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Zernab Waheed
Zernab Waheed
Allied School System (ass)
Liza's Decision
Published On Mar 12th 2011
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Every time Liza walked down the lane whenever she had spare time. Some neighbour remarked that she was indeed kind-hearted. The six-year-old was the only child of her parents and they loved her very much. Even when she was a small child, her parents had never refused her anything. And she, in turn always made sure that she got what she wanted.
One day Liza's mother, Sammy, suddenly noticed that her daughter was not ready to share anything with her friends - be it a book, a toy or something to eat.
She discovered something else as well - most children did not like to play with her daughter. They said she made them cry.
Liza's mother realised that it was their fault Liza was behaving like this. For, hadn't they spoilt her by giving her anything and everything she asked for? Would Liza be able to make good friends and learn to share things with them? She would soon know, for Liza was now admitted to Class I, in a proper school.
Everyone in her class admitted that Liza was very intelligent. But she had no friends until Pinky joined her class. New to the city and too shy to make any friends, she did not mind anything. Though knowing Liza, it was more boring around her! But at least she had someone to play with.
One day, the teacher scolded Pinky for doing her sums without thinking. The little girl cried because the whole class had laughed at her. For, the teacher had repeatedly explained how to do the sums, but Pinky was just not able to understand.
Liza told her mother about Pinky crying in class. "Why don't you try to explain to her simply," asked her mother. "She likes you very much and if you teach her, she will understand."
"Mummy, I don't have time to waste. What can I do if she is dumb?" said Liza. "But Pinky is your friend and if you don't help her, who will?" scolded her mother. Then she told Liza the story of an ant and a dove. After listening to the story, Liza felt ashamed & decided to help Pinky.
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Comments 15
Minahil I am also Minahil and study in grade 6 and am 11.9 years old Minahil
May 9th 2013
Zernab I thank all of you for such nice comments Zernab
Oct 12th 2011
Itachi Nice one Itachi
May 11th 2011
rOcKiNgUrL mInA Ayesha wht is ur age and class my real name is minahil im 11 and in class 6th Rockingurl Mina
Mar 19th 2011
ayesha Hey zernab...plz also comment on my sis's's the haunted house....... Ayesha
Mar 19th 2011
Aisha Nice story. Aisha
Mar 16th 2011
Zernab Thanks for commenting!!!!!!!!! Zernab
Mar 16th 2011
Zernab Thanks Liba & Sweet Aleena!!!! Aleena reply me on my poem "Blessings of God"!!!!!!!!! Zernab
Mar 16th 2011
Bint waseem I am 13. Bint Waseem
Mar 15th 2011
Zernab Thanks Ayesha, Bint Waseem & Habiba!!!!!!!! What's your age bint waseem & habiba???? Zernab
Mar 15th 2011
Aleena Wow......well written! Aleena
Mar 15th 2011
Aleena Good story! Aleena
Mar 15th 2011
Habiba Nice Habiba
Mar 13th 2011
Bint waseem Gud.....gud story Bint Waseem
Mar 13th 2011
ayesha Hmm....amazing story...well written..awsummm....u cann do more better than me... Ayesha
Mar 12th 2011

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