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Abubakar Moin
Abubakar Moin
The Educators
Greediness Is Bad
Published On May 30th 2013
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Once upon a time in Pakistan, there was a boy named Muhammad he was learning his lesson for half-yearly. He was a good and a top position taker of his school. He lived with his father. His father was a farmer, then one day Muhammad found a duck in the farm crops. That duck laid gold eggs. Then Muhammad hide that duck from his father, then after sometime his father was finding some food to eat for his dinner. Then Muhammad’s father saw that duck and scolded his son for hiding that duck. Then when that duck laid gold egg Muhammad's father became greedy, then Muhammad's father thought to cut the stomach of the duck and took out all the gold eggs. But Mohammad's father was wrong. Then one day when Mohammad went to the school, then at that time when Mohammad was in school his father cut the stomach of that duck and did not have another egg. The lesson we get from this story is that greediness is bad and can made a good man like a greedy man.
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Comments 16
Ebad Irfan aap ka article abhi tak launch nahi hua "jun 7 th 2013 se feb 16 th 2014 hogaye" ?????? >.< Ebad
Feb 15th 2014
irfan Ham say jo takray ga wo phansay ga nai to kia mithai khay ga!!! Irfan
Jun 20th 2013
rizwan Ha talha phans gai!!!!!!! Rizwan
Jun 19th 2013
Gullasht AOA Ebad and Irfan are right talha is jealus whenever vshine make it winner in may and he send his story in June Critical!..... Gullasht
Jun 18th 2013
Gullasht AOA Ebad and Irfan are right talha is jealus whenever vshine make it winner in may and he send his story in may critical Gullasht
Jun 17th 2013
Ebad Talha ko kaha hai mai ne.... Ebad
Jun 9th 2013
Ebad Winner kia aa gaye to doosroon ki kahani ko keh rahe write again you always jealous..... Ebad
Jun 9th 2013
irfan I am launching an article very soon it will be very awesome..!!!! Irfan
Jun 7th 2013
rizwan Good story Rizwan
Jun 7th 2013
rizwan Yup, Irfan is true!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rizwan
Jun 7th 2013
irfan Talha always jealous Irfan
Jun 5th 2013
Maarij Maqsood I agree with abubakar Maarij Maqsood
Jun 4th 2013
irfan Sab say kam star milay hain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Irfan
Jun 3rd 2013
talha This is an old have changed it slightly but everyone knows that this is an old story.try to write your own ideas Talha
Jun 2nd 2013
abubakar Its a very lovely story I am proud of you andapreciate a lot more parts. Of this story Abubakar
Jun 2nd 2013
abubakar This story is full of good lesson I like it Abubakar
May 31st 2013

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