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Mubashra Ayub
Mubashra Ayub
National Model Higher Secondary School Sheikhupura
The Prince And The Eagle
Published On Jun 22nd 2013
Total Comments : 180
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Once upon a time there was a king who had no sons. One day the king was sitting in his room and said to him ''Now I am going older and I have no son''. Suddenly an eagle flies to his room and gave him a ring and told him to rub this ring three times every night. So he did. Every night he rubbed the ring three times. And after one month, a beautiful boy was born to the king's house. He decided to call him Eagle Prince. Day by day the prince became more beautiful. After some years, when the prince was playing in his garden, a bad witch appeared and said to the prince' 'Hey sweet prince, come to me. I will give you tasty candies. The prince was only 8 years old. In the greediness of candies, he came near the bad witch. The witch made a bad magic spell and took the prince far away from the royal palace. When the king heard this he became so sad. And then the same eagle appeared. The eagle told the king that the evil witch took the prince to black forest in search of me. She wanted me because i know that where her magic powers are hidden. She wanted to kill me and then she can get her the most powerful spell. The eagle also told the king that she lived near the black forest. Then they both went alone in the forest. Here they met the prince. When he saw his father, he hugged him. Then they went to witch's house to kill her. The king took out his weapons and killed the witch. After that the eagle turned into a beautiful princess. She told the king that the bad witch turned her into an eagle and now the witch is dead and am a girl again. The king accepted the girl as his daughter and after this they lived happily ever after.Smile

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Comments 180
Urooj Gudd 😏 Urooj
Jul 21st 2017
Fatima I love your every story.There great.FANTASTIC GOD BLESS YOU Fatima
Apr 19th 2016
Fatima I love your every story.There great.FANTASTIC GOD BLESS YOU Fatima
Apr 19th 2016
MARYAM Nice story!! I liked it!! Oh My God!! Look at the comments!!! Maryam
Aug 6th 2015
Nimra Oh Thankyou for your wishes. :') RAMZAN and EID MUBARAK to you too. ^_^ though i know em already late.. :p so anything new.? Did you enjoyed your summer vacations? :D when will your school reopen? mine will reopen on 4th August. Nimra
Jul 27th 2015
mubashra RAMADAN MUBARAK! Mubashra
Jun 26th 2015
mubashra Best Wishes ;) Mubashra
May 30th 2015
mubashra Best Wishes ;) Mubashra
May 30th 2015
Nimra You know what.? ;) em sooo happyyy cux tomorrow is my last final paper..! FREEDOM about to comee..!! :D Nimra
May 26th 2015
Nimra Oh sorryy dear.. opened vshine after soooo longgg timeee... em too busyy these dayys. :( Finals are on head :'( you tell whats going on.? r ur finals started.? and when will they end.? :P :o kher i have post a commnet on your new story now God knows when will my comment be posted. :D :) Nimra
May 9th 2015
mubashra Nimra yar no comment why????? u know i have one more poem nd one more story approved at vshine read them and tell me how were they? and reply me Mubashra
Feb 2nd 2015
Nimra Yayy :D azaadi atlastt..! ;) finally my mid terms r over..! :D today was my last paper..! ;) and em too happy..! :D so how r u..? :) hows everything going on..?? :) Nimra
Dec 22nd 2014
mubashra Stay strong peshawar and stay strong pakistan....... Mubashra
Dec 17th 2014
Nimra Oh.. no prblm dear its okk..! :) atleast u wished me..! :D well thankyou :* ;) my mid terms are near..! :'( >__< Nimra
Dec 5th 2014
mubashra Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :d..:p;)=D MAY U LIVE LONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG & healthy life sorry to be late actually my mid term exams were going on so i was busyy bt soooo soorrry i didn't see ur messge bt again many many happy returnz of the ..:) Mubashra
Dec 2nd 2014
Fatima Nice Fatima
Dec 1st 2014
Nimra U knw wht yesterday (sat 22nd nov) was my birthdayy and i ws too happyy..! :'D :') ;) Nimra
Nov 23rd 2014
Nimra Yeah i saw ur new painting..! :) haha well thankyouu..! :D ;) :* nd jaha tk treat ki baat how will i give u treat..? :o :p ok first tell me ur email address i wl give u the treat then..! ;) :p Nimra
Oct 26th 2014
mubashra Congratzzzzzzzzzzzzzz then ................... :);):D bhi meri treat khan???????????????????? huh!!!!!!!! :);):* Mubashra
Oct 23rd 2014
Nimra U knw wht on friday 17th oct was my monthly papers ka result tha and i got 82% nd i ws very happy..! :P :D ;) *.* :') Nimra
Oct 22nd 2014
Nimra Nope ..! bt i wl see..! :) :p Nimra
Oct 18th 2014
mubashra Oh have u seen my new painting at vshine???????????????? Mubashra
Oct 18th 2014
mubashra Oh have u seen my new painting at vshine???????????????? Mubashra
Oct 18th 2014
Nimra Oh acha acha best of luck then..! :) :p ;) haha lolzz yeahh khae mainay bakrayy..! :D :P ;) :v Nimra
Oct 14th 2014
mubashra Em so busy nowadys em preparing my work on global handwashing day which is on 15th of oct a kind of activity is held in school so em preparing for this :).......tum sunao eid be bakre shakre khae.....????????? :p ;) ;) Mubashra
Oct 9th 2014
mubashra Em so busy nowadys em preparing my work on global handwashing day which is on 15th of oct a kind of activity is held in school so em preparing for this :).......tum sunao eid be bakre shakre khae.....????????? :p ;) ;) Mubashra
Oct 9th 2014
Nimra So whts up..! ;) anything new..? :P O.o :D :v Nimra
Oct 7th 2014
Nimra Eid Mubarak Mubashara :* :) ;) :D ^_^ Nimra
Oct 6th 2014
mubashra EID MUBARAK Mubashra
Oct 5th 2014
Nimra Eid Mubarak Mubashara and Rafia..! :* :) ;) :D Nimra
Oct 5th 2014
Nimra Haha lol okk..! :p so whts going on these days? ;) wht have u bought for qurbani i mean which animal xD..? :v i have bought 2 bakraas :D when ws ur last day of school..? :) u knw wht todayy ws my last monthly paper and last day of school..! :D (friday) now will enjoy on EID ki chutiyaan..! ;) feeling too tired but still here to reply u..! :* ;) :p :) ^_^ oh yeah and sorry for late reply as i tld u abt my papers so thats why this week i ws very very busyy..! :p didnt even get time to take rest..! :/ but now finallyy AZAAD :D Nimra
Oct 4th 2014
mubashra Oh nimra exactly the same.........em also talkative but em trying to control on myself nd sometimes reserve too Mubashra
Sep 27th 2014
Amn Mubashara guess what??? I m 10 days older than you my date of birth is 1 st of July 2001 it's kinda interesting to find that someone's birth is in July Amn
Sep 26th 2014
Amn My name amn bt it's like a-m-a-n Amn
Sep 26th 2014
Nimra Yeahh samee..! :'3 lol well em talkative but not that much..! :p :v lil bit sensitive and sometimes reserve too xD..!!! :D :p ;) well wbu?? ;) Nimra
Sep 25th 2014
mubashra O no thers no any other way but tell me that which type of girl u r???????? means talkative........reserve.......sensitive etc:).....:p Mubashra
Sep 25th 2014
Nimra Ahaah we both are samee samee..! :* :D ;) :p well ohkk but tell wht to do now any other way from which i can get ur email?? :D :O :p Nimra
Sep 23rd 2014
mubashra Exactly Nimra i thk the same.......... Mubashra
Sep 22nd 2014
Nimra Ohk np dear i understand..! :) :P oh ywr but i cant give u my mail here i think its not safe place..! :o :/ Nimra
Sep 20th 2014
mubashra Nimra sorry i can't.............becoz my sis also uses that acoount......hope u'll understad.......:( :'( u tell me ur email if u don't mind so i can mail u Mubashra
Sep 16th 2014
mubashra Nimra sorry but i can't Mubashra
Sep 16th 2014
Nimra Haha yeah lol same..! :p :/ so than cant u give me ur moms fb account if u dnt mindd..?? :o :) :p ;) Nimra
Sep 15th 2014
mubashra Nop i haven't any personal fb id but i use fb frm my moms account and u know if i'll give u my email id on i tk that it will not be safe ......hope u'll understand Mubashra
Sep 14th 2014
Nimra Ohh dear thank you so much that u can understand mee..! :* :) well so r u on facebook if yes than thats gudd xD :p ;) if no than whts ur email id can u give it to me if u dnt mind..?? :o :) ;) :P ohh acha thats really gudd wow..! :P :D ;) did u tlked to that girl..?? :o :P ;) whts her name well..? :) :D Nimra
Sep 14th 2014
mubashra Of course amn hassan i will and will u please tell me how to pronounce ur name?????..........:) Mubashra
Sep 13th 2014
Amn Will you accept my request? Amn
Sep 13th 2014
mubashra Oh nimra u know that i found a chris girl on vshine which is a contestant of junior master chef australia she's so cute Mubashra
Sep 13th 2014
mubashra Ook no prb.........i can udrstnd:)....;)don't u worry it will not happen nxt time ok Mubashra
Sep 13th 2014
Nimra Oh lol same heree...! :/ well i ws saying that for me igs not comfortable to tell my personal info here .....! i nly tell to my friends if they would have askme..! though no one as ask me..! :p well as u r my one of the best friends and u asked me so i tld u here wrna i wont told u..! :P :3 well if u wanna ask me these things so better u could give me ur email or if u r on facebook then we can chat there..! :D ;) :) hope u understand what im trying to sayy..!!?? :o :p :) ;) Nimra
Sep 12th 2014
mubashra Burden of studies ...........:( ask me anything i'll not mind!!!!!!! Mubashra
Sep 11th 2014
Nimra Where u losttt ..!??? :o Nimra
Sep 10th 2014
Nimra Haha lol kk..!! :3 :P no dear i didnt mind..! :) :p year 2002 :p but can i say u one thing if u dnt mindd..!? :o :) Nimra
Sep 8th 2014
saad I am back again at vshine :)........yep;)!!!!!!....=D Saad
Sep 8th 2014
mubashra My DOB is 11 july 2001 can u tell me the year in which u were born??????? so can i difference the age difference btw me nd u :)......;) hope u dont mind.!!!!!!:) Mubashra
Sep 8th 2014
Nimra Haaha lol reallyy me myself has been shocked my seeing my longg essayyyyy xDDD :p ohh thats gud if u supporting nawaz shareef ..! :D ;) u r wth me xD ..! :P ;) well my date of birth is 22nd November :D :) ;) wbu..!? ;) Nimra
Sep 7th 2014
mubashra O sure why not.............:);) well em surprise to see ur a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg message ;) =D:) hahahahahahaha........em also supporting nawaz sharif :) well tell me ur date of birth???? Mubashra
Sep 6th 2014
Nimra Haha gudd lol samee..!! :D :P ;) noo my studiess r very tough..! :p :/ i get alott ofd home work dailyy...! :p :/ :( :'( and my assessemnts monthly test r also very near after 2 weeks..!! :p idk the confirm date yett xD ... :p em in grade 7 and my school name is Progressive Public School..! :) and yeahh i live in Karachi..! :D ;) :p :) wbuu..!?? class , school , cityy..!?? ;) haha no lil bit i dnt have that much intrest in all these thingss..!! :p haha lol yeahh i understood and know abt that long march in Islamabad very well...! :p and i wishh too go too Islamabad..! :D :p cuxzz studes children of islamabd are tooo luckyy as unki to schools be abhi tk nhi khuleen..! because of all that ...! long march wagaira..!! :p :/ :( :'( they r really very luckyy..! :/ :p butt yeahh i have not that much time to see the news abt all this long marchh wagaira cuxzz i thinkk thats all useless..! and imran khan is gon madd..! :p :'3 many people r supporting imran khan so i wont say he is bad but i think in this case all these things nawaz sharif is more better than him...! :p :) though i always supported imran khan and hated nawaz sharif..! :p but nowi came to know that nawaz sharif is right on his place and as em supporting him..! :) ;) well to whom r u supporting and wht r ur opinions abt all that happening in islamabad..! ?? :p ;) :o kherr kiaa hum ye baatain lekar beth gaye hain ,...! :p why my every friend is tlking abt election these dayss..!?? :p :'3 :o dnt u think its kinda boringg...!?? :p :'3 well we should tlk abt sumthng else rytt..!? ;) Nimra
Sep 5th 2014
mubashra Ya my first day was awesome meeting my friends after a very long time ;)..........:);):p.....well my studies r going awesome nd urzzzz????????.........!!!!!!! tell me in which class do u read nd in which school in which city??????? nd do u have any interst in politics means in news nowadays ........... u understand na!!!!!!!!! islamabad long march Mubashra
Sep 4th 2014
Nimra Aww dear i missed u too..! :* :p well sory ywr em very angry on vshine that my commnets weren't posted heree..!! .____. :/ i tried 2 3 times..! :p :'3 :/ bt now finally u can check my commnet has been posted..!! :D ;) so hows ur school and studies goingg..!? :p ;) how ws ur first dayy..!?? :p ;) :D did u enjoyed itt..!? ;) :p Nimra
Sep 2nd 2014
mubashra Nimra no reply why???????????........!!!!!!!!!!!!!! em missing u eden letz join our discussion Mubashra
Sep 1st 2014
Nimra Umm ohh really lol kk..! :P good for u..! xD :P no i dnt have any collection like that..! :P em nt that much fond of itt..! :p :3 Nimra
Aug 31st 2014
Aden Good Aden
Aug 31st 2014
mubashra Oh really gud :);) well u know that my sister and her friend had a diary in which they have collected and pasted the pics of cricketers and its so beautiful and now i've decided that i'll make a collection of football players and slowly i've collecting them i've many but needs more:(:p:);) do u have any collection???????? i've also collected pictures of some mysteries and some weird things happening all around the world :);):D Mubashra
Aug 30th 2014
Nimra Finallyyy my cutee piess my beloved and dearest nephews and my apiii are cuming tomorroww...!!! :D :*** <333 very happy excitedd to meet themm..!! :D ;) :) Nimra
Aug 29th 2014
Nimra Haha lol ohkk..!! :P ohh reallyy thats gudd...!! :D :) hehe dearr i miss u too..!! :* :P ;) well yupp u rytt..!! :P i luv cricket but not that much u luv..!! :p my cousin is as same as u...!! OMGG wo cricket or pakistani player "Hafeez" k peechay pagal haii..!! i mean she is really crazyy abt crickett...!! even television per koi purana match be araha hogaa she wl even watch it too wo be 10000 timess...!! :p :/ and me and my all other cousins hatee thatt...!! :/ :p its kindaa boring to always tlk abt cricket and crickett...!! we shouldd even tlk abt sumthing elsee..!! :'3 well nthng muchh sorry for late replyy wo actuallyy these dyass em very very busyy in studiess...!! :p :/ getting alott of home work frm 2 dayss..!! :/ :'( :p :( uper sayyy my net was also not workingg...!! :/ :( butt thankgodd its fine now and em finallyy backk heree...!! :') :D ;) soo yeahh samee em alsoo watching Pak and Sirilanka's series these dayss..!! :P ;) :D Nimra
Aug 28th 2014
mubashra Yessssss FC Barcelona won :) em sooooooooooooo happy :) Messi u r g8 u know Nimra messi had scored 2 goals and they've won;):) yahooooooo:);):p yep Mubashra
Aug 27th 2014
mubashra Ok letz talk abt something else but u know i am a type of sporty girl i luv sports cricket football their players everything em not so interested in my favourites but my fav colour is green nd i think i have told u about my hobbys nd subject if u remember ;);) hahahahahahahah u forgot them well whenever i talk with my friends my first topic is always cricket but i think u dont like cricket :D :) huh well u tell me what u r doing nowadays??????? well i'm watching Pak/Srilanka cricket series and preparing for BACK TO SCHOOL ufffffffff again school frm 1st sept gonna miss my vacations nd u too nimra ;(:(:p:(;( Mubashra
Aug 26th 2014
Nimra Yeahh i like themm..! :p there r manyy i dnt remember noww..!! :p well messi is one of themm..!! :D :) (football player) . i guess this is the pic of messi in ur dp rytt..!? :) :p ;) btww whts my opinion that we should wanna tlk sumthng else..!! if u dnt mind then can we tlk abt sumthng elsee..!!? :p :) hope u understand wht em trying to sayy..! :) anyhow so tell me whts ur hobby..! ;) whts ur fav food ..!? :D :p ;) whts ur fav colour..!? :) ;) and whts ur fav subject..!? :O :p ;) :D :) Nimra
Aug 25th 2014
mubashra Nimra do you like cricket or foot ball if yes then name ur fav players in cric nd football well i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv cricket nd foot balllllll Mubashra
Aug 24th 2014
Nimra Ohh gudd.. congratss..! :D :) umm haha lol samee..!! :p what a conidence we also have similarities..!! :o :D ;) :) so ywr lets wanna tlk sumthng..!! tell me something abt ur school , family and friends..!? :) ;) Nimra
Aug 22nd 2014
mubashra Nimra yes i luv english movies or hindi movies very often onl;y at some occasion like eid, and i also watch dramas i have alot of hobbies not a specific one nd my fav subject is science Mubashra
Aug 22nd 2014
mubashra Nimra i'm not lost wo drasal busy thi thori u know my sister got 522/550 marks in board exams bht khusi hoi wese tm ab 8th me hoi ho kia Mubashra
Aug 22nd 2014
mubashra Nimra i'm not lost wo drasal busy thi thori u know my sister got 522/550 marks in board exams bht khusi hoi wese tm ab 8th me hoi ho kia Mubashra
Aug 22nd 2014
Nimra Where u losttt ywrrrr..!!!??? -_- :o :/ replyy plzz...!! :3 miss u..! :P :* :'3 wanna tlk sumthng..! ;) O.o fully bored heree..!! ? :/ :'3 Nimra
Aug 21st 2014
Nimra So do u watch any other drama?? :p ;) :o or cartoons , movies / films hindi films , english films or the animated one..!?? :p :o :) ;) well whts ur hobby and which is ur fav subject i mean which subject u love the mostt..!!?? :p :o ;) :) :D Nimra
Aug 18th 2014
Nimra Lol yeahh i have watched only the last episode..! :p bht naam suna hai is dramay ka..!! :p all my friends were saying k its ws an awesomee drama.. though i hate it alot firstt...! :p its boring now its end so lets wanna tlk sumthng else..! :p ;) Nimra
Aug 17th 2014
mubashra Oh nimra letz talk about pyarey afzal have u watched it???????????????? itz reallyyyyyyyyyyy realllyyyyyyy aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome :) but the end was sooooooo sad nd hearttouching:( rona a gya tha :'( btao have u watched it or not?? Mubashra
Aug 16th 2014
Nimra Same to u mubashara..! :) so ywr well tlk sumthng generally or wht ever u like to tlk..!? ;) cux em really bored heree..!! :/ dnt even like to open vshine..! :/ :p bt still i opene just for 5 mins to see weather my friends have replied my cmnts or ntt..!! :3 Nimra
Aug 15th 2014
mubashra Happy Independence day to all Pakistanis :) em feeling really excited MAY ALLAH SHOWER HIS BLESSINGS ON OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY AAMEEN Mubashra
Aug 14th 2014
Nimra Ohh haan i forgot ur intro.. :p hmm :/ well em finally heree :D ;) :p today ws my 1st day at school i mean at new class / new year.. and i enjoyed alott..!! :) :D well or jahan tk poem ya storyy ki baat so i have written many poems and jokess several times on vshine bt they r nt published yett..! :'3 Nimra
Aug 11th 2014
mubashra Tmhe yad ni k ek dfa me ne intro dia tha tmhe bhol gi kia wese m 8th m prhti hn or han waqai jb school reopen ho jaen g to time hi ni mile ga only weekends p bat ho gi:(:(:(wese tm ne kbhi koi story ya poem wgera kiun ni likhy vshine p Mubashra
Aug 10th 2014
Nimra Ohh thankxx dear :) ohh reallyy thats greatt!!! :) :o :/ bt i dnt knw why my schools r reopening too soonn.. :/ :p first they were reopening from Tuesday 5th august..!!! :p :/ bt now thankgodd k they r opening frm 11th :) :p and i read in class 7 wbu? :) and i donot have any summer camp wagaira..!! :p :) btw in which school do u study? :) or haan after my schools will open we wont be able to tlk..!! :/ may be in weekends onlyy..!! ik to waisay he vshine kholnay ka time nhi milta uper say jb schools khulengi to studies main or busy hojaongii!!!! :p :/ ywrrr i donttt wntt to go to schoooll!!!!! :p :( vacations passed too earlyy that i cannot even imaginee!!!!! :p :/ :( :'( Nimra
Aug 6th 2014
mubashra Same to u dear nd my school r reponing frm 1st septmbr but why ur school r repopning too soon???????summer camp or not wese tm kis class me prhti ho Mubashra
Jul 31st 2014
Nimra Ohh acha gudd :) :p :* ohh same here :/ vshine kholnay ka time he nhi milta.. :/ no dear its okk :) my vacations r also going very gudd :) well when is ur school reopening?? :O :) my school will reopen from monday 11th august :D :) ;) ohh haan happy eid mubarak to u mubashra and my all other friends :) may this eid brings happiness and joy in ur life..!! :) Nimra
Jul 30th 2014
Jul 29th 2014
mubashra ALHAMDULILAH i am fineand no no Gullasht dear you just focus on ur hard studies nd my prayers are always w8 u may u get very good marks and may u always shine AAMEEN and INSHA ALLAH u will get the amazing marks and Gullasht i am missing u alottttttttttttttttt ur sweet discussions nd don't waste ur time thers no need to worry about me or ur vshine frndz becoz ur study nd time is more precious so gud luck for ur result and EID MUBARAK SAME TO U ND MY ALL OTHER FRNDZ:) Mubashra
Jul 29th 2014
Gullasht Walekium Aslam mubashra Dear !.....%u2665%u2665%u2665 em f9 ALHAMDURILLAH nd wat about U Dear ????? How are U ???? Miss U nd all vshine members alot Dear. Now-a-days em busy w8 my hard studies of 2nd year nd hard schedule of life nd my result is coming soon plzz pray for it Happy Eid advance wishes see my stuff well I replied u as well Gullasht
Jul 27th 2014
mubashra NIMRA kese lgi meri new dp????????? achi h na Mubashra
Jul 26th 2014
mubashra Oh no no dear Nimra tmhe kese bhool skti hn drasal me ne abhi kl hi vshine kaafi arsy bad kholi h time hi ni milta tha or m n khloty hi apny kuch frndz ko mesge kiye hn chlo ab acha ho gya tm n mujhy khud hi mesge kr lia ALHAMDULILLAH i am fine and vacations r going awesome tm sunao and once again sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:) Mubashra
Jul 24th 2014
Nimra Heyy mubashara how r u dear?? :) mujhay bhool gai hokiaa??? :O :/ :( longg timee no talk!!.. :/ so wtz goingg on these dayys?? :) how r ur summer vacations goingg?? :) hope u wl reply me soon..!! :) Nimra
Jul 24th 2014
mubashra HAPpy mOthErS dAy tO aLl mOms Mubashra
May 11th 2014
mubashra EID MILAD UN NABI (S.A.W) MUBARAK HO Mubashra
Jan 13th 2014
mubashra EID UL ADHA mubarak to all my dear frndz may Allah shower all of u with his blessings (Ameen) and remember me in ur prayers plzzzzz :) Mubashra
Oct 18th 2013
Nimra Nooonoo dear its okkkkkkkkk well so u can email me now..!!! :)) Nimra
Oct 12th 2013
mubashra Nimra i have taken it and sorry that i was not replying u for a long time but due to studies i can not get time to open vshine so a big sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:( Mubashra
Oct 11th 2013
Nimra Arey yr reply to karo mubashara..!!! wht happen?? nahi tumney email ki hai..!! :/ Nimra
Oct 11th 2013
Nimra ??? have u taken it?? if nt then go in my friends and check their would be uswah rasool so click her id and see on her drwaing butterflies their i have given my mail 2 these girls soo u can also take from their.. :)) Nimra
Oct 9th 2013
Nimra Oohh acha noo its ok no prblm.. :))) well u can take my mail from areeba ahmed, hiba ahmed or eesha fatima on vshine.. :)) (they all r vshine girls..) Nimra
Oct 7th 2013
mubashra Yar i have not my personal email but my mums email i'm using mujhy apna btao phr me tm se chat kron gi(yar mind mt krna me sirf islye kh rhi hon kiun k jo email me vshine me use krti hon wo mere mama ka he) Mubashra
Oct 6th 2013
Nimra Well my exams r finish on friday it was my last paper.. :)) well i just want 2 incontact with u thatz why em asking for ur email address.. otherwise noo big issues..!!!!! :) Nimra
Oct 5th 2013
Oct 5th 2013
Nimra Yup dear rafia i knew that but do u know 1 thing em nt getting ur mail properly and my mail is nt sending 2 u.. :( :'( Nimra
Sep 28th 2013
Sep 28th 2013
Nimra Yeah sure well i hav got ur reply and i hav mail u 2.. :)) Nimra
Sep 27th 2013
Rafia NIMRA em gonna reply u !!:) Rafia
Sep 27th 2013
Nimra Hey dear rafia i have got ur email address frm hiba soo i have email u as well as forward it 2 eesha.. :) well plz plz u and mubashara pray for my exams they r very very very nera soo i hope u people will be praying.. :) :/ :( :'( well mubashara can u gave me ur email address?? Nimra
Sep 26th 2013
Nimra Thankxx rafia dear well i wnt ur email address i wnt to forward to eesha as well so u plz go to uswah rasool stuff drawing butterflies and see their i have gave my email address there to areeba ahmed,hiba hamed,eesha and for u.. :)) soo u can see there and email me.. soo i can get ur email address.. :) Nimra
Sep 26th 2013
Rafia CONGO NIMRA DEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! Rafia
Sep 24th 2013
Nimra Haan u r rite mubashara friends ki he centuary bani hai..!!! :P :D ;) well thankxxx yaaarrrrrr...!!!! :)))))))))) Nimra
Sep 22nd 2013
mubashra Nimra congratzzzzzzzzzzzzzz but century kia vshine pe frndz ki bni he mujhy btao ta k me tmhe or ziada achy triqy se congratz kr skoon Mubashra
Sep 20th 2013
Nimra Yrr rafiaaa mujhe mubarak baad to do meri centuary ban gai hai..!!!! :P :D Nimra
Sep 20th 2013
Rafia I thanked u as u said that em cute :))) but the fact is that u urself are toooooooo much nyc that u think everyone nyc :)) Rafia
Sep 15th 2013
mubashra I can't understand that why u r thanking me rafia Mubashra
Sep 14th 2013
Nimra Same dear rafia u r gudd 2.. and thankxx yarrr..!! :)) Nimra
Sep 13th 2013
Rafia :)))))))))))))) nimra u r sooo goood dear :) Rafia
Sep 11th 2013
Nimra :)) Nimra
Sep 11th 2013
Rafia Ur welcome dear Nimra nd Mubashra ....... nd Mubashra thnkuuuuu sooooo much my frnd :))))))) Rafia
Sep 10th 2013
mubashra Tnkx alot Rafia nd u r also cute Mubashra
Sep 9th 2013
Nimra Ohh thankxx dear rafia.. :) :D Nimra
Sep 8th 2013
Rafia Thatz really sweet ......... :D Mubashra nd Nimra u both r really cute!!!!!!!! :):):) Rafia
Sep 1st 2013
Nimra Yes yes sure mubashara u r rite.. :D :P ;) we should make a plan for eating mithai..!! :P :D ;) :)) Nimra
Sep 1st 2013
Irum Ok ok I'll accept ur request. do u really think I rock? Irum
Sep 1st 2013
mubashra Yar hm mithai pe kha bhi to nhi skty make a plan to eat mithaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :) Mubashra
Aug 31st 2013
Nimra Hahaha yeah mubashara u r rite.. :P :D :) and yes syeda fatima my mithai alsoo.. :P em just joking dear..!! :)) Nimra
Aug 30th 2013
mubashra Congratzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yar Fatima and same to ur brother but where is my Mithai??????????????????????????????????????????????????? Mubashra
Aug 26th 2013
mubashra Congratzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yar Fatima and same to ur brother but where is my Mithai??????????????????????????????????????????????????? Mubashra
Aug 26th 2013
Rafia WOAH FATIMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's gr8 yar ........... :) Rafia
Aug 17th 2013
Arwa Mubashra u know??? my bro got 2nd positon in Matric board :) Arwa
Aug 17th 2013
Rafia Ap jese frnd sk saath main sad nahi hoon :) Rafia
Aug 14th 2013
mubashra HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY and plz aaj k din hr koi apny pyary watan k lye dua kre or jo log PAKISTANIS nhi bhi hen plz as a Muslim wo bhi PAKISTAN k lya dua kren PAKISTAN is facing alot of problems plz i will be very grateful to u if u do it (thanks) Mubashra
Aug 13th 2013
Aug 13th 2013
mubashra No problem Rafia don't be sad Mubashra
Aug 13th 2013
Rafia Mubashra....... I got 1000..... same problem with me, but morely the problem is that I am not having any of the relatives in KARACHI.......... all lives near Punjab side and in Dubai :( Rafia
Aug 12th 2013
mubashra WELL RAFIA mine EID is going awesome Mubashra
Aug 11th 2013
mubashra Mere pas 2000 jama hoa ha becoz sare khte hain k tm abhi choti ho islye INSHA ALLAH nxt time zya akthi hogi and how much u collect Mubashra
Aug 11th 2013
Rafia JazakAllah Mubashra for ur good comments........... and InshaAllah main agle saal saare roze rakhoon ge............ nd Khair Mubarak!!!!!!!! my eid is going awesome....... nd ur's?????? :) Rafia
Aug 10th 2013
Nimra Oh acha acha.. gudd.. :)) tumhen to bohat sari chuttiyaan milgain hain.. :D ;) but meri 13th August sai khul rahi hai magar main 15th august sai jaongi..!!! and khair mubarak :))) meri 1st eid to bohat achi guzari and 2nd eid be..!!! :) but the 3rd eid gon badd..!! :(((((((((( ;((( Nimra
Aug 10th 2013
mubashra Sb ki EID kese guzr rhi he(hope gud) Mubashra
Aug 10th 2013
mubashra Kher mubarak NIMRA and app ko bhi mere tirf se dheer sare EID KI MUBARKEN Mubashra
Aug 10th 2013
Aug 10th 2013
mubashra Well rafia ALLAH ka lakh lakh karam he k me ne sare rozy rkhy hain and i hope tm bhe INSHA ALLAH nxt time sare rozy rkho ge (AMEEN) Mubashra
Aug 10th 2013
mubashra EID MUBARAK my all dear frndz may this EID bring happiness for u Mubashra
Aug 10th 2013
Nimra Heyyaa mubashara and my all friendxx advanced eid mubarak 2 u people from me..!! i mean NiMrA...!!! :))) i hope this eid will bring joy and happiness for u people..!! may u enjoy this eid alot..!! :)) Nimra
Aug 8th 2013
Nimra Meri be axchi jarahi hen..!! :) by the way tumhari school konsi date ko khulengi? Nimra
Aug 3rd 2013
Rafia Rabia Api k to puray jarahe hai (Rabia Ahmed frm Usman Public School Karachi)............ but...... mine r not!!!!!!:( ami rakhney nahi derahein............. kehtien hain k tum abhi kamzoor ho agle saal rakhna:) but I want to........ chalo agle Ramadan INSHALLAH!!!!! tum sunao (sach sach):) Rafia
Aug 2nd 2013
mubashra A.O.A sab sach sach btayen k kis ne kitny rozy rkhy Mubashra
Aug 2nd 2013
mubashra Hey sania how r u and nimra my vacationz r going superb and wht about urz Mubashra
Aug 2nd 2013
sania Hellooooo mubashraaaaaaa Sania
Aug 2nd 2013
Nimra Aur sunao mubashara hows ur vacations goin? :) Nimra
Jul 31st 2013
Nimra Noo noo asal mein u dint reply from soo long thats why meiney itney saarey question marks daaley wy thai..!!! or nahi itna intro he kaafi hai..!! :P or nahi chahiye..!!! :) Nimra
Jul 28th 2013
mubashra What happened to you Nimra.Are are shocked with my intro or needs some more information about me Mubashra
Jul 26th 2013
Nimra ??????? (mubashara) ?? Nimra
Jul 26th 2013
mubashra Well Nimra i live in Sheikhupura and i read in National model school which is the top school of sheikhupura and ALHAMDULILLH i am a position holder in the school i love cricket soooo much and i am also fond of reading books especially Islamic and scientific my favourite colour is green and favorite player is Boom boom Afridi i like to watch his unbelieveable sixes well Nimra i think that intro is too much or u want more cutooooooooooooooooo! Mubashra
Jul 25th 2013
Nimra Guddd.. :) in which school? where do u live? wagaira wagaira..!! :P Nimra
Jul 23rd 2013
mubashra Thnx saad Mubashra
Jul 22nd 2013
saad Nyc story keep it up my sister Saad
Jul 20th 2013
mubashra Yah of coarse Nimra we are best frndz and do not say sorry.Please tell me how can i introduce myself to u? Mubashra
Jul 19th 2013
Nimra Achawww really oh thank u soo much.. and welcom also.. yara..!! :P :) ;) and soo sweet of u...!! by the way u r right that friends donot say thankx r sorry..!! :) by the way will u be my best friend mubashara and can u tell me something about u..? :) Nimra
Jul 17th 2013
mubashra Nimra this was my pleasure and don't say any thnkz to me because we r frndz and frndz do not say thnkx to eachother well i luv to make frndz so i think i shall thnk u becoz u have sent me a frnd request and this was my job to accept it Mubashra
Jul 17th 2013
mubashra Nimra this was my pleasure and don't say any thnkz to me because we r frndz and frndz do not say thnkx to eachother well i luv to make frndz so i think i shall thnk u becoz u have sent me a frnd request and this was my job to accept it Mubashra
Jul 17th 2013
mubashra Thnx for wishing me my birthday and Ramadan mubarak same to u Fatima Mubashra
Jul 17th 2013
Nimra Khair mubarak mubashara and same 2 u.. :) and thankx for accepting my friend request!! :) Nimra
Jul 15th 2013
Arwa Ramadan Mubarak and Happy birthday:) Arwa
Jul 15th 2013
mubashra My frndz i wish all of you Ramadan Mubarak with alot of Prayers.May Allah bless u with every thing u want but don't forget me in ur prayers Mubashra
Jul 12th 2013
mubashra Guys on the 1st of Ramadan was my birthday and i enjoyed alot on the first iftari of Ramadan with my delicious ice cream cake Mubashra
Jul 12th 2013
Gullasht AsSalam.0.Alekuim!!... "RAMADAN MUBARAK" Dear @Mubushra may Allah give you courage you collect too much NAKIYA and May Allah Bless you in this mouth (AMEEN) keep remember me in your's prays. Gullasht
Jul 11th 2013
afifah Ramadan mubarak... Afifah
Jul 11th 2013
sania Happy birthday to my sweet friend mubashra Sania
Jul 11th 2013
mubashra Sania,sadia,and gulasht thank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for liking my stuff Mubashra
Jul 9th 2013
Rafia Ur welcome dear........ Rafia
Jul 8th 2013
Gullasht AOA great loving story Dear Gullasht
Jul 6th 2013
 Sadia NyC Sadia
Jul 6th 2013
sania Nice story Sania
Jul 6th 2013
mubashra Thank u everybody who like my stuff and laiba i am sure to do better next time Mubashra
Jul 4th 2013
Laibah Amazing story but im sure you can do much better !!!!!!!! Laibah
Jun 29th 2013
Maarij Maqsood Your always welcome Maarij Maqsood
Jun 27th 2013
Rafia Gr8 Mubashra.....!!!!!!:) Rafia
Jun 26th 2013
mubashra Thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx fatima and maarij :) Mubashra
Jun 26th 2013
Maarij Maqsood Good Maarij Maqsood
Jun 22nd 2013
Tooba Very nice story Tooba
Jun 22nd 2013

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