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Shiraz Larik
Shiraz Larik
Karachi Grammar School
Mischief Leads To No Good
Published On Jun 22nd 2013
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Tony was a mischievous boy of 9 years old. He studied in class 4, every now and then he created problems in the house and outside. All his family, friends, neighbours and relatives were all fed up with him. He was so clever he planned new tricks on everyone. People used to come and complain his parents, Tony's parents were so annoyed by their son.
One day in Tony's class a new admission student named John came in. Tony saw it as a golden opportunity to work out his trick. At recess when the class was empty he quickly opened John's bag. After recess it was English period so he took out John's English book and put his artificial lizard in it. Then he laughed at his idea and went outside of class so nobody could watch him. After recess the students entered the class. Then English teacher came in and the students stood up to greet her."Take out your books students "said the teacher. As John opened his book he yelled and every one stared at John."What happened John?" the teacher asked John."Miss there's a lizard, look in my book" replied John. Teacher came to John and checked the book."Oh John it is an artificial lizard" said teacher. Everyone laughed and giggled at John and Tony could just not control his laugh. There was huge amount of noise in class."Maintain silence!" teacher exclaimed."Who has done it? Tell me or if I got to know then he would be in trouble" said teacher angrily. The students shouted "it must be Tony he always creates problems"."Stand up Ton, have you done it" asked teacher. "No miss I haven't done it, have anyone got proof" said Tony. Then after a while class ended. At the off-time children told John that it must be Tony as he always creates problem.
Next day John decided to teach Tony a lesson he gathered other students and told his plan. All the other students helped him as well. At the time of recess when Tony was playing outside John and three other students entered the class one of them put John's English book in Tony's bag. The other one called Tony and said "look Tony, John was trying to steal your book we stopped him, now check whether the bag is there or not. As Tony opened the bag and checked the book he realized that it was John's own book meanwhile another one who was hiding under a desk with John captured the picture of Tony holding his book. Tony said" Hey why you told me a lie?"It is his book in my bag but why he had put in here?" The student said "Oh it might be a mistake by us and John might have put it there by mistake". "Oh i am going to put the book back in his bag" said Tony. The student said "No No you must play a trick, teacher would scold him on not bringing the book"."Yes hahahaha it would be funny" said Tony.
After recess as the class started John said to teacher "Miss my book is missing, I bought it but it is disappeared", As John said it a student shouted "Miss its Tony, I saw him in the break taking John's book and putting in his bag"."Let me check it "said teacher. As she opened the Tony's bag John book was in there."Tony why you teased John by taking away his book" said teacher angrily."No miss they are lying I didn't do so" replied Tony anxiously. "Miss look I have captured his pic in the recess and you can see Tony holding John's book". "Oh yes now Tony i will punish you severely. Come on with me i am taking you to the principal." Poor Tony followed the teacher. As teacher arrived the principal and told about Tony, the principal gave Tony a suspension letter but then John came to the rescue. He told the principal and teacher the true story and he said "Yesterday Tony put lizard in my book didn't you?"Tony nodded yes and then John continued "I just wanted to make Tony realise that teasing someone is wrong, jokes should not hurt anyone". The principal and teacher now forgave Tony and asked him to never tease someone .Tony replied "I have learnt my lesson and now I will never ever tease anyone". After this incident Tony and John became best friends and now Tony was a very kind and gentle boy.

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Comments 12
Noreen I agree with Anam, seriously great moral. keep it up Shiraz Larik ! Noreen
Dec 15th 2014
Tooba Bravo Tooba
May 17th 2014
Tooba Bravo Tooba
May 17th 2014
Anam Excellent and gr8 moral.........:) Anam
Sep 14th 2013
Hoora Good :D Hoora
Jul 29th 2013
Laibah Good story i didnt read it before Laibah
Jul 1st 2013
nazish Owsm shiraz.luv your story. Nazish
Jun 29th 2013
Rafia Gr8 Shiraz.....keep it up...... Rafia
Jun 26th 2013
Laibah Shiraz are you going to 4-C or you just passed it ? be cause i hav just pass 5C and my class teacher's (maths and islamiat) name was Ms.Tajassum, science teacher was Ms.Anum, english was Ms.PremLata, Urdu is Ms. Rana and Sir Khatib is our ICT teacher, Music was Sir Dennis, Ms.Fatima was S.ST Have fun Laibah
Jun 25th 2013
Shehryar Well done shiraz Shehryar
Jun 22nd 2013
areesha Very good story Areesha
Jun 22nd 2013
Tooba Excellent Tooba
Jun 22nd 2013

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