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Shehryar Larik
Shehryar Larik
Bay View Academy
The Night Vision Camera (part 1)
Published On Jun 18th 2013
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"Hey Tim lets go and play" said Sam."Let me work on my dark vision camera model".
"Really Wow!" Exclaimed Sam as he looked at the skateboard with surprise. After a couple of hours when Tim was finished with his work he went to the room to play with his little brother Sam. As they were playing Sam saw strange news in the newspaper."Hey bro look, yesterday a gang stole that invisibility formula from Professor Ken and till then they have been stealing and robbing many houses and banks" said Sam."Oh it means that it would be lot difficult to catch them unless the formula finishes." replied Tim "Let’s go and talk to Professor Ken maybe we might do something to help".
 The two brothers sat on their bicycles and raced across to Mr. Ken. Mr. Ken was in his lab at the time boys arrived. They knocked the door. Mr. Ken's son Ron opened the door. "Hello guys, welcome "said Ron and he called them inside and made them sit in the drawing room."We have come to meet your father" said Tim "Oh I thought you had come to play a game of cards with me" answered Ron with disgust. "We will play later on, actually we wanted to discuss........." Tim stopped Sam as he was telling him about their purpose but Tim wanted to talk in privacy. "Actually we wanted to take his help in science, it’s so hard" Tim said making an excuse. So Ron went to the lab and called his father. As Mr. Ken entered the drawing room both the brothers stood up and greeted Mr. Ken. "Can we have a chat alone" said Tim to Mr. Ken. "Ok let’s go to the lab" said Mr. Ken and he commanded Ron to not enter the lab without permission .The two brothers and Mr. Ken went to the lab and sat on the chairs.
 "Now tell me what you wanted to discuss?" asked Mr. Ken "Actually we read the news of the theft of invisibility formula and we were keen to help you a bit" Tim addressed his purpose of meeting. "Oh! I see, actually as you that I successfully made the invisibility formula and it was working well. I made it so that it could help our police and security forces for raids or detection of criminals but yesterday morning a gang came in and they pinched away my formula. At the time I tried to resist them they used it and they ran away. As you know now they are conducting crime across the city." Mr. Ken told them the whole scenario."But isn't there any way to catch them, I mean that a device or chemical through which we could see them." asked Tim. "It’s difficult, but I think so it doesn't work well at dark." replied Mr. Ken. "Means we can catch them by using torch at night" said Sam excitedly."Oh Sam if we would put light on them we won't be able to see them again, i meant that if we are able to see in dark we can catch them (like some cats can see at dark". replied Mr. Ken .While Sam and Mr. Ken were talking Tim remained silent, he was thinking something when suddenly an idea struck into his mind and he cried with joy. Sam was bewildered by Tim's sudden reaction he asked Tim what’s the issue. "You remember Sam I was working on my night vision camera which means we could see through dark. This way we could identify and then catch them." said Tim. "Oh you are so clever Tim .Hurry up and bring that camera let me observe it and then we could catch them before they create more disturbance in the city. The two brothers rushed to their house and bought the camera. Mr. Ken observed it and said "It’s perfect but the question is we don't know where they live"."At night I will go for a search" Tim said.
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Comments 6
Maarij Maqsood Awesom Maarij Maqsood
Jun 30th 2013
Rafia Gr8 efforts....... Rafia
Jun 26th 2013
Sidra Nice story! Sidra
Jun 20th 2013
shiraz You can be an author when you will be grown up Shiraz
Jun 18th 2013
areesha Good story Areesha
Jun 18th 2013
Laibah Nice but when will you write the next part ? Laibah
Jun 18th 2013

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