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Daliya Farooqui
Daliya Farooqui
New Middle East International School
A Hole In A Boat
Published On May 31st 2013
Total Comments : 46
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There are 3 boys in a boat Harry, Larry and Garry
Harry: Hey guys! Look there's a hole in the boat.
Garry: Oh no! What are we going to do? Think of something fast before we get drowned...
Larry: Well! I got an idea!
(Larry picks up a sharp object and then makes another hole)
Harry: OH GREAT! Larry what a nice idea to get us drowned faster.
Larry: In fact! I made another hole to let the water pass out so now there are two holes one for the water to come in and one for the water to go out.
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Comments 46
Nov 7th 2013
Rafia Sorry Rizwan Bhai ....... i think i was bit harsh ... but i din't like ur comment to Emel!!!!!!!!! hope u forgived me. ...... Rafia
Sep 11th 2013
Rafia You stay out!!!!!!!!!!! Rafia
Sep 8th 2013
rizwan You stay out!!!!! Rizwan
Aug 23rd 2013
Emel Stay out mister Irfan!!! Emel
Aug 21st 2013
Rafia ............ Rafia
Aug 19th 2013
irfan always doing manerless comments and always lying out of the boundry of attitude........!!!!!!!!!!!!!Talk respectfully with elders..............ok!!!!!!! Irfan
Aug 18th 2013
rizwan Dumb Emel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rizwan
Aug 15th 2013
Emel Just shut up mister Rizwan what a maner less kind of a guy u r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!! Emel
Aug 14th 2013
Rafia ..................??????????????????? Rafia
Aug 12th 2013
rizwan Dumb Emel.........!!!!!!!!!! Rizwan
Aug 11th 2013
Emel JUST STAY OUT MISTER DUMB EBAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emel
Aug 11th 2013
Rafia Well.......................... interesting joke and comment :) Rafia
Aug 4th 2013
Hoora Add me Hoora
Aug 4th 2013
Ajwa Its good...but I get it Larry IS outa his mind Ajwa
Jul 31st 2013
Emel Mister Ibad its none of ur problem so try to keep away!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emel
Jul 30th 2013
Ebad Tell me first... are you in your limits...?? huh Ebad
Jul 28th 2013
Arooba Good Arooba
Jul 28th 2013
Emel Dr Gullshat i am a girl ! Emel
Jul 25th 2013
Gullasht AOA thanks Emel are you girl or boy??? Gullasht
Jul 22nd 2013
Emel Ebad stay in your limits Dr gullshat is bigger then u and u should respect her SORRY 4 inter fairing but CANTROLL your self!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emel
Jul 20th 2013
Rida I bet you guys want some rest. fighting is too much Rida
Jul 18th 2013
Marwa Hey nice one but i guess larry is just the one stupid and who spoiled the jokes fun. Marwa
Jul 10th 2013
Gullasht AOA riZwan bro i m not fight Gullasht
Jul 6th 2013
Emel Boringgggggggggggg Emel
Jul 2nd 2013
rizwan Aray! laro nahi Dr. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rizwan
Jun 21st 2013
Ebad aap pehle apna elaj karwain taake doosron ka elaj kar paien........ok mR Gullasht Ebad
Jun 20th 2013
Gullasht Gee gee miss Ebad i understood Gullasht
Jun 20th 2013
Ebad Mjhe eng bolne par fakhr nahi hy..... urdu bolny par hy is liye mn har jaga urdu ko awaleen tarjeeh deta hn... samjh ai mr and master gullasht Ebad
Jun 20th 2013
gulrukh BEST JOKE EVER IN WHOLE WORLD NICE............. Gulrukh
Jun 18th 2013
Gullasht AOA eBAD ENGLISH TO TUMY BHI NAHI AHTI HAI JO HAR JAGA roman mein msg send karte ho aur keh selina ko rahe ho Gullasht
Jun 17th 2013
Gullasht AOA then, i agree w8 Ebad Gullasht
Jun 17th 2013
irfan Ebad ne joke to parha nahi aor lar raha hai ye baitha hua. Irfan
Jun 16th 2013
Muhammad I Agree with Selina. Muhammad
Jun 15th 2013
Ebad Ary! Rabia ko choro usko english kahan aati hai.... ;) Ebad
Jun 13th 2013
Ebad Selina tumhare comment tumhare mom likhti hain na....... Ebad
Jun 13th 2013
rabia Fatima pls dont interrup Rabia
Jun 8th 2013
Shifa It is funny Shifa
Jun 8th 2013
Arwa Rabia Subhan is a boy not a girl:) Arwa
Jun 8th 2013
Minahil Haaahaaaa Minahil
Jun 6th 2013
rabia Come on guys atleast she wrote it by herself appreciate her or if u dont like it so dont send the comment or wese bhi subhan tum apne pehle jokes to paro phir doosron ko bolo Rabia
Jun 5th 2013
selina Subhan,first read your jokes, you should be embarrassed,your jokes are std Selina
Jun 5th 2013
braikhna Boring Braikhna
Jun 4th 2013
raveeha BORING!AND IS LARRY MAD OR WHAT??????????????????????? Raveeha
Jun 4th 2013
Laibah Again a boring joke Laibah
Jun 1st 2013
Subhan Larry is crazzy Subhan
May 31st 2013

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