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Fatima  Fareed
Fatima Fareed
Who's The Leader?
Published On Mar 2nd 2011
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Long, long ago in the deep dark jungle there lived a lion. This lion was a very old lion and was the leader of his jungle. He was very unfair with the jungle animals. One day he got caught by some hunters. As for the jungle animals, they were very happy to get rid of their leader but there was one problem. They had to get another leader. (As we all know that each jungle has 1 lion) the jungle was simply not going to get a lion as their leader so they decided to have an election. The insects chose the bees as their leader. The water animals chose the crocodiles as their leader. The land animals chose the elephants as their leader and the birds chose the eagles as their leader. They chose the wise monkey Jojo as their judge. Jojo was confused that who should be the leader so he said "The bees will be the leader of the insects, the elephants of the land animals, the crocodiles of the water animals and the eagles of the birds. But after a few days everyone in the jungle were having problems so the decided to ask lions from other jungle to be their leader. Lots of lions came but everyone seemed to be very arrogant. After 1 week a lion came which was'nt as bad as the other lions. He first lived in a zoo but freed himself. All the jungle animals agreed to let him be their leader. After all he deserved it. So this is how everyone lived in a peaceful life.
the end

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Comments 4
Momina Boring and lame! Momina
Jun 15th 2011
Zahra Good! Zahra
Mar 12th 2011
Zahra I like long stories and it is interesting Zahra
Mar 5th 2011
Mishal Too long but boring Mishal
Mar 3rd 2011

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