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Yamna Izhar Ahmed
Yamna Izhar Ahmed
Al-majd Inter National School
Work Hard
Published On Jun 22nd 2013
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Life is like a bon voyage, there are many accidents awaiting u!!!!! Someone said that but we are not bothered about that but we need to think about it!!!!! If it’s a bon voyage then we never have to quit we have to reach to our final destination "BUT" what can u do about US humans!!!!!!!!! I have noticed that we including me give up just before reaching our goal and then we have to start up everything again from zero. ok i am not a great scholar or something but i noticed something. i am a good student, and I always got an A* in all the classes till now and usually waz first, when i started my grade 8th it waz the first year of o level and waz kinnda tough!!!!!!! so I found it a little hard, at my first physics test i got a C and i waz out!!!!!!! i waz absolutely dishearten, at the same time a new girl joined our class and she actually got an A* in the same test, now i absolutely started hating her and i didn’t learn for the next Chemistry test and i did it well but actually not brilliant so i just left my studies ( i guess btr waz a factor too) my teacher were so worried that what happened to Yamna , i actually have a lot of info. So i used to participate very interestingly during lectures and then my tests were not so amazing!!!! then i got my result and i got  B's and C's also for the first time in my entire life, my teachers especially called my parents and then teachers were lyk'we r completely disappointed, and Yamna is very engaged with other stuff Etc. my parents were also  confused. i cried a lot that day and then i sat to write my daily diary , my dad told me to think about wat got me so down. i had envy in my heart for that  girl which didn’t let me study, i was so pre occupied with other stuff that didn’t let me study and i just lost myself!!!!! i forgot that i could also work hard but i didn’t, i read in Dale Carnegies book that all your efforts depend on your state of mind, if u think you can then absolutely u can, i tried that and alhamdullilah i got all A* this term and waz highest, so i learned a valuable lesson, never ever leave ur effort cuz ur jealous for someone and always keep working hard. Mahmoud Gaznavi attacked 13 times on india but lost, ant the 14th time he won! Edison created the blub 999 time but waz not successful but he didn’t give up!!!!!! my massage is never give up cuz we are the valuable treasures of tomorrow. Our parents trust us a lot and we should never disappoint them. That motivated me a lot and i threw jealousy out and started working hard and achieved my goal!!!!! if u have already given up then start working from today again cuz in the end those ever fail who don’t try, work hard and success will come to you.
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Comments 9
Rafia Welcome dear :) Rafia
Sep 25th 2013
yamna Thnks guys!!!!! Yamna
Aug 22nd 2013
Beenish Great message 4 all... Beenish
Aug 20th 2013
Ajwa Fabulous... Ajwa
Aug 7th 2013
Irum Gr8! Irum
Jul 11th 2013
Muhammad Hassam Nice Muhammad Hassam
Jun 30th 2013
Rafia U have also worked hard writing it...keep it up:) Rafia
Jun 30th 2013
Shehryar Attention All boys here on v shine. You can join an open group on facebook for writers and readers. Its name is “V SHINE Readers and Writers.” Girls can only message if they have any problem about their stories etc but they can’t join the group for now. I’m putting this comment on behalf of admin of V SHINE . You search the group on facebook by “V SHINE Readers and Writers.” Shehryar
Jun 24th 2013
Ahmed True!!!!!!!!!! Ahmed
Jun 23rd 2013

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