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Saad Salman
Saad Salman
Beacon House School System
Amin Turns Into A Cockroach
Published On May 1st 2013
Total Comments : 20
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One night Amin was lying on his bed eating a chocolate. Suddenly an insect came and replaced the chocolate with a chemical. Amin ate the chemical and slept. Next morning Amin finds himself so small. When he sees himself in the mirror, he finds out that he has turned into a cockroach. Amin's brother Asfand who was scared of cockroaches came and saw Amin. He thought that he is a cockroach so he hit him so hard that the chemical came out of his mouth. That night Amin was again eating a chocolate and suddenly the insect came and replaced the chocolate to a bomb. Amin ate the bomb and there was a blast.
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Comments 20
Ebad Rumaisa mujhe to tumhari tasweer dekh kr ye lagta hai ke tum KHOON pasand ho....!! Ebad
Feb 22nd 2014
Gullasht What a silly and boring thing mujhy tu ise story khaty Howe sharem ahh rahe Han Gullasht
Jul 22nd 2013
eesha Don't mind but kinda Boring and silly :( Eesha
Jun 27th 2013
irfan Without feelings why would I comment???? Irfan
Jun 20th 2013
Gullasht Becauze irfan you have no feelings soO, you think that no one has feelings Gullasht
Jun 19th 2013
 яυмαιsα What DA Hell...............................which type of idiotic story is seriously............get A liFe....................if u make a story that random don't post it on vshine яυмαιsα
Jun 7th 2013
irfan my article is coming then talk on me Irfan
Jun 7th 2013
irfan You are all talking to me ..!!talk about story otherwise......! Irfan
Jun 6th 2013
Ebad Irfan you should encourage...though its really boring.. Ebad
Jun 6th 2013
rizwan PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! Rizwan
Jun 6th 2013
irfan How you come to know that people have feelings Irfan
Jun 6th 2013
rizwan It is very bad thing IRFAN!!!!!!!YOU SAID TRUE MANA! Rizwan
Jun 6th 2013
manal You are not to say things like that irfan people have feelings too! Manal
Jun 5th 2013
irfan Bad work really boring Irfan
Jun 3rd 2013
wafa GR8 Wafa
May 24th 2013
 Sadia Ya you are right hiba :( . Nice story Sadia
May 14th 2013
Usman Good Work. Usman
May 12th 2013
manal Wow! Manal
May 10th 2013
abubakar Very interesting story!!!!!!!!!!saad salman Abubakar
May 8th 2013
Hiba Hen it is not published i feel sad...pleswase tell me how much time do storeis take forsaad how much time does it take from the past month i am adding my page but it never gets approved it has been more than a month or two ....and i hav almost posted more than 20 storeis and poems...typing these takes a lot of time and them to get approved.... Hiba
May 2nd 2013

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