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Marium Malik
Marium Malik
Pakistan International School
Do You Know Why Tigers Are Striped?
Published On Feb 15th 2011
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Do you know or wonder why tigers are striped? Stop wondering I'll tell you. Tigers live in grassy areas in the orange grass. The colors of their stripes are orange and black. The stripes help the tigers to hide from enemies or to attack the prey. The orange stripes blend in with the tall orange colored grass and the black stripes blend in with the shadows. So for the tiger these stripes are an adaptation and by the way adaptations are some of the body parts which help animals live in their habitats as for an example the mountain goat, it lives up in the mountains we all know it's cold up there so the thick fur keeps it warm the fur is an example of the adaptation. Now you know two things adaptations plus why are tigers striped.

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Comments 7
furqan It's an old information..... ;) Furqan
Mar 22nd 2011
Marium Sure :D Marium
Mar 5th 2011
ayesha It's okeeeeeeeeeez....:)))))thnxx...and congrats to u tooo..:)can we be friends.... Ayesha
Mar 4th 2011
Marium I am so soorry ayesha and by the way congratts!!!!!!! Marium
Mar 4th 2011
Marium Sorry!!!! Marium
Mar 4th 2011
Marium Umm............sorry! ayesha! Marium
Mar 4th 2011
ayesha Hey...........i am not gonna fight with u cause i hate fighting but why did u choose my topic??:( Ayesha
Feb 25th 2011

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