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Habiba Hamid
Habiba Hamid
Jaffar Public School
The Dream Adventure
Published On Mar 2nd 2011
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The night was dark as a dungeon, and I was waiting impatiently for Lily at the Hamilton café. We had decided that Lily would show me the secret room that she had discovered at her school on condition that if I told her the reason why my class had been punished (it used to be the schools most pious class). So accordingly we met at the café at about midnight and as usual Lily was late. So after giving her a good lecture, and making sure that we were not being followed and had packed all the things that we would need in a backpack, we set off to Lily's school.

However, we were unfortunate, as a certain series of events took place that enabled us to abandon our journey. As we were passing through the street, we heard sirens in the distant. But pushed it away as the usual VIP movement going on in the city. But then they got nearer and nearer and entered the street that we were walking through. There were about ten black cars and all bullet-proof with black mirrors. We decided to wait for the cars to pass and then continue on our way. But the cars unexpectedly came and stopped opposite us. Some armed officers got out of the car to open the back door and out stepped the president. We were quite taken aback as we had never expected to see him in real life and furthermore, run into him. So it was decided that we would wait for the president to pass before we continued our journey.

So without taking the slightest notice of us he made way, followed by people who were obviously his bodyguards, for the famous Italian restaurant that was situated next to the Hamilton café. Lily and I were most curious so we decided to stay there in order to see what he was doing there at that time of the night. We waited for some minutes passing then time talking about the days events at which, Lily eventually got bored and started listening to music on her cell. Then the president came out again followed by the same train. But I didn’t see him as I was staring at the man in front of me.

He was drawing a revolver from inside his jacket! I was numb with fright as I had never seen a naked gun before. I had seen bloodshed, murders, robberies and firing in the news but never had I thought that I would have to see it with my own eyes one day. So now I was petrified and the man was starting to take aim. I followed his gaze and saw that he was aiming for the president. Instantly my fear vanished and I looked at Lily and was glad to see that she had also noticed the assassin. We looked at each other eye to eye and understood. We knew our job.

As the assassin was taking his aim Lily suddenly jumped onto his back and I tried to grab the revolver from his hands. The man was thrown onto the pavement and in the struggle a shot went off nearly missing my hand which was just inches away. We were both now on top of the man, and he was desperately trying to shove us off. We could not match his strength, so gave away and fell onto the pavement.

Fortunately, the short fired had caught the attention of the officers and the president was hushed into a car and sent to a secure place straightaway. They then came rushing over to where we lay on the pavement. I had badly scraped my hands and knees and couldn’t get up. An officer approached me and started rummaging through my bag. Now two ambulances had also arrived. The unlucky man who was the victim of the unintentional shot was taken to the hospital. I tried to get up but I failed. I searched for Lily and saw that she had met with the same fate. I was furious. Instead of arresting the culprit they were searching us as if we were the assassins. I started to get up and protest but a sharp pain in my arm discouraged me, and I winced.

One of the officers heard my pain stained voice and helped me to my feet. He then took me to the ambulance and after I had been attended to, the officer said, "What were you trying to do miss? You could have been easily killed! Just be thankful that we were present or it would have been your last day on this planet!" he paused for a moment then said in a tone of admiration," Anyways you did a good job young lady! And I must say that you will become famous now!"

I knew that what I had done was somewhat heroic but I was concerned about Lily. So I enquired of him," where is Lily"

So I enquired of him," where is Lily"

Oh! You mean your friend? She's there by the other car."

"Umm... thanks" I mumbled and walked off. There were a lot of people, so it was difficult to find Lily. But alas I found her surrounded by reporters and cameras. She was telling the scene over and over again with great enthusiasm. I tried to make eye contact with her but she was too busy.

When finally she saw me, she came over and said in a hushed voice," Is this dream? I just can't believe my good luck! It was certainly a good thing for us to hang back and see the president instead of hurrying to get on our way, but, I say! We will be in great trouble as soon as we get home."

"If... we get a chance to go home then! Do you think that these people are going to let us go just like that? They are going to hold us up until our parents arrive to collect us, and then you know where we are going to end up! Grounded again!"

"Oh, no", Lily groaned, "Wish we hadn’t sauntered all the way over here without permission."

"Emma!" A loud voice awoke me from my slumber." Where were you? I've been trying to contact you for the past hour and you just wouldn’t pick up your cell."

I adjusted my eyes and saw that it was my best friend Lily. She had come to stay at my house as we had decided to go for a night journey together after my parents had gone off to sleep. Lily had told her parents that we had to do a school assignment and so she would stay at my house and would go to school with me.  Her parents had agreed without having the slightest suspicion. And as for now I had fallen asleep waiting for Lily and she was in a great temper.

"Oh, get up Emma, don’t be sleepy. How are you going to keep awake the rest of the night?"

It was then that I remembered about the dream that I had just seen and related it to Lily. I concluded my dream saying that we should go another day and she started laughing like mad. "Oh Emma! When did you start believing in dreams?"

"I'm serious!" I defended myself. "Ok.  As you say madam we'll go another day I'm also not in the mood."

We started working on the project but my mind was still on the dream. I wondered what would have happened if the dream had happened in real. I shuddered at the thought for I knew that I would have rather died than accomplish such a task. I sighed in relief that my 'dream adventure' was over and concentrated on the project for Lily was looking at me with searching eyes.

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Comments 16
Ayesha Should be winner..... Ayesha
Jun 2nd 2017
Haniya Cool Haniya
Feb 24th 2016
KHAN Very good Khan
Feb 14th 2014
rabia Wow its awesome story Rabia
Jan 23rd 2013
rabia Wow really its awesome story Rabia
Jan 23rd 2013
Omama Nice Omama
Sep 11th 2011
Omama Nice Omama
Sep 11th 2011
Abir Amazing story! love it! Abir
Apr 17th 2011
Bint waseem Amazingly written! Bint Waseem
Mar 23rd 2011
Habiba Thank you all Habiba
Mar 13th 2011
Zernab GOOD EFFORTS BY YOU!!!!! WHAT'S UR AGE & CLASS?????????? Zernab
Mar 13th 2011
Marium Brillaint story!!! Marium
Mar 7th 2011
Zahra Very nice story Zahra
Mar 7th 2011
Ahmed A long long story Ahmed
Mar 7th 2011
rabia Nyc story..... Rabia
Mar 5th 2011
Aisha A very brilliant story Aisha
Mar 2nd 2011

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