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Mahnoor  Mohsin
Mahnoor Mohsin
A Birthday Gift
Published On May 14th 2013
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Mohsin's birthday was coming soon, so he asked his dad for a bicycle so that he would not need to walk to school anymore. However, Mohsin's dad had lost his job and did not have much money. Mohsin got a book instead but he did not complain.
One bright and sunny day while Mohsin was walking past a convenience store on his way to school, he saw a big boy on a bike. The bike was too small for the boy. As the boy was turning around a corner, the bike skidded on a puddle of water and crashed into a lamp-post.
The boy was prefect in Mohsin's school. Mohsin recognised him. The boy's name was Wahab. Wahab seemed to have broken his leg. Mohsin picked up Wahab's bike which was not damaged and rode to the nearby hospital to get help. A few minutes later, an ambulance came and brought Wahab to the hospital. Mohsin rode Wahab's bike to school so he would not be late for class.
After school, Mohsin quickly rode the bicycle to Wahab's house with a book and a jigsaw puzzle for Wahab. Wahab was not too seriously hurt. He was discharged after his leg was put in a cast. Wahab gave his cycle to Mohsin as a gift of his kindness and helpfulness as he already had another one. Mohsin was overwhelmed with his gift.
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Comments 30
Samia NICE 1 I LIKE IT Samia
Dec 1st 2013
Anam Tehreem will u be my friend btw asssssssssssssssome story i loved it Anam
Sep 13th 2013
Mahnoor Thanx a lot for not discouraging me Mahnoor
Sep 2nd 2013
Laibah Very nyc story i think it copied Laibah
Jul 6th 2013
Usman Very nice story Usman
Jun 20th 2013
Minahil It was a book of several stories in my school library>I am not discouraging you<< Minahil
Jun 16th 2013
rizwan Ok if it is only a story then it is good.!! Rizwan
Jun 16th 2013
Nimra U welcome mahnoor :) Nimra
Jun 15th 2013
Mahnoor @wafa i am 9 and live in karachi i am a student of kps and hav no nickname u can make 1...i dont mind Mahnoor
Jun 14th 2013
Mahnoor Minahil pleas can u tell me the name of book..........if not then dont discouage is not good Mahnoor
Jun 14th 2013
Mahnoor @ ibad ,wafa and selina +nimra thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaannnnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Mahnoor
Jun 14th 2013
Mahnoor @rizwan ...i know birthdays reduce a year of our lives...but this is only a story Mahnoor
Jun 14th 2013
rizwan Birthday should not be celebrated......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rizwan
Jun 13th 2013
Ebad Good hai yaar......... Ebad
Jun 6th 2013
Nimra Ooohhh... by the way its nice wafa :) and by the way what is the meaning of ur name? Nimra
May 28th 2013
wafa Dear mahnoor!What is your nick name?In which class do you read?and where do you live?in which school do you study? Wafa
May 28th 2013
wafa Hey nimra!this is my picture Wafa
May 28th 2013
Nimra Hey wafa who's pic it is? and mahnoor thnkx to send me request...:) by the way your story is nice :) Nimra
May 25th 2013
wafa Excellent work. Do more better next time.OKAY!! Wafa
May 24th 2013
Minahil Sorry<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Minahil
May 24th 2013
Minahil You believe me or not but I have read it in a book before. Minahil
May 24th 2013
Mahnoor @abeeha........not at all...i imagined it... Mahnoor
May 24th 2013
ABEEHA Is this a fake story? Abeeha
May 19th 2013
selina Nice story,I give you .........8/10 Selina
May 19th 2013
Mahnoor @sadiya....i have written this and by the way why do you write scientist infront of your name??????? are u really 1 Mahnoor
May 17th 2013
Mahnoor @tehreem ...thanx alot Mahnoor
May 17th 2013
Mahnoor @minahil...i dont think that i have cheated this... this is my own writing and why should i need to cheat i can write well...please dont blame me for a crime i am not responsible for.... Mahnoor
May 17th 2013
Minahil You have just changed the names and cheated it v shine is a site to share ideas and if you do so write reference and real author's name It isn't a thing to get hurt but still if you have got your feings hurt sorry Hiba Minahil
May 16th 2013
tehreem Nicee....great story.. Tehreem
May 15th 2013
 Sadia Very nice story is this real or you have written ? Sadia
May 14th 2013

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