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Shehryar Larik
Shehryar Larik
Bay View Academy
True Friendship Never Dies (third And Last Part)
Published On Jun 23rd 2013
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Few days went on and Shehry and Rafay were every time alone, even they were in the opposite team during cricket match. After few days the annual school election started. Rafay was taking part to become house captain of green house and Shehryar stood up for blue house. At the day of result it was announced Rafay became the green house captain and Shehry got the 2nd position so he was deputy captain of blue house (though later on he became house captain as the former house captain left the school). Rafay was very jubilant thus he decided to give a grand party to all his friends. He also invited Shehry by asking Rizwan to give him invitation on my behalf. Rizwan came to Shehry at off-time and said "Hey Shehry Rafay has invited you to his party". Shehry said "Oh Rafay, but why I am not his friend any more so this invitation is not for me". After that all students left for homes. Rizwan called and asked Shehry "will you come or not? Tell me Rafay is asking". Shehry replied "I won't come, if he would have wanted my presence in the party so he would have invited me by himself not through you ok, now bye I am not coming". Rizwan told the conversation with Shehry to Rafay.
Rafay realised that he is wrong and so he rapidly called Shehry and frankly said "you are coming ok and what is this drama that I am not coming han!!" Shehry said "No we are not friends so it is not good to call on strangers at your party, congrats on winning but i cannot come"? Rafay said "you are coming alright and now leave this anger and come". Finally after Rafay insisted too much so Shehry decided to go. He took chocolates at the party. When he arrived both of them greeted each other Shehry gave gift to Rafay. Rafay said "why this?" Shehry replied "for the resurrection of friendship" Everyone laughed now and Shehry and Rafay became true friends once again and so Shehry said "well true friendship never dies". Next day Rizwan told to Miss Nadia "Shehry and Rafay are friends again." Miss replied "well how it happened". Shehry replied "it’s a long story". Miss laughed and said "I am happy that you are friends once again."

THE END (hope you enjoyed the story and learnt the lesson)

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Comments 18
Ibrahim Great story Ibrahim
Jul 12th 2013
Laibah Amazing story but soo many mistakes !!!! Laibah
Jul 6th 2013
Maha Jalleous (Hassam) Seriously English Murdered! R.I.P English Maha
Jul 4th 2013
rizwan Hey Hassam!!!how are you?????????? Rizwan
Jul 3rd 2013
Muhammad Hassam Good story but Rizwan are jalleous............ Muhammad Hassam
Jun 30th 2013
Maarij Maqsood Amazing Maarij Maqsood
Jun 30th 2013
Ahmed I have joined vshine readers and writers group at facebook. They say it’s for boys!!! You just type “vshine readers and writers” and an open group you see. Join it Ahmed
Jun 29th 2013
Irum Good Irum
Jun 29th 2013
Maha Nice :) Maha
Jun 28th 2013
Rafia Gr8....!!!!!:) Rafia
Jun 26th 2013
Sana Great!!!!!!!! Sana
Jun 24th 2013
Shehryar Attention All boys here on v shine. You can join an open group on facebook for writers and readers. Its name is “V SHINE Readers and Writers.” Girls can only message if they have any problem about their stories etc but they can’t join the group for now. I’m putting this comment on behalf of admin of V SHINE . You search the group on facebook by “V SHINE Readers and Writers.” Shehryar
Jun 24th 2013
Ahmed Good Ahmed
Jun 24th 2013
nazish Best story.i enjoyed it a lot. Nazish
Jun 24th 2013
rabia Great job....keep it up.... Rabia
Jun 24th 2013
Aamaan Enjoy very much :) Aamaan
Jun 23rd 2013
rizwan Is mai mera naam kiun daal dia...............???????????????????:) Rizwan
Jun 23rd 2013
areesha Great story;really enjoyed reading it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Areesha
Jun 23rd 2013

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