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Syed Farook Arshad
Syed Farook Arshad
Falcon House
The Tiger And Other Animals
Published On Mar 3rd 2011
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Once upon a time there was a jungle in which many animals live. The most dangerous and powerful animal in the jungle was "TIGER". He was also the KING of the jungle but he was very greedy and proud animal. He wants to be the king of the jungle forever and want that every one in the jungle should obey his command. But every one hates him and wants that he should not be the king. Then every animal came to a plain and large area where they discussed that "HOW TO KILL THE TIGER". First they make the group and make the "LION" leader for the mission. Then they discussed that anyone should go to tiger and give him greediness. Fox told that he will go. Then the fox went to the tiger and told him that a lion who came from "SOUTH AFRICA" is telling himself the king so you should kill him now. The tiger agreed and told i am coming in an hour. The fox went back and told the story to the group and told to arrange a trap to kill tiger because the tiger is coming here in an hour. All of them think and arrange a trap and when the tiger arrived after an hour the fox told I was just joking there is no lion the tiger get angry and jumps on the fox the fox moves left and then the tiger fall on the hole which was dug by animals. Then the animals throw some worms and started to close the hole. After some time the tiger was completely buried in the hole and then the "LION" was made the new "KING" for the jungle and all the animals now onwards lived HAPPILY!!
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Comments 2
Tooba Nice Tooba
Apr 28th 2014
Habiba Good effort Habiba
Mar 13th 2011

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