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Shehryar Larik
Shehryar Larik
Bay View Academy
The Night Vision Camera (part 2)
Published On Jun 20th 2013
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After midnight Tim decided to go alone for search. "I also wanted to go bro please," said Sam curiously. "No it’s dangerous for you" told Tim "But what’s the plan" asked Sam "here take this walkie-talkie, if I am able to find those criminals I will call you and tell you the location. You should then quickly call the police and arrive to the location. Then I will try to seize the invisibility formula meanwhile I will signal the police and they will capture the criminals and throw them into jail."Tim quickly told the plan to his brother."Hmm the plan seems very adventurous" said Sam excitedly. "It is immensely dangerous. The gang of those criminals might have got heavy weapons. Make sure you are vigilant and follow my instructions properly," said Tim making Sam realise the dangers of all this. "I bet I will be very careful and active" replied Sam." Hope so" Tim after saying this left away for search. It was almost 2:00 am. Tim decided to go to the forest which was just outside their city. It took him 20 minutes to cycle there. He parked his bicycle with the fence and entered the forest. His night vision camera was working brilliantly. He was making his way through as he saw a bright light glowing a few kilometres away. As he was walking towards the light he saw that it was coming from a small thatched roofed hut. He hid behind a tree. He could see shadows of people talking in it. Tim went on closer to the house, and he bend down and tried to listen them.
They were making plans of attacking the museum and stealing the expensive things. Tim quickly called Sam." Hey Sam I have found them .Go to the police and ask few men to come here and ask the inspector to strengthen the security of the museum. Ok bye I will talk you later." said Tim. Sam on the other hand followed his brother’s instructions. Tim sat there quietly and he saw that shadows were disappearing (it meant they have used the formula). Tim heard the footsteps of them and the sound of door opening. After a while Tim could see the people going outside the forest through his camera. Now he entered the hut and started to search the formula. Just at the moment police entered the hut and inspector came to arrest Tim. "I am Tim, the criminals have left away" said Tim. The inspector questioned "But we didn't see anyone". "They had used the invisibility formula and they are moving towards museum. Have you strengthened security?" asked Tim." Yes but they won't be able to see the criminals" replied Inspector. "First of all we need to find the formula, help me please" said Tim." But if they came and attacked us? Asked Inspector." I have got the night vision camera so I could see them easily" replied Tim. Suddenly a policeman held a tube and asked whether it was the formula."Give me this. Yes this is the invisibility formula. Ok now all of you hide yourself and as they will come I will tell you. You need to throw this formula on them and this will make them appear again" said Tim.
Every one positioned themselves after a couple of hours the criminals arrived and Tim signalled them the policemen threw the formula on them and they reappeared. Now they were visible and they had very expensive pottery and other things in their hands. The policemen were very agile and quickly caught them red-handed. No one had a chance to escape. The inspector locked them in the jail. Tim went to his home. His parents and brother were awake and Tim's mother hugged him. Sam congratulated his brother and the father scolded Tim on leaving home so late and getting involved in a dangerous case. But everyone was happy.
Next day Tim house was full with guests. Everyone appreciated Tim and Sam's efforts. The headlines of newspapers praised both the brothers and TV channels as well. Soon Mr. Ken and the inspector arrived and they both thanked the brothers for helping them solve a difficult case."You both are very courageous and I think you should join police when you are elder" said Inspector praising them. Mr Ken said "I think Tim you should be a scientist like me because you are so clever and your camera is a great invention and in future you might invent even more extra ordinary things." "Well at the time we are just enjoying our childhood" said Tim and Sam nodded agreeing Tim. Everyone laughed on this statement and they both were given plenty of gifts for their wisdom and bravery.

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Comments 13
Ibrahim Yar too good story Ibrahim
Aug 15th 2013
Maarij Maqsood Amazing owsm great effort Maarij Maqsood
Jun 30th 2013
Rafia NYC 1......... Rafia
Jun 26th 2013
eesha Okkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know u already had that kind of thing in your mind as it was not in my mind. Eesha
Jun 23rd 2013
Shehryar In a cartoon i saw that through magical spell a person if holds anything even the hands of friends so they disappear i was telling on that point of view Shehryar
Jun 23rd 2013
eesha Shehryar i have read one story in which man gets invisible but still when he holds things the r visible flying in air so i was commenting by that point of view Eesha
Jun 23rd 2013
Shehryar I thought it was maybe common sense Shehryar
Jun 23rd 2013
eesha Well then Shehryar it was not mentioned anywhere in the story and so i got confused.U've only written that the men disappear but if u say so now that things also get invisible at the touch then ur story is complete. Eesha
Jun 23rd 2013
rabia Gr8 efforts:) Rabia
Jun 23rd 2013
Minahil Nice but you can do better:)NO OFFENSE Minahil
Jun 21st 2013
Shehryar Once they hold anythings in thier hands or even the things in pockets disappear through formula (you haven't understood it properly) Shehryar
Jun 21st 2013
eesha There is 1 fault in the story.Although the thieves were invisible but the things they robbed were still visible so the police should be able to catch them long ago as everyone could see the things flying in air.Anyways it was a good story.I appreciate your efforts. Eesha
Jun 21st 2013
Sidra Nice!!!!! Sidra
Jun 20th 2013

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