I beg you to write it today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Khadijah
Jun 26th 2013
Rafia Awesome......waiting 4 the next one Rafia
Jun 26th 2013
Sana Please show some feelings, negative or positive, just true feelings and show them by COMMENTS.............:) Sana
Jun 26th 2013

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