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Hamza Waqas Waheed
Hamza Waqas Waheed
Brick School
Prince And Princess
Published On May 31st 2013
Total Comments : 46
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Prince and Princess
The prince and the princess
went to a hall.
When they were dancing,
the princess fall.
She tore a hole
in her party dress.
"Oh dear!" said the princess.
Now I look a mess!
"Don't worry'', said the prince.
"I have a present for you.
It will make your dress
as good as new."
The prince gave the princess
a needle and some thread.
But the princess pricked her finger
and now she is in bed!
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Comments 46
mubashra Do you like messi?????? i am a great fan of him Mubashra
Feb 10th 2015
hibba Like ur story:) Hibba
Jan 7th 2014
wafa I also liked ur story. u r a gr8 crickter playr do u lyc 2 play crictxx!!!!!!!!! Wafa
Nov 25th 2013
Hamza Waqas I wrote it myself and I liked your poem Hamza Waqas
Nov 24th 2013
wafa Gr8 nyc 1 did u wrote it by urself telll me hurry up?nd why u cmnt on my poem did u lyc it if lyc then tell me plz?!!!!! Wafa
Nov 21st 2013
Izza A0A..! Bro Hamza, h0w d0 U kn0w mee 0n VSHINE?? like u nvr c0mmented on my any stuff n u sent me frnd rqst.....i was kinda' surprixed..;)..if u mind wht i say...em' s0rry...but i am frank..em' seri0ux..plx sorry bhai if u mind..;( Izza
Oct 21st 2013
Arwa Aoa, friends plz visit my website Arwa
Oct 8th 2013
wafa Ok hamza Wafa
Oct 6th 2013
Hamza Waqas No I am not american i am norwegian :P Hamza Waqas
Sep 19th 2013
wafa Hamnza r u american??? don't mind i am asking u?? Wafa
Sep 18th 2013
Rafia :)))) tnkuuuuuu................ Rafia
Sep 11th 2013
Irum No problem yar, as you know, we all are Muslims and shud be supportive of our fellows!!! Irum
Sep 10th 2013
Rafia Ok dear if i was wrong ... so .... exteremely sorry sweetie!!!!!! :) Rafia
Sep 8th 2013
Irum Ok ok, sorry!! But in English , U dont write it like this, you shud ask that frm anyone, even ur teacher, pay attention to ur studies, sweetie. Ask anyone, even Izza Waheed Irum
Sep 6th 2013
Rafia Hey Ayesha dear ..... i didn't got any grammatical mistakes but u my frnd .... actually fought is the past tense of fight ... nd meant is the past tense of mean .... so that was it as whatever we talked had been now past dear .... nd OFCOURSE not yar!! em not the eldest over here .... Rabia api is more elder than me nd Rizwan bhai is of 15 years old ..... so how come em the eldest dear?? :) Rafia
Sep 5th 2013
Irum Hey Rafia, you've got two grammatical mistakes in ur comments, Its "fight" , not "fought" and its "mean" not "meant", okay??? And I didn't mean u Rafia, when I said that you're fighting. Other girls were saying nonsensical things and I just told u that u shud tell the girls to behave themselves, coz ure the eldest, I think.... Irum
Sep 4th 2013
Rafia Dear ayehsa ....... when did i fought with Hamza???????? did i ?????????????? if yes than exteremely sorry hamza ... i didn't meant to!!!!!!!! REALLY!!!!!!!! Rafia
Sep 1st 2013
Irum Girls! What are u doing? Fighting with a 7 year old. Boys are so immature. Your'e older, Rafia, U shud know, yar! Irum
Aug 30th 2013
Rafia A0A!!!!!! Hamza......... thnx alot....!!!!!!!!! :) Rafia
Aug 9th 2013
rabia Rizwan ........... agar ap ko mera koi bhi comment bura laga to main maazrat chahti hoon ............ Rizwan bhai, maffi de do ..... EXTREMELY SORRY :) Rabia
Aug 9th 2013
Hamza Waqas RAFIA IS RIGHT Hamza Waqas
Aug 9th 2013
Rafia Agar mere comments ne vshine par kisi ko bhi hurt kia to EM EXTEREMELY SORRY..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Rafia
Aug 9th 2013
rizwan Tum phir shoro ho gai........!!!!!!! Rizwan
Aug 9th 2013
rabia Vshine pr do log hain jin se zyaada tar +ive comments ki umeed nahi ki jaa sakti............... Ebad nd Rizwan..... Rabia
Aug 7th 2013
Ebad Irfan asal me panda to tum ho me thori aur batameez mosi ko pand kehte ho..... ;) Ebad
Aug 6th 2013
Marwa Nice :P Marwa
Jul 27th 2013
Rafia Well awesome poem Hamza.................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Rafia
Jul 22nd 2013
irfan Ebad!!!! ye tum tasweer mai kis sher kay sath lar rahay ho????!!!!!!! Irfan
Jul 21st 2013
Rafia Yamna.......yeh Messi kahan se aagya frnd??????? Rafia
Jul 17th 2013
Emel Good! Emel
Jul 4th 2013
yamna Hey i love messi!!!!!!!!!!! Yamna
Jun 21st 2013
Khoula Hamza tm ne khud hi sawal pocha tha na to jo tips ain hn un pr amal karo ab Khoula
Jun 19th 2013
Jun 15th 2013
irfan Practice makes a man perfect you have to practice and as well as you should learn techniques from your cricket seniors ... see I am also an uncle irfan so respect me.OK!!!!!!!! Irfan
Jun 13th 2013
Hamza Waqas How can I be a good cricket player? I am asking from Irfan Pathan Pasto Zabban!!! Hamza Waqas
Jun 9th 2013
rizwan Ebad it is not bad neither poor, it is very ______ poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rizwan
Jun 9th 2013
Hamza Waqas How can I be a good cricket player? I am asking from Irfan Pathan Pasto Zabban! Hamza Waqas
Jun 9th 2013
Usman Nice Usman
Jun 7th 2013
Ebad Hamza that is your poem,so it is not bad poem.......very poor poem Ebad
Jun 7th 2013
irfan I SAW YOU ASKING QUESTION FROM UNCLE SHINE. This is not good thing you should ask that to me....!!! Irfan
Jun 7th 2013
Jun 7th 2013
Hamza Waqas It is not a bad poem ebad!!!! Hamza Waqas
Jun 6th 2013
Ebad Ow...very bad poem.. :( Ebad
Jun 6th 2013
M Salman Nicyyyyy M Salman
Jun 5th 2013
Mohammad That was very nice Mohammad
Jun 5th 2013
talha Nice Talha
May 31st 2013

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