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Afifah Maryam
Afifah Maryam
Imsg Islamabad
The Stepmother
Published On Jun 22nd 2013
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“Zoya, please come here and help me in cleaning these vases” Mrs. Zahid voice came from the drawing room that was cleaning a big size vase very carefully with a small piece of cloth. “Mom you know that it’s my favourite princess series, please ask somebody else” Zoya replied back. “How many daughters do I have other than you by the way. All right keep on watching, I will do it myself”. Mrs. Zahid voice came again and Zoya said happily “thanks mom, you are the best mom in the world”
And this statement was quite true because Mrs. Zahid was very graceful woman. She was having a very happy life with her husband Mr. Zahid and her 12 years old daughter Zoya. All three of them loved each other very much.
In the evening when Mr. Zahid came home from his office, Mrs. Zahid asked him to go to market with her because she wanted to buy some grocery and wall hangings for home. “Well here is the key” he said throwing the key at her,” take Zoya with you and buy whatever you need”. “Zoya is sleeping and you are saying me to take the car to the market” she said “don’t you know how crowded our markets are”.
“Oh come on, you have passed your driving test and even have your driving license, so nothing to worry about”, he said losing his tie. Mrs. Zahid opened her mouth to argue but then said “okay, see you soon then”.
“Yeah, see you”.
She took her lady bag and started the car. The market was barely a kilometre away from their home. For about five minutes everything was peaceful, but suddenly a big laree was heading towards her car and then BBBBAAAANNNGGG
At home Mr. Zahid cell phone rang. He picked it up and colours from his face were drained out. After 15 minutes he was in hospital with his daughter who kept on asking what happened dad, where is mom, is she alright. And she got the answers to all her questions when one of the doctors came out of a room and said “we are sorry Mr. Zahid, we could not save your wife”.
Two months passed but Zoya had not recovered yet, she stopped eating properly and was growing weaker and weaker. She wasn’t taking any interest in her studies and cartoon shows either. And Mr. Zahid often saw her crying in her bed. He was very worried about her miserable condition.”I am so worried about her, I don’t understand what I can do to make her happy” he said to Mr. Khan who was one of his best friends.” she needs love and care and especially company, ‘cause she is alone now” Mr. Khan answered. ”yeah she is alone now” Mr. Zahid said staring at his feet.
After a few days, Zoya came from school, changed her uniform and were having lunch when door bell rang, she went to open the door and found her father standing at the door but she was not alone. There was somebody else with him; a woman. “Come in” he said to the woman. He settled down in the sofa, cleared his throat and said “come here dear” he said to Zoya who was staring at the woman  ”Zoya, this is Arfa and from now she is your mother” he said without looking at any of them .
Zoya stood up like gunshot and she said loudly for the first time after her mother’s death “you have married that woman? How can you do that?” “There was no other way dear, I can’t see you crying all the day” he said gloomily. “And do you think I would stop crying with that woman around me all the time” she cried. “Certainly you would dear” the Arfa named woman spoke “your mother was one……”
“No body’s talking to you, I am talking to my father” Zoya cut her in.” Zoya mind your language” Mr. Zahid said who was getting angry now. Zoya ran to her room, tears welling up in her eyes. “Oh… my God” Mr. Zahid said putting both his hands on his head. “Don’t worry” Arfa said again “I can understand how she is feeling at the moment”
Morning came and Mrs. Zahid offered prayer and on 7 o ‘clock she knocked gently at Zoya’s door and went inside the room “get up Zoya dear, get ready for the school” Mrs. Zahid  said who was trying to sound mother like “ I am preparing the breakfast”
Zoya opened her eyes at once and said “ I think dad has given you a room so, you don’t need to come to my room”. And she left the room with her uniform and school stuff. Mrs. Zahid sat there with a small tear leaking from her eye, when she went outside Zoya had already gone.
Days were passing like that; the more Mrs. Zahid tried to make her happy the more Zoya hated her. But Mrs. Zahid never complained about anything to Mr. Zahid.
Six months passed when Zoya started to talk a little bit to her, but still not any personal stuff, only stuff like asking  her about lunch or dinner or anything like where is dad etc.
One day Zoya was absent from school so she went to her friend Tuba’s home to do the home work together. When she went there she could not believe her eyes, Tuba’s mother was sitting on the sofa talking to someone on phone and when she asked her about Tuba, she replied “who the hell are you and what’s your problem”. “I am, I am Tuba’s friend Zoya, I want to ask about home work” Zoya hesitated. “Go upstairs, she is in the kitchen” she almost barked and again stated to talk on cell phone.
Zoya went to the kitchen and found tuba washing dishes with her small hands. She smiled when she saw her and took her to the room. Zoya was still in surprise and then finally she said”where is your mother tuba, who is that woman sitting in the lounge?” ”she’s my mother, of course” tuba answered.
“Then she must be your stepmother, huh?” Zoya said quickly. “What does it matter, mother is the one who loves you, feels worried about you and cares about you” tuba replied “ and I know that she loves me, she is a bit careless tough, but after all she is my mother and I love her very much”. “And any ways she isn’t my stepmother”
Outside the door tuba’s mother, who was going to come into her room, was listening to her daughter and tears filled in her eyes.
Tuba’s words were flooding Zoya’s mind and she left her home without any home work and went straight to her own home. When she reached home Mrs. Zahid was sitting on the prayer mat and was praying. She went to her and for the first time she said” mom” .Mrs. Zahid stood up and hugged her “mom I am sorry, mom, you are the great mom in the world” Zoya cried a lot on her mother‘s shoulder and finally got her mother back.

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Comments 49
Aiza Heart touching story keep it up afifah Aiza
Aug 15th 2017
yashfeen Great story and heart touching too. Yashfeen
Apr 15th 2017
afifah Hahaha it matters on nature. Afifah
Aug 29th 2014
shehram OOO!!! Never thought a stepmother could be like that. NyC story!!! FABOO!! kEEP IT UP!! :) Shehram
Aug 27th 2014
Areej Oyee...!! how are YOU???????!!!!!!!!1 Areej
Nov 5th 2013
afifah Eid Mubarik to all my friends:) Afifah
Oct 16th 2013
afifah Eid Mubarik to all my friends:) Afifah
Oct 16th 2013
Sidra Lovely and awesome story. Sidra
Sep 14th 2013
Areej :-) Areej
Sep 8th 2013
Haleema Great yarrrrr........... Haleema
Sep 1st 2013
Tooba Awesome story affifah... a very different kindda story loved it..... :) Tooba
Aug 30th 2013
Arouba MoSt wELcOmE..!! Arouba
Aug 19th 2013
Abid Marvelous one Abid
Aug 14th 2013
Manahil Nice work! Manahil
Aug 9th 2013
Hawwa Very nice Hawwa
Aug 2nd 2013
Hawwa Very nice story Hawwa
Aug 2nd 2013
Wajiha NICE STORY!. Wajiha
Jul 18th 2013
raveeha Owsum and very touching story,keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raveeha
Jul 14th 2013
Usman Awesome Story.Keep it up. Usman
Jul 13th 2013
afifah Thank you very much, arouba:) Afifah
Jul 13th 2013
Arouba Hi afifa, i like ur stories, poems,etc..!! u r a great writer, keep it up! n ramadan mubarak! Arouba
Jul 12th 2013
afifah Yeah Insha Allah i will. Afifah
Jul 12th 2013
Gullasht AsSalam.0.Alekuim!!... "RAMADAN MUBARAK" Dear @Affifah may Allah give you courage you collect too much NAKIYA and May Allah Bless you in this mouth (AMEEN) keep remember me in your's prays. Gullasht
Jul 11th 2013
Uswah Welxxxxxx AFIFAH!!!! ;) Uswah
Jul 8th 2013
afifah Thanks everyone:) Afifah
Jul 4th 2013
Uswah Whooaaaah! that is the most amazing thing i have ever heard! Keep it up Afifah! Uswah
Jul 3rd 2013
Laibah So nyyyccc Laibah
Jul 1st 2013
Sidra Very heart touching! Sidra
Jun 30th 2013
Areej I read it 5 times :) really heart toucching...great words used by youu. keep it up! ,,,<3 Areej
Jun 30th 2013
Crystal What a masterpiece! Crystal
Jun 29th 2013
afifah Oh thanks areej Afifah
Jun 29th 2013
Areej OWsUM....! Areej
Jun 29th 2013
Rafia Ur welcome dear....!!!!:) Rafia
Jun 28th 2013
afifah Thanks saad,rafia,minahil and aqram. And aqram that's very nice of you:) Afifah
Jun 27th 2013
saad Nice Saad
Jun 26th 2013
Arqam Your story is pasted on my blog : Arqam
Jun 26th 2013
Rafia Gr8.....ur efforts were good......!!!!:) Rafia
Jun 26th 2013
Jun 25th 2013
eesha Great story Afifah.Never read one like this :D Eesha
Jun 25th 2013
afifah Thanks everyone:) Afifah
Jun 24th 2013
afifah Oh thank God it's approved at last.. Afifah
Jun 24th 2013
saad INSHA ALLAH! Saad
Jun 24th 2013
Khadijah OnE AwEsOmE sToRy................. Khadijah
Jun 23rd 2013
Maarij Maqsood Very good story but long Maarij Maqsood
Jun 22nd 2013
Sana I think it's the best story i ever read!!!!!! This is OnE AwEsOmE sToRy................. Sana
Jun 22nd 2013
Hoora It is a heart touching story and really awesome :D Hoora
Jun 22nd 2013
rabia Good Efforts:) Rabia
Jun 22nd 2013
Tooba AwEsOmE Story. I think u will be winner again..... Tooba
Jun 22nd 2013
Syeda Maryam Very informative!!!!! Syeda Maryam
Jun 22nd 2013

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