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Abdul Rashid
Abdul Rashid
Karachi Institute Of Management & Sciences
Valentine Day In Islam
Published On Feb 18th 2011
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Entertainment isn’t prohibited in Islam but Islam encourages the play and entertainment in limits of shariah. If it exceeds to the limit which makes negligent from invocation of Allah then Islam condemns it and when this fervor converts into competition of unfair desires then there is no way to say it fair. It should be borne in mind that ulamas don’t oppose the entertainment basically but they oppose those unfair activities which become part of those entertainments. There are several kinds of entertainments and fairs, ulamas have never opposed them extremely as they did about Valentine’s Day or Besant. On the arrival of spring, different festivals with the name of Besant and Valentine’s Day are celebrated. What is their status from Islamic point of view? Basically, there are two viewpoints; religious and secular.
The secular and moderate class says that Besant isn’t concerned with the religion, this is pure regional festival and Valentine’s Day is to distribute happiness and love among friends. Islam doesn’t condemn regional festivals but Islam has the capacity of accommodating all regional festivals except those things which may harm to the moral existence of human. In fact, many evils and nonsense have been linked with the celebrity of Besant and Valentine’s Day so we need to rectify these evils. It doesn’t mean that we argue to prove it unfair and to prove its roots linked to non-Muslims. This was the voice of secular and moderate class.
Contrary to this, religious class says; Festivals and fairs are the religious and moral values of any nation and since Islam is a revealed religion so it has its own traditions and values. Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) has fixed two festivals (Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha) and limits of joy, entertainment and expression of emotions upon these festivals have also been mentioned practically. Islam has also abolished other customary festivals and fairs of ignorance period.
Hence, it is narrated by Hazrat Anus-bin-Malik (R.A.) that in ignorance period, people of Madinah used to celebrate two festivals in year. When Rasulullah (S.A.W.) came to Madinah, he said, “Allah has given two other festivals in exchanges of these two which are far better than these, and they are; Eid-ul-fitr and Eid-ul-Azha.” (related by Sunan Nasai)
Therefore, it is not only unfair to insert any new festival or old customary festival of non-Muslims but it will be considered heresy in religion.
Moreover , we are not permitted to take such initiative , which is against Islamic values & teachings, due to being subdued by uncontrollable emotions of joy in Eid-ul-fitr and Eid-ul-Azha too whether this initiative is in case of extravagance, absurdity, moral debauchery or immodesty.
In this background, religious class says; Besant is a Hindu festival of Christian society involved in sexual debauchery so celebrating of these festivals is to resemble non-Muslim nations. Resemblance of non-Muslims has been extremely condemned in hadith. Rasulullah (P.B.U.H) has said; “Who adopted resemblance of another nation, he is one of them.”
Later on after Rasulullah (P.B.U.H), Sahaba (R.A) also followed the same ideas i.e. When Iran was conquered , they didn’t adopt the customary festivals of Iranian fire-worshippers but when fire-worshippers wanted to celebrate their festivals, they were bound to celebrate them in their boundary wall.

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Comments 4
Berha RIGHT! Berha
May 9th 2017
Abdul Rashid Birthday is also not allowed to celebrate.We should be sorry that we are getting more close to death after passing year in spite of celebrating it.It is just the tradition of non-Muslims. Abdul Rashid
May 2nd 2011
rOcKiNgUrL mInA But can u tell me birthday is included in islam or not can we celebrete it???? Rockingurl Mina
Mar 19th 2011
Bint waseem U r absolutely right! Bint Waseem
Feb 28th 2011

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