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Zahra Khan
Zahra Khan
Usman Public School
Secret Behind Dad's Mood
Published On Mar 2nd 2011
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Ali and Amna's family was very nice but their dad was always in a bad mood. One day Ali was surprised to see that dad’s mood was very good. Ali came to his sister Amna. He said "appi aapi today, I have a good news" "Oh come on! what is the matter" said Amna . Ali said "dad has called and he was saying to ammi that he is coming home early and told her not to make lunch". Amna said "this is very good news". Ali and Amna were thinking that why did dad tell ammi not to cook lunch. Ali said "he will bring lunch with him". Amna said "he will come and cook lunch for us". Suddenly the bell rang. Ali ran and opened the door. On the door, there was dad. Dad got inside and said "all of you go and sit on the dining table" then dad served lunch to them. In the lunch there was broast! All of them were very happy. Mother asked "why are you so happy"? dad said "my salary has increased today" all of them were happy.

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Comments 17
eman Not the best u can do better buck up zarthetia tis was pa Eman
Jan 5th 2014
Amna Hey, my name!!!!Nice efforts,Zahra! Amna
Dec 25th 2012
aasiya Nice your starting was gud but the ending was meaningless Aasiya
Jan 21st 2012
Zainab Gud job!!!! Zainab
Sep 25th 2011
Omama But it does not make,in the least ,sense Omama
Sep 11th 2011
Itachi Nice the reason was in the end :) Itachi
Jul 3rd 2011
Zahra All of you thanks Zahra
Mar 12th 2011
Niha Good story! Niha
Mar 11th 2011
Ahmed Wow wat a story Ahmed
Mar 7th 2011
Mar 4th 2011
Marium Love it!!! nice effort!!! Marium
Mar 3rd 2011
Zahra Thank you mahwish Zahra
Mar 3rd 2011
Zahra There is a reason. Dad's salary increased!! Zahra
Mar 3rd 2011
Mehwish Nice story .......... its a nice effort!!!! Mehwish
Mar 3rd 2011
Mishal I don't like your story b/c there is no reason Mishal
Mar 3rd 2011
Zahra Thankyou Wafa Zahra
Mar 2nd 2011
wafa I read your story.Your story is good.Keep it up Wafa
Mar 2nd 2011

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