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Malaika Ali
Malaika Ali
Published On Jun 3rd 2013
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Hello, friends, this is my first article, wish me luck!
Now, if we think to ourselves for a moment 'What is truth?', what do we get? Exactly, the opposite of what the generation of Pakistan does these days. Did you get the answer? The opposite of lies.
What are lies? What we do. This sounds confusing but just think about it. How can Pakistan progress with these conditions? What Pakistani people do?
Look at these examples and answer the questions?
Example 1:
Mom: Adeel, clean the garden for me please?
Adeel: Ummi, I'm doing my homework!
Mom: Alright, I'll ask Abdullah.
What do you think Adeel is doing? Exactly what you and I do. (I will reveal the answers later.)
Example 2:
Dad (shouting): Mehru! Did you break the window?
Mehru: No dad, never! I didn't do it!
Why is Mehru lying? (Answer will be revealed later.)
Example 3:
Dad and Mom: Madiha, did you break the glass?
Madiha: No! Mehdi did!
What is Mehru doing (answers revealed later)
Your task is to find the answers which I hope you will.
P.S Remember not to lie!
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Comments 50
eesha Cant believe it!!!!!!! Ebad n +ive??????? Eesha
Aug 22nd 2013
Laibah All three are lying Laibah
Aug 19th 2013
Rafia Ur welcome :) Rafia
Aug 12th 2013
Ebad Thanks rafia... :) Ebad
Aug 11th 2013
Rafia Well........ i read it...... nd loved it :) Rafia
Aug 8th 2013
Ebad Mera article bhi plz.ok Ebad
Aug 6th 2013
Ajwa Nice article bismah......& ebad and doc always fight over Dr in dr gullasht!!!!hahahaha!!!!=D......u guyzzzz r really funny!!!!.........keep it up!!!!! Ajwa
Aug 6th 2013
Rafia Yes seriously it's the same w8me..... I also laughed reading it.......when I told my frnds about it so one of them fell frm the chair laughing........... Rafia
Jul 17th 2013
nazish Your fighting iz very cool and made me laugh out loud.i had enjoy it.what a full time tafreeh guyzzzzz. Nazish
Jul 16th 2013
Rafia Yup well fight was really interesting and funny.......!!!!!:) Rafia
Jul 6th 2013
Gullasht Ha ha ha Gullasht
Jul 6th 2013
Syeda Maryam Wah Wah vshine to ab magazine nahi rahi fighting tournament ban gaya!!!!!Ek se badh ke ek!! Syeda Maryam
Jul 6th 2013
Emel Good article keep writing new articles you can write well. Emel
Jul 3rd 2013
rizwan Yes ofCoarse Rabia...!!!!!!! Rizwan
Jun 30th 2013
eesha Eman really nyc article but app ka article bhari par gia hai(don't mind" Eesha
Jun 26th 2013
rabia Such a nice ''Tafreeh'' Rizwan......!!!!!!!:) Rabia
Jun 25th 2013
rizwan Aese hi Tafreeh...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rizwan
Jun 24th 2013
rabia Very funny fight....frnds hr jaga kyoun fight karte ho???:( Rabia
Jun 24th 2013
Ahmed Wow a didn't seee any articel on vshine having so many comments Ahmed
Jun 23rd 2013
rizwan And Dr. gullasht too................!!!!!!!!!! Rizwan
Jun 21st 2013
Ahmed Ebad has made vshine a fighting club Ahmed
Jun 21st 2013
Hafsa Nycc good article Hafsa
Jun 21st 2013
HairBeyar Mr.Gullasht you don't talk with me ok Mr.Gullasht miss mr and mrs Gullasht miss Gullasht miss Hairbeyar
Jun 20th 2013
rizwan What da hell!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeh khoula "AUNTY" kahan sai aa gai?? Rizwan
Jun 20th 2013
Linda Ebad ebadad krte ho ya sarf Vshine per zerile comentz dete ho Linda
Jun 20th 2013
Gullasht Ebad kia dil tumara bara hai jo tum muj se elaj nahi karaho ge Gullasht
Jun 20th 2013
Gullasht GEE Khoula Appa app hi kuch bare hone ka sabot de do wese be mein ann ki hum age hon Gullasht
Jun 20th 2013
Ebad Hear ke bear tumhare dill me to baraaa sa dhaba he!!!!! Ebad
Jun 20th 2013
Khoula Ye kia har jaga larai ho rahi hy comments pr.... vshine me is liye account banaya hy tm logon ne...???? and mr dr whatever ap to bare hony ka saboot de do kiun bachon se lar rahi ho?? Khoula
Jun 19th 2013
Ebad Made in china ki Dr se mai Elaj nahi krwa sakta!!!!! Ebad
Jun 19th 2013
Syeda Maryam Hi im new and im Syeda Maryam.This article really shows the right path!! Syeda Maryam
Jun 19th 2013
HairBeyar Tum hare dil mein jo sorag hai Hairbeyar
Jun 19th 2013
rizwan Aray Dr. yahan bhi larna shoro kar dia!!!!!!!!!!! Rizwan
Jun 19th 2013
Gullasht Han too Bhai Miss Ebad Élaj main kr do ge akir Dr. Hon Gullasht
Jun 19th 2013
Ebad Dil itna bara hy k us me meri jaga bn gai.... :O bara dil hona to bemari hy... :D Ebad
Jun 18th 2013
HairBeyar Acha gee miss ebad kia hal hai app ka gee app ne too mere dil mein jaga leli Hairbeyar
Jun 18th 2013
Ebad Meri koi barhi zaban nahi hai or mr gullasht tum ne boht bol lia na....chalo shabash ab apna rasta pakro Ebad
Jun 18th 2013
Gullasht Ohh hoO!... Ebad ki tarf se koi jawab nai wese barhi zaban hai Gullasht
Jun 17th 2013
fatima Good lUCk!!! Fatima
Jun 15th 2013
Gullasht AOA ebad first you become so0, much over because I m not Mr. First I m Dr. And you can also, said me miss but not Mr. And Gullhtasht O.k I m Gullasht and if I break any back bone of punjabi so, chahdow Parawa!......... Gullasht
Jun 14th 2013
tehreem Great article eman..keep it up... Tehreem
Jun 13th 2013
Ebad Ham ne punjabi ki itni tang nahi torri jitni Mr gullasht ne torri hai,sorry Ms.gullasht Ohh!! Dr.Gullshashsht....... ;) Ebad
Jun 13th 2013
Malaika Thx everyone, for you positive comments Answers: Q1: Lying in order not to do the task Q2: Trying to save herself Q3: Blaming others Malaika
Jun 13th 2013
Gullasht AOA AhhhOo Gee!.... tosi ne te kamal kar deta Gullasht
Jun 10th 2013
rizwan TOOSY! GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rizwan
Jun 9th 2013
Ebad Toosy!ne acha likha hai :) Ebad
Jun 7th 2013
irfan Toosy punjabi ho Irfan
Jun 7th 2013
selina Nice ,eman toosy! Selina
Jun 7th 2013
Mohammad GOOD , I LIKE IT Mohammad
Jun 5th 2013
Salwa Good.. Salwa
Jun 4th 2013

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