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Abdur Rafay Khan
Abdur Rafay Khan
Beaconhouse School System Pechs Campus,karachi
The Mystery Of The Coldblooded Killer (part 2)
Published On Jun 17th 2013
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Chris Stephen was then escorted to the morgue where the body had been kept. He requested fellow policemen to leave him alone in the room to examine. When he was alone, Stephen carefully looked at the body. The throat had been cut in a way that the gash was starting from the left side and ending at the right side. Stephen looked for any other clues and found some hair in the dead body's finger nails. The hair were orange and Stephen at once guessed that it was the murderer's hair, since the victim's hair were black.
Stephen called in the police and gave his conclusion, "gentlemen, there were few things that I noticed in the body. The gash, starting from left and ending at right side means that the killer is left handed."
"What! You can tell from that cut that the killer is left handed!!" asked an astonished cop.
"I wouldn't be a detective if I didn't knew about this..." said Stephen, "Well...another thing that I noticed was that the killer has orange hair because I found some hair strands in the finger nails of the body."
"Yes, we came to know about this but we forgot to tell you," said Holmes.
Stephen continued, "The killer is a man of strong built as only a man can cut the throat of a person in such a way."
"So, you mean that only a strong man can make a deep gash in the throat?" asked Colonel Jefferson.
"Exactly! Now we must look for the murder weapon which was used to kill the victim." requested Stephen.
Then they all went to Wonderland Park, where the murder took place. The police also took Peter Balkov with them, who pointed out the exact location for the police. Stephen and his friends began searching through the bushes and after sometime detective Morris called out, "Look, I think I have found the murder weapon!"
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Comments 5
Irum Really nice, youre really into this mystery stuff! Irum
Sep 2nd 2013
Soha Awesome! Soha
Aug 22nd 2013
Rafia Rafay that's Awesome..........!!!!!! Rafia
Jun 28th 2013
nazish Amazing story. Nazish
Jun 21st 2013
Ahmed Hey guys, I contacted v shine office as there are no stories and poems and other things at “MY Page” for a long time. The said that many stories and poems are in pending and would be published in two to three days. They also made me to write this comment on their behalf and said that please don’t send things twice or again and again. In this way things are piled up and approving becomes more difficult. Hope you all people would wait for some time. Ahmed
Jun 17th 2013

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