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Muhammad Arham Tabish
Muhammad Arham Tabish
Beacon House School System Pechs Campus Karachi
The Mystery Of The Haunted House (final Part)
Published On Apr 24th 2013
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On that spot, Steve remembered a strange point and whispered into Sameer's ear.
" Sameer have you notice that, according to the reference from Rohit, there must be 3 ghosts: John Mercham, his wife and his son. And at the meanwhile, there are 2 ghosts, one is missing. So.... I think that these ghosts are faked. Let's get them."
Steve raised his courage and pulled the cloaks from those ghosts. As he pulled the cloaks, he found that 2 ordinary men disguised themselves as ghosts. Sameer and Rohit were shocked to see this scene. Steve immediately arrested those 2 men and took them to the police station.
“Who are you and why were you doing this?" asked Steve to those men.
“We are the thieves and we came from Jaipur. As we came to Patliputra, we came to know about the mystery of the haunted house and it's ghost story. We didn’t believe this myth but for satisfaction, we went to the haunted house. There we came to know that this story is fake. On that spot we decided to scare people away by disguising ourselves as ghost so that everyone could shift to another place, by which we would be able to rule Patliputra and can steal everyone's wealth." admits those men.
"And what about those innocent people who went missing."
"Actually...... we killed them to scare people."
"What! So disgusting. You killed them for your nasty plan?"
“Officer arrest them." commands Steve.
"Thank you so much sir for helping me." said Rohit.
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Comments 8
neha Ah nice Neha
Aug 26th 2014
selina Very nice, arham , i like the story, u deserve the gift hamper! Selina
Jun 5th 2013
sara Yes abdur rafy is right detective stories are not ended so quickly.....plz don't mind i am jut giving you an advice Sara
Apr 26th 2013
Muhammad I agree with Abdul Rafay Muhammad
Apr 26th 2013
Irum I agree, it's a very sudden ending! Irum
Apr 26th 2013
Muhammad Arham V shine plz publish my this effort in the next (May 2013) magazine .... Muhammad Arham
Apr 26th 2013
Muhammad Arham I'll make sure next time.......... Thanks Muhammad Arham
Apr 26th 2013
Abdur Rafay Arham the plot is nyc but u shud create suspense & u shudnot end a(detective)story so quickly!! create CLIMAX man! Abdur Rafay
Apr 25th 2013

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