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Kazim  Hyder
Kazim Hyder
The City School
Better Poor Than Rich!
Published On Mar 2nd 2011
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''So I will return after 2 days". After saying this to his poor family, Oliver set out his way to the city for earning some money. On the way he thought that he was going in a new city so how he would understand their language? But then he kept his thought on side and his eyes were fixed on a huge bungalow. It was as beautiful as a heaven. It had almost 30 rooms with a lush green lawn and 3 long cars parked in the garage. He thought in his mind that the owner is so lucky to have such luxuries. Then he asked the guard, "What is the name of the owner of this huge palace?" The Guard was Spanish and he didn’t understand the language of the poor person so he replied in Spanish," Ke-nae-two-sann" (It is a Spanish sentence meaning I don’t understand your language). Oliver then thought," Ke-nae-two-sann is really a very lucky person" He misunderstood as to what the guard said. He thought that Ke-nae-two-sann is the owner of the huge bungalow.
Well, on the way he saw a lot of huge ships on the sea. He again thought," The owner of these all ships would be so lucky. He would have so much profit and with that money he could enjoy the luxuries of the life". So he went ahead and asked a sailor," To whom these huge ships belong?" The sailor was also Spanish so he too replied, " Ke-nae-two-sann" which meant I don’t understand your language". Again Oliver thought that Ke-nae-two-sann is so lucky that he is not only the owner of a bungalow but also of many ships!
Next day he was walking suddenly he saw a group of people carrying a dead body in the coffin to the grave. Oliver then thought," Who is this unlucky person who died." In order to know the answer to his question, he went to one of the people and asked," Who died?" To this a reply came," Ke-nae-two-sann"
Then he thought," Oh..! He is the same person who owned the ships and the bungalow and now he died! People say it right that no matter how much we get rich, death always follow us!" From then onwards his dream of being rich was vanished in the thin air!
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Comments 8
Tooba Good Tooba
Apr 28th 2014
Omama No it is not!I HAVE READ THIS STORY SOMEWHERE ELSE should write your own stories. you have read this story in the book called Story Time! Omama
Sep 3rd 2011
Momina COOL STORY! It's a definite winner! Momina
Jun 15th 2011
Kazim Thanks everybody! I also think it's a good story as it teaches us a good lesson. NOwadays people tend to show off and they forget their religion duties i.e. to help poors. IN this story a beggar is convinced in an indirect way that poors live a better life than rich! IT doesn't matters if we are poor or rich, all that matters are the good and bad deeds we acquire in this world. Everyone has to leave this world one day so why to show off? Kazim
Mar 31st 2011
Niha Nice Niha
Mar 11th 2011
rabia Gud....i like it Rabia
Mar 11th 2011
Zahra Oh that is a marvelous Zahra
Mar 4th 2011
Rida Excellent! You ought to be the winner!! =] Rida
Mar 3rd 2011

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