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Neha Wajahat
Neha Wajahat
Roots School System
The Evil Witch
Published On Apr 25th 2013
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Once upon a time, in a village there were two directions east and west, each ruled by a magical person the east was ruled by the good fairy of the east and the west was ruled by the evil witch of the west. The evil witch didn't care about her people and treated them as her slaves. In those times there was a girl named Veritex. Her voice was so good that when she sang even the birds stopped to listen. The witch made the poor girl her slave and the poor girl had to sing twenty four hours. After a long suffer Veritex and her family went to the east where they lived happily but when the witch came to know that she had left she was furious and bring back the girl to her. She wanted her for her lunch so she boiled hot water and asked the little girl to jump in it. Now the girl was clever she said I don't know how to jump as I am so small and when the witch tried to show her she fell in it . The west was then ruled by a kind fairy and then everyone lived happily ever after........ 
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Comments 6
neha Wow nice Neha
Aug 26th 2014
Laibah Nyccc fairy tale Laibah
Jul 6th 2013
Aiza Luv ur fairy tale !! :) Aiza
May 1st 2013
neha Thanks Neha
Apr 27th 2013
neha Thakq Neha
Apr 27th 2013
Muhammad Arham Nice fairy tale! Muhammad Arham
Apr 26th 2013

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