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Fatimah Latif
Fatimah Latif
You Have Been Hypnotized!!!
Published On Jun 22nd 2013
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You are reading this poem,
And you will soon realize,
That it’s a poem you would not like,
You are reading and reading,
And you do not stop,
Until you realize a strange feeling,
Something is behind you,
No! Don’t turn around.
Or you will start hearing weird kind of sounds,
Something dressed in black from head to toe,
With eyes as red as blood,
No, it’s not a human, THAT you should know,
Don’t you dare try to turn around,
Or it’s going to smash you to the ground,
It’s staring at you, staring and staring,
It’s so very nasty,
That you get a ghastly feeling,
You now hear a tiny sound,
You feel a little wind blow beside your ear,
And your head starts spinning round and round,
No need to worry or fear,
Because you have been hypnotized, my dear.

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Comments 22
Shumaim Awesome...that makes me your fourth victim, Munkashay is the third! Shumaim
Jul 28th 2014
Munkashay Whooaaa! *Hypnotizedly swaying* G-g-great p-p-p-poem... Munkashay
Jul 25th 2014
fatimah Awwweee..u r an amazing person Areej:D thnx Fatimah
Sep 24th 2013
Areej That's AWESOMe yaawr... You ROCKKKKkk!!! Areej
Sep 23rd 2013
fatimah Rumaisa, u r my 2nd VICTOMMMMMMMMM!!!and thanXX Fatimah
Jul 14th 2013
Rafia THnX DeAr.......!!!!!!!!!:) Rafia
Jul 13th 2013
 яυмαιsα OMg...i wuz reading it with light closed and I wuz Pretttttttttty scared....Awsum poem Buddy!!!!:) яυмαιsα
Jul 13th 2013
fatimah Ramadan Mubarak to u tooo <3 Fatimah
Jul 12th 2013
Rafia Welcome dear..........&........... Ramadan Mubarak :) Rafia
Jul 12th 2013
fatimah ThanXXXXXXXXXXX Emel and Rafia (^_^) Fatimah
Jul 11th 2013
Rafia It's soooooooooo goooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Rafia
Jul 11th 2013
Bushra Hafeez Ur welcoooooooomsh fatmah :P Bushra Hafeez
Jul 3rd 2013
Emel Love it.Please add me as freind Emel
Jul 2nd 2013
Hijab Interesting Hijab
Jul 2nd 2013
Irum :) Irum
Jun 30th 2013
fatimah *hahaha* (evil laugh) my first VICTIM. Fatimah
Jun 30th 2013
Irum Whoa, you really did hypnotize me, my head started to sway and it felt fuzzy... Irum
Jun 29th 2013
eesha Ur welcome Fatimah :) Eesha
Jun 29th 2013
fatimah Awwwww...thank yo Eesha...alotttt ^_^ Fatimah
Jun 28th 2013
fatimah Hahahahaha...thnx Bushra. Fatimah
Jun 28th 2013
Bushra Hafeez Horrible in begninng but really gud poem fatima :) Bushra Hafeez
Jun 27th 2013
eesha Great efforts done here.Good job Fatima!!!!!!!!!interesting poem Eesha
Jun 26th 2013

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