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Malaika Ali
Malaika Ali
The Pixie Woods
Published On Jun 3rd 2013
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"Ummi, do you really believe in pixies? Do you? Huh? Do you?" Impatient Nadia asked her mother, Sadia. "I already told you, Nadia, yes, I do." Her mother brushed her dark curls.
"Nadia, don't bother Ummi!" Her elder 14 year old brother, Saad, said. "Oh, Saad, why won't you go to the woods with me." Nadia asked him.
"No- Nadia, listen, pixies do not exist!" Saad announced. "Do you mean that they are endangered, brother?" She asked.
"Nadia, hasn't Ms. Sadaakat told you the difference between those two words." Saad said, putting the basket on the table. "Nope, bhai, not yet." And so Saad started telling her the difference
In the Pixie Woods
"Merry-Bella!" Crystal called. She was a water pixie and Merry-Bella was a rainbow pixie.
"What is, Crystal, is it morning?" Merry- Bella yawned in her bud. "Merry-Bella, it's time to bring spring!" Didn't you read the schedule?" Crystal impatiently asked.
"No-" She replied, lazily. She gazed at the board:
12:00 am: All flower pixies bring all flowers back
2:00 am: All animal pixies wake the animals.
4:00 am: Water and Rainbow pixies bring spring and clean water.
6:30 am: All light pixies bring sunlight.
8:00 am: All magic pixies clean everything
9:00 onwards: Free time.
"Oh no!" Merry- Bella gasped and ran. "Merry- just stop!" Crystal commanded.
"We need to go wake up the humans!" "What? But..." "It's her majesty's order!"
They started with Nadia's house, who was writing her diary.
She noticed a speck on dust... and a glow... "PIXIES!" She shouted. "Shh..." Merry- Bella ushered. "We bring no harm, little girl. Spring has come... spread the word!"
They left, leading Nadia wondering.
From now on, Nadia went to the woods to meet them every day and dance with them. The magic fairies shrunk her to size.
Her mother was right about them at last!
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Comments 7
Ali Nice i read another story like it it's called the thistle doll by the way keep up the good work Ali
Nov 15th 2013
Ajwa Fantastic!!! Ajwa
Aug 17th 2013
isbah Awsum Isbah
Jun 16th 2013
rizwan Good!! Rizwan
Jun 8th 2013
Maarij Maqsood Niceeee Maarij Maqsood
Jun 7th 2013
Ebad That's good...... Ebad
Jun 6th 2013
tehreem Good Tehreem
Jun 6th 2013

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