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Hafsa Najam
Hafsa Najam
Bamm P.e.c.h.s College For Women
Five Very Easy Riddles
Published On May 31st 2013
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I have one eye. But I cannot see who am I?
What do you add in oil to make it boil?
I start with T ends with T and I am full of T. Who am I?
What is at the middle of sea?
What is the difference between here and there?
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Comments 18
Samia 2=boil 3=tea pot 4=E 5=the letter t and dont know the first 1 Samia
May 21st 2014
wajeeha 2)letter B .I don't know answers of others Wajeeha
Oct 15th 2013
Affan Do not know Affan
Sep 6th 2013
Hafsa Yes why not rida and thanxxx Hafsa
Jul 27th 2013
Emel Good! Emel
Jul 26th 2013
Rida Nicoo!wanna be friends? Rida
Jul 18th 2013
Hafsa You guys were right but my answer no 1 is needle.It has a hole like that an eye but it can not seen. Hafsa
Jul 7th 2013
Hafsa Ebad i am not understand your comment???????????? Hafsa
Jul 2nd 2013
Nayab 1-Camera 2-The letter B 3-Teapot 4-The letter E 5-The letter T Nayab
Jun 24th 2013
Hafsa Everybody!your answer no 1 is wrong. Hafsa
Jun 22nd 2013
Maha 1.Camera 2.B 3.Teapot 4.E 5.The Letter T Maha
Jun 18th 2013
Marwa No.3: teapot Marwa
Jun 17th 2013
mubashra 2.letter''B'' 3.teapot 4.letter''E'' 5.letter''T''is present in there while t is missing in here . Am i right? Mubashra
Jun 8th 2013
Ebad You are hafsa najam.... :D Ebad
Jun 6th 2013
selina 1.mirror 2.water 3.teapot 4.e 5.t Selina
Jun 5th 2013
selina 1:because your eyes face towards the front 2:water3:teapot is not always full of tea4:island5;here is here and there! is there Selina
Jun 5th 2013
braikhna A:camera, b: add b c: teapot d:e e: t Braikhna
Jun 4th 2013
Laibah 1. (i dont know) 2. letter b 3. letter e 4. t is in there and not in here Laibah
Jun 1st 2013

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